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A Reminder of Why October is Actually the Best

It’s the best time of the year — just consider the temperature sweet spot, the optimal fashion choices (we love a good layered look), and the beautiful landscapes. The end of October may soon be approaching, but the month has so much to offer. Before you start complaining about the first temperature dip below 40, just remember that it’s about to get a whole lot colder, so appreciate it while you can. While you’re studying for midterms or if you’re feeling lonely on the cusp of cuffing season, don’t forget to stop and smell the Pumpkin Spice Latte and try to remember that we’re actually halfway through the semester.

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Who doesn’t love a good PSL, pie, or apple cider? October foods are actually the best — the tantalizing smell of cinnamon and the wholesome fun of apple and pumpkin picking are truly the trademarks of fall. This is the one time of the year when you can enjoy these simple comforts with relatively little judgement, so go forth and indulge.

Sweater Weather!

Finally, sweater weather has hit with full force. While some complain about the ever-fluctuating Boston fall weather, sweaters are an essential piece to any successful October outfit. Sweaters somehow represent the marriage of form and function, and they’ll be here for you with a cozy hug even if you miss the cuffing season train.

The Trees

Take a look at the Yard, Boston Commons, or any friendly neighborhood tree and you’ll be greeted by the beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows that are the essence of fall. Bring your basic vibes to the max by keeping a daily foliage counter on Snapchat and documenting the journey of every last tree into winter.

Last but (certainly) not least...Halloween

Whether you’re hitting up the parties or just love a good excuse to watch horror movies and eat some chocolate, you cannot deny that Halloween is a cornerstone of the Fall Experience. Situated right at the end of the month — bordering “spooky season” and the Thanksgiving/Christmas hype — Halloween is truly a time to adopt a new persona with every costume that you wear. As a bonus, November 1st is the optimal time to stock up on some nice discounted candy and maybe even start listening to Christmas tunes. Remember: it’s never too early to get in the holiday spirit.

So go out there, put on your favorite blanket scarf, and embrace this glorious last week of October.

Harvard Halloween Costumes

Binary Lights
David Malan, but like, make it sexy.
Halloween is just around the corner and it’s crunch time to plan and put together your costumes for the not one, but two Halloweekends this year. (Hey, Halloween is next Wednesday, so it’s your choice how much or how little you want to celebrate.) To be a real showstopper at Harvard Halloween parties, dress up as an iconic person or feature of Harvard Culture.

Sexy David Malan (we know, it’s redundant)

David Malan is one of the most well-known professors on campus, and, luckily for you, his standard uniform is easy to copy for a killer Halloween costume. All you need is a black shirt, some jeans, and black shiny shoes. Carrying around a rubber duck, stress ball, phone book, or strategic spray bottle to get his signature sweating-under-the-production-lights look is recommended. This is CS50.

Death of Harvard Time

We are all still mourning the loss of Harvard time, those beautiful seven minutes that saved students across campus. For this costume, you will need to get a clock (or picture of a clock) that is 7 minutes past and make yourself up to look dead. Warning: We are not responsible for the masses of upperclassman mournfully crying when they see you on Halloween.

Your Lost Dignity

This costume requires a little more work and absolutely zero shame. Use a large poster board to become a wanted sign for your dignity. Last Seen: Cabot Aquarium, halfway through first semester freshman year. Outfit: Not warm enough for the weather. Seen With: Last name still unknown, but pops up at the dining hall every now and then. This way, nights that have haunted you in the nature of dhall run-ins for a year can now help you haunt others this Halloween.

Former Harvard President, Drew Faust

To pay homage to our last president, dressing up as Drew Faust will easily earn you the respect of students and faculty alike. For this costume you need: a green scaly body suit, a rattle to attach to your tail—I mean feet—and an adaptation of your best hissing voice. Nothing but respect for our Goldman Sachs board member.

The John Harvard Statue

Not only is this a great costume, but it’s also a perfect disguise to help you check off one of the tasks on the Harvard Bucket List. Just get some metallic spray paint and some 17th century clothes, maybe enlisting a couple friends to act as tourists. Note: Flyby is not responsible for any drizzles you may welcome.

Use any of these ideas to shake up the normal Halloween go-tos of sexy cops and firemen, in favor of a more unique costume. With our advice you can get noticed, remembered, and likely photographed and snap-storied by strangers at parties this Halloween Season.

