Essential Apps for Every Harvard Student | 2023

With an overwhelming array of apps urging you to download, it’s difficuly to determine which ones you really need. We’ve made it easier: check out our top picks for innovative apps like Dashlane that are designed to make your life more convenient and productive so that you can end the semester on a high note!

FreezeCrowd: Break the Ice

FreezeCrowd is a unique community Web based social media platform that's private to the outside that connects you in photos with friends! It's cool because everyone has an ice cube over their profile picture, and you "break the ice" when visiting a friend's profile. By breaking the ice, you can ask a question, and more. When you upload a profile picture on FreezeCrowd, it's not just a picture, yet one with an ice cube around it to keep your profile updated. Take a picture with your friends, team, or club and network within the Harvard community on today! It's FREE to join today with your Harvard email to break the ice!

Every photo you upload is unique like a snowflake, and categorized. In every photo there is a snowflake, which allows you to click to FreezeTag a friend in the photo as whatever they are (e.g. Biology Major, Economics Major, etc.) in a study group, and photos can be a club or society photo, team photo, friends photo and more. When you FreezeTag a friend you can send off a bubble message to a friend, and connect from within the photo in a group text conversation. Status updates are called a "Thought to Freeze" on FreezeCrowd.

It's FREE to join today with your Harvard email to break the ice! Once you sign up you'll receive an activation link, and click on it to activate today!


Rosy: Put Your Pleasure First


The Webby Award winning app offers three membership plans (Harvard Crimson who use the code CRIMSON will receive a month free of a Silver membership), which include customized Wellness Plans, live virtual group events and workshops, individual coaching, audio and written erotica, educational videos, supportive online community, and much more.

When starting their Rosy journey, women take a comprehensive Sexual Wellness Quiz, allowing Rosy to personalize a program based on their unique priorities. Next, they’ll receive an evidence-based, guided path to optimal sexual wellbeing that can be completed at their own pace. The Rosy team partnered with psychologists to weave elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) into the program, including practices like thought reframing and modeling that help women to approach sexual wellness in a new, more positive way. Rosy’s library of erotica includes 100+ sexy stories (available to read or listen to) that put pleasure first and is shown to increase sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasm.

After exploring their personalized wellness plan and the sex-positive erotica stories, women can join the virtual Rosy community for honest, supportive, and anonymous conversations about sexual health and wellness no matter where they are. With expert-led guided prompts, women can drop in to ask questions, share experiences, and feel a bit less alone in the journey toward understanding sexual well-being.

Best of all, women can spend time in the app educating themselves while connecting with others in workshops with sex experts and joining group or individualized coaching sessions. These can be joined live or watched on-demand to maximize convenience and access.


Brave: The best privacy online


Brave Browser Features

🙈 Private Browsing

Enjoy fast, secure, private browsing. Get free ad blocker, anonymous browsing history, personalized private search, and private tabs. Browse the internet without saving your history.

🎵Brave Playlist (iOS only)

Make a playlist of the content you love. Add almost any media and play anytime, anywhere, even offline.

🔑 Brave Wallet

Buy, store, send, receive, and swap crypto with Brave’s secure Web3 wallet, built right into the browser. Support for Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, and more.

🏆 Brave Rewards

With your old web browser, you paid to browse the internet by viewing ads. Now, Brave welcomes you to the new internet. One where your time is valued, your personal data is kept private, and you actually get paid for your attention.

🔎 Brave Search

Brave Search is the world’s most complete, independent, private search engine. It doesn’t track you, your searches, or clicks.

🔒 Brave Firewall and VPN

Brave VPN blocks trackers and encrypts and protects every connection to the Web.

📰Brave News

Customized news feeds, from leading sources, delivered right to your browser. All 100% private.

🚀 Brave Talk

Unlimited, private video calls, right in your browser. No extra apps. No tracking. Just free connections, powered by Brave.


