The story that doesn't go away

Let's drink our sorrows away!
Let's drink our sorrows away!

Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who was arrested by Cambridge police for breaking into his own house in July, went pubbing with Sgt. James Crowley at River Gods Bar & Restaurant last night. The two seem to have become way more chummy since the summer, when Gates virulently alleged that he had been racial profiled by police and called on Crowley to "beg my forgiveness."

(FlyBy's other favorite Gates-ism: when asked by police to step out of his home, Gates, the University professor and MacArthur "Genius Grant" recipient, reportedly told Crowley, "I'll speak with your mama outside.")

River Gods' owner, Jackie Linnane, told FlyBy that the pair stayed for over an hour and chatted amicably, but she wouldn't specify what they were served other than an appetizer and beer. The River Gods menu includes everything from standard cheeseburgers to "Korean Handrolls" to "Goddess Salad" topped with arugula, pears, and bacon.

"We were really surprised that this even got out," Linnane said, noting that Gates has frequented the pub in the past. "When they came in the early evening it wasn't too busy; they were pretty secluded."

When the duo chatted with President Obama at the White House in July over peanuts and pretzels—the so-called "Beer Summit"—Gates reportedly had a mug of Sam Adams Light while Crowley had a Blue Moon with slice of orange. (Obama had a Bud Light while Vice President Biden stuck with a nonalcoholic Buckler.)

Wikimedia Commons/Pete Souza


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