Top Five Roundup: Head of the Charles

Head of the Charles
Hot cider, fried dough, and buttered lobster rolls were among the delicious offerings from HOCR food vendors.

This weekend at Harvard was packed with tourists, rowers, and other college students at the Head of the Charles Regatta. From the endless stream of boats to the variety of concession stands along the river, there was a lot to take in during this event. Here is Flyby’s takeaway of the top five spots at the Regatta.

1. Hot Buttered Lobster Roll Truck

Sure, it was $21, but that roll was a shining light among the sea of greasy fast foods. With chunks of delectable crustacea in a hotdog-like bun, the treat tasted even more delectable consumed along the breezy shores of the Charles River.

2. The Bridge

The bridge is just an everyday structure we use to get to the Athletic Complex, but during the Regatta, it is a prime viewing spot for the boats that zip through the river. Watching the teams coordinate their paddles and get verbally roused by the cockswain up close, we felt like a part of the action. From the bridge, we really started to get an appreciation for the beauty of this hyped-up Harvard sport.

3. The Dogs

It was perfect weather this weekend for a long dog-walk across the river, and we felt lucky to see so many adorable pups dot the banks of the Charles. We spotted two big boy Saint Bernards, a sweater-wearing chihuahua, and a blue-eyed huskie.

4. La Croix Sponsored Games

Watching boats go by all day long can get tiring, so these backyard games offered a refreshing break from the main event. Not only did La Croix set up an aesthetically-pleasing stand to promote their drinks, but the representatives also set up a gigantic Connect 4 and cornhole arena.

5. $5 Fried Dough Stand

Forget the hotdog, the stuffed baked potato, and the hot cider. The fried dough was to die for, and at $5 a serving, this was a must-have at the otherwise-overpriced Regatta.

The Head of the Charles is a time-honored tradition, and even if you aren’t a big fan of rowing, there is always something for everyone at this event. We’re glad we went.

Burst the Bubble: Oct. 19 - Oct. 21

Arnold Arboretum 2
Check out the Arnold Arboretum (but with fall foliage).

With our first taste of real fall weather this week, it may be tempting to retreat to the warm, familiar depths of your bed and stay there for the entire weekend. However Boston isn’t afraid of a little fall weather and it would be a shame to miss all of the fall-themed events that Boston has to offer! Prove that you’re just as ambitious in your Boston explorations as your are with your psets by checking out these events this weekend!


Peak Fall Foliage!

As you might have noticed, the trademark fall foliage of New England has begun to take over the streets of Cambridge. As it turns out, fall 2018 foliage is expected to peak in Boston on October 19th, aka Friday! While you may not think of the city as an ideal place to view natural phenomena, check out this list of the seven best places to see fall foliage in Boston. A foliage scavenger hunt would be the perfect way to kick off the weekend!


Spectacle Island Cruise

If you missed the last one, good news: Save the Harbor is hosting another free Spectacle Island Cruise this weekend! A trip to Spectacle Island is one of those Boston things that everyone thinks would be cool but no one ever actually makes the effort to do, so make yourself cool by actually doing it! For free! During peak foliage! If you’re ready to brave a crisp fall morning, show up at the World Trade Center dock at 10:30 a.m. to check in and embark on your trip aboard the Provincetown II.

Bonus: Sloth Day @ Harvard Museum of Natural History

This event is most certainly not bursting the bubble, but is way too good not to include. It seems like every day of the year is some random arbitrary holiday, and this Saturday just happens to be International Sloth Day (which is clearly very important and not arbitrary at all). Who even are you if you don’t celebrate International Sloth Day, so mosey on over to the Harvard Museum of Natural History for sloth-themed activities, including a special storytime at 2 p.m.


FogxMacbeth @ The Arnold Arboretum

If you take the Orange Line all the way down to Jamaica Plain, you end up at a magical (and Harvard affiliated!) nature-filled paradise called the Arnold Arboretum. This fall, artist Fujiko Nakaya has created a fog-based art installation at the arboretum, and other artists have taken advantage of this installation to put on spectacular performances. This Sunday, the Actor’s Shakespeare Project will be presenting a free performance of Macbeth, specifically inspired by the arboretum and the fog installation. The play starts at 5 p.m., so grab a blanket and get your spooky season on.

We hate to burst your bubble, but Harvard isn’t the entire world. Go forth and burst the Harvard bubble with these Boston events!

