Over 20 Percent of Harvard Undergrads Do Not Intend to Enroll in Fall 2020

More than 20 percent of Harvard College students do not intend to enroll this fall, according to data provided in a Thursday email from Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Claudine Gay to faculty and staff.

Left Out of Fall Planning, Harvard Parents Send Demand Letters to Administration

Parents of the Harvard Class of 2022 organized a group lobbying effort urging the University to reduce the College’s tuition, soften leave of absence policies, and better articulate their decision making around why only a limited number of students will be permitted to return to campus.

Lowell Faculty Deans Announce Group to Explore House Name Change

A Lowell House committee will begin exploring a possible change to the House’s name, according to an email sent to Lowell affiliates by Faculty Deans Nina Zipser and David I. Laibson ’88.

New Data Reveals Diversity Stats of Harvard's External Asset Managers

Roughly 27 percent of the external asset management firms that oversee parts of Harvard’s $40.9 billion endowment are majority-owned by women and people of color.


The Language of “Merit” Divides Immigrants When We Most Need Solidarity

Let us not use our privileges as international students or high-skilled workers to further entrench the immigration hierarchy. Let us rethink our toleration of a punitive immigration system.

Dismissals and Disparity: Racial Inequity in Harvard’s Biostatistics Department

We must identify and dispose of practices that create disadvantages for underrepresented minority students and move towards institutionalizing racial equality in graduate programs. Minority students are counting on it.



Everyone Needs to Watch the 'Frozen 2' Documentary

Now, in the most objective opinion of this reviewer (for whom, in the spirit of full transparency, this will be the third “Frozen 2”-related piece he’s written for The Crimson), this is misguided. Animation is serious business.


30 Years Later: The Historic Season That Harvard Women’s Lacrosse Was Perfect

It has been 30 years since the Harvard women’s lacrosse team made history. In 1990, the Crimson outscored Maryland 8-7 to win the first National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship for a Harvard women's team.

2020 Vision

I am urging our nation’s young people to “be the change [they] want to see in the world.” I am urging young people, especially the Class of 2020, to share in my vision: a vision in which 2020 is the year we make significant progress on the road to defeat racism and systemic inequality.

Finding the Meaning of Sports: Parting Shot

As I leave the ranks of Crimson Sports, that is my final request: To athletes, be more than just athletes. To fans, view athletes as more than just athletes. And never just shut up and dribble.