About Brave

Our mission is to protect your privacy online by making a safe, fast, and private browser while growing ad revenue for content creators. Brave aims to transform the online ad ecosystem with micropayments and a new revenue-sharing solution to give users and publishers a better deal.

Dashlane: Security First


When it comes to passwords, do you set them, then forget them? We've got you. With Dashlane, you’ll never forget a password again.

Dashlane is a password manager app that’s as easy to use as it is secure. From the classroom to your summer vacay spot—and everywhere in between—Dashlane’s got your passwords and personal info covered.

Access from anywhere

Download the Android or iOS app to access your data on the go, or use Dashlane right in your web browser. Wherever you are, your passwords, payment information, and notes seamlessly sync across an unlimited number of devices.

Save time

Autofill forms and logins from any device or platform for maximum convenience.

Organize passwords

Quickly organize and search your passwords, and categorize them for easy access.

How Dashlane helps students

  1. Security: 92% of surveyed educational organizations were affected by a cyberattack in 2020. If you use the same password for everything, and that password gets compromised in a data breach, all your accounts are at risk. A password manager makes it easy to create strong, unique passwords and autofill them whenever you need them.
  2. Convenience: Let’s be real: We all share passwords. But if they’re not shared securely, your data is at risk. Whether it’s a streaming service, a shopping site, or something for class, you can easily share logins when you use Dashlane. Texting someone your password isn’t secure, and writing it down is even worse. But with Dashlane, you can securely share logins with your parents, roommates, and anyone in your squad.
  3. Proactive threat prevention: Dashlane offers Dark Web Monitoring for all Premium accounts. Just enter your email address in the Dark Web Monitoring tool, and Dashlane will automatically and continually monitor the dark web for any leaked logins. If your data is discovered on the dark web, you’ll be notified and prompted to change any affected passwords. That’s a whole lot of protection for minimal effort.

AllTrails: Explore with Confidence


Discover over 400K+ curated trails across the globe with AllTrails, the world's largest and most trusted outdoors app. AllTrails helps you find your way outdoors, with detailed reviews and inspiration from a global community of over 50+ million trail-goers like you. Save time, stay safe, and be prepared on the trail with AllTrails+. Go further with AllTrails+ and get your first 7 days free!


MindLyte: Wellness in Your Hands


MindLyte is a wellness app designed specifically for college students. The pandemic took a toll on many college students. MindLyte teaches the therapeutic skills that students need to regain control of their wellness & build healthy habits.

MindLyte keeps all of your mental wellness resources in one place:

  1. Therapeutic skills activities ranging from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  2. Mindfulness audios
  3. Journaling
  4. Quick stress relief activities
  5. Mental wellness surveys and mood tracking
  6. Recent psychiatry research articles
  7. Crisis support hotlines

The MindLyte app gives you immediate access to therapeutic skills to help you get through hard times, fight stress, and learn more about how to manage your mental health. MindLyte gives you the flexibility to choose the wellness activities that you know you need, or fill out assessments to receive personalized recommendations on which activities to do.

Choose from a library of guides that walk you through problems that college and university students regularly face like procrastination, friend group problems, choosing a major, roommate issues, and many more.

Follow the steps of the guide to learn and practice evidence-based therapeutic skills like recognizing negative thought patterns, relaxing with mindfulness meditation audios, improving your distress tolerance, and more.

Unlike other wellness apps, MindLyte is:


We don’t share, sell, or trade any user data. We view trust as the foundation of health and wellness.


MindLyte is informed by published academic research at the Division of Digital Psychiatry at BIDMC in Boston.


MindLyte addresses the unique challenges that students face such as choosing a major, procrastination, roommate problems, and more.

MindLyte provides immediate and personalized mental wellness support because nobody should have to wait to take care of themselves.


Claim: Earn & Share Rewards


Claim is a Harvard-founded rewards app that lets you try new brands — for free! Join Claim, and you’ll get cash-back rewards to try out new brands.

