Experts Consider Strategies to Improve Educational Equity at Local Children’s Cabinet Network Event

Experts discussed strategies to combat gaps in youth educational resources in a Thursday event hosted by the Local Children’s Cabinet Network.

Harvard Visualization Scientist Helps Translate Space Images Into Music

A scientist from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and the SYSTEM Sounds team created a new technique that turns cosmic images into music.


The Cult of the Gram

We shouldn’t let mere snapshots dictate our self worth or expectations. Believe it or not, Instagram won’t grant us salvation.

Young Americans Can Boot Climate Deniers Out of Congress this Year

Unless we make a concerted effort to mobilize young climate voters around Congressional elections, Joe Biden won’t have the support to enact the climate agenda we need.


Growing Pains

I think a lot about how easily tempted I was. A letter, an envelope, a particularly melodramatic delivery system, and all arguments, statistics, and Crimson exposés vanished from memory. I was a little disappointed in myself, but mostly, I was confused. I consider myself a relatively secure person. I like my life here, sans final clubs. How could I hate everything about what they are and what they represent, yet still be tempted?


‘Smooth Talk’: 1985’s Bittersweet Coming of Age Story Remains Resonant in 2020

With Laura Dern’s multifaceted performance at its forefront, “Smooth Talk” is a realistic portrait of family dynamics and a compelling look at the expectations imposed upon teenage girls as they come of age.


Why Shutting Up and Dribbling Isn’t an Option

It started as a series of tweets. Journalists began reporting just before 4:00 p.m. that none of the players from the Milwaukee Bucks had taken the floor for warm-ups in advance of their Game 5 playoff tilt against the Orlando Magic. The actions taken in the ensuing hours, amongst NBA players and across the sports world, ensured that August 26, 2020 will be a date that serves as a watershed moment in the intersection of sports and society.

Harvard Running Back Devin Darrington Enters Transfer Portal

Senior Crimson running back Devin Darrington has officially entered the transfer portal in the face of the Ivy League’s cancelled fall sports season. The standout rusher led the team’s powerful rushing attack last season with 102 carries for 734 yards, adding seven touchdowns as well.

With 12-Hour Time Differences and Unprecedented Uncertainty, Rugby Standout Sofie Fella Embraces the New Normal

Fella had found her rhythm in her life at Harvard until it was abruptly interrupted in January of 2020.