Join Claim for free today and earn access to try out new brands all summer. Visit and use the invite code crimson to get a free coffee from Tatte on signup.

About Claim

Claim is a rewards app where you earn cash back rewards to try out new brands — for example, you can earn a free bagel from Blacksheep Bagels or a free lip balm from Glossier. Just link your favorite credit card, shop with that card, and we’ll Venmo you back when we see you’ve redeemed a reward.

About Claim Rewards — why am I getting stuff for free?

Claim partners with brands to help them acquire new customers. Think of Claim rewards as a free sample you’d get to try out a new product. Our goal is to help connect customers to brands they are excited to try, while helping our partner brands find new customers and raise brand awareness. It’s win-win! Our partner brands meet new customers, and Claim members get stuff for free.

Claim’s History

Claim was founded in 2022 by Harvard Business School classmates. Early testing began on Harvard's campus, and Claim has scaled since to Northeastern and Boston University. We’re a small team, and we’re excited about changing the future of shopping and brand discovery.

Please reach out to learn more: We’d love to hear from you!


Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire


Temu is a cross-border e-commerce company that aims to source high-quality products from all over the world at ultra-low prices and provide users with an excellent shopping experience. Products on Temu include daily necessities, school supplies, fashion goods, handcrafts, and more. Log in to Temu to discover your favorite products at a super affordable price!


Download Temu for the following benefits:

  1. A large number of high-quality and low-cost goods! Watch your buying power grow right away!

  2. Extremely fast cross-border logistics! 7–14-day shipping time – no need to anxiously wait!
  3. 90 day returns and exchanges! Don't worry about the quality of the product, if you don’t like it, send it back!!

A large number of high-quality and low-cost goods! Watch your buying power grow right away!

Exclusive benefit for Harvard students:

Download Temu now, and you will get a coupon package worth $100! New app users can enjoy at least a 50% discount at checkout, making ultra-low prices even more cost-effective!

Download Temu and shop like a billionaire!


Mixhers: Ritualize Hormone Health


What would your life be like if you got back that week or so of period-symptomatic days?

What if you knew how to eat, move, and plan to optimize your performance/well-being during each unique phase of your cycle?

What if you could track how using your Mixhers products was helping you meet your personal health goals?

With the Mixhers Cycle Insights app, you can.

We’ve built the world’s first tool that helps women better understand their hormones, log their cycle, symptoms, wellness behaviors, and (most uniquely) track how Mixhers products actually improve their quality of life and hormonal health!

Many of the painful and problematic symptoms we accept as normal and necessary to having a period are actually signs of hormonal imbalance. Thousands of women have experienced how daily Mixhers Hertime™ use restores hormonal balance—addressing negative symptoms at the source.

Download the Mixhers Cycle Insights app and discover just how good you can feel every day of the month.


Flamme: Cherish Your Relationship


💕Flamme is an app for couples designed to enhance and gamify their relationship, built using research design and machine learning. Its features include:

  1. Daily Discovery Questions, to help you discover your partner better.
  2. Relationship Strengthening Tools, such as a date planner, a shared bucket list, and a mutual memory timeline.
  3. Advice and Suggestions, from actual relationship experts and from their AI model built for relationship queries.
  4. And many more fun gamification tools for partners to engage with each other.

Revisiting the story, Ankit Nayal, a second-time founder who has lived in five different countries across America, Europe, and Asia, discovered that while there were many apps to help people find love, few existed to help people grow in love. In his previous business, he had helped people improve their physical health and pivoted to helping couples with their relationship health.

Ankit and his team aim to reduce friction for couples seeking tools to enhance their relationship. Currently, such tools are either nonexistent, or couples must pay hundreds of dollars per session to see a relationship therapist, which many cannot afford. They strive to make relationship health accessible and more fun for all couples, and want to have a positive impact on the world by helping couples stay and grow in love.

Ready to "flamme" it up? ❤️‍🔥