What Your Watch Says About You

What Your Watch Says About You
You're probably on top of things if you don this watch.
We’re Harvard students, so of course we’re chronically running late (RIP Harvard Time). Since being overcommitted is the norm around here, most of us wear a watch to keep ourselves in check (or just to look intelligent). Either way, what does your watch say about you?

Apple/Smart Watch

Apple watches are increasingly popular these days. They also let you discreetly read your texts in class, and who doesn’t love that? If this is your watch of choice, you probably like to stay on top of the tech trends, or you’re an athlete and like to know your heart rate at all times.

Analog Watch

A classic and elegant watch, this option is tried and true. It comes in a million different brands and colors. If this is your chosen chronometer, you probably like to play it safe and defer to a time-honored tradition.

Digital Sport Watch

These watches are very practical, if not the most stylish — the running shoe of watches if you will. If this is your go-to watch, you’re most likely a no-nonsense type who understands that function can trump fashion. What’s the point of wearing a watch if it’s not also waterproof and shockproof?

Chronograph Watch

This is the watch that has at least 3 dials and can give you the time, date, moon phase on some, and even act as as stopwatch. It can truly do it all. If this is your favorite watch, you’re probably a bit of an overachiever. You like to be able to do everything, and much like your watch, do it well with stunning accuracy.

Rolex/Any Other Really Expensive Watch

For some people, their watch is their investment. We get it: a watch can pull a whole look together. Also, who doesn’t love showing off a few thousand dollars on their wrist? If this is your preferred timepiece, you probably put a lot of effort into your appearance. You wouldn’t be caught dead in sweats unless they were say, Gucci, and even then it’d still be a maybe.

Next time you see someone wearing a watch, make note of what kind it is! After all, our watches say things about who we are.

How to Avoid People Around Campus

You could try a disguise.byline=true

Whether it’s a cringeworthy hookup, an overly talkative classmate, or a nemesis who has sworn to destroy your life at all costs, we all have people we’d rather not run into. However, it can be difficult to keep your distance while living and learning at the same college. We’ve got a few ideas for those awkward acquaintances you’d prefer to avoid.

Take the scenic route

The classic method of avoidance is to take the road less traveled, aka rack up some steps on your Fitbit. If you know a person’s schedule well enough, you can keep your distance by completely circumventing their path. Become an anti-stalker!

Go incognito

A disguise can be a powerful weapon. Dye your hair. Grow a beard. Get a face tattoo. You’re approaching a quarter-life crisis anyway. Get a head start on the total physical transformation that’s sure to follow your existential despair.

Hire an entourage

If you’re too eye-catching to be inconspicuous, embrace your inner celebrity and buy your followers. Your real friends probably won’t want to surround you 24/7, so paid companionship is your best bet. If you want to take it a step further, purchase a limo and have a group of bodyguards run around the vehicle, à la Kim Jong Un.

Never leave your dorm

With the rise of companies like UberEats and Amazon, becoming a recluse has never been so easy. Hermetism can be an extremely successful way to avoid people…unless the person you’re trying to avoid is your roommate. In that case, you’re screwed.

Build a subterranean network of tunnels

Illegal? Possibly. Effective? Absolutely. Take your cues from Elon Musk on this one.

On Campus Jobs for the Grade-A Procrastinator

Social Spaces
Work behind the bar at the Cambridge Queenshead for wings and tips.
If you somehow managed to sleep through the Opening Days Job Activity Fair, or are simply in denial about the fact that your mom will no longer support your Boba addiction, here are several on-campus jobs that you can still apply for as a major procrastinator.

The Sit at a Desk and Pretend to Study Job

Coveted by students, these “I-get-paid-to-study” jobs are where it’s at. Hit up Common Spaces at the Smith Campus Center for a low-key desk job where you can make up to $15 an hour chatting with security guards and occasionally helping to carry a stack of chairs or two. Swiping IDs at the MAC or Hemingway is also a sure way to kill three birds with one stone: studying, making $$$, and you get to make eye contact with that cute athlete you’ve been admiring from afar. Win-win-win.

The Hot Bartender Job

Have you always wanted to go home each night smelling like beer or burnt coffee grounds? Were you dazzled by College Humor’s “Baristas are the Ultimate Male Fantasy” video? Consider becoming a barista or bartender! If working at LamCaf or Barker is too *cliche*, try hitting up Pavement Coffeehouse or Blackbird Donuts in the Smith Center for a more low-key job. Check out the Cambridge Queen’s Head if you’re looking to join a cool group of students who basically get paid to socialize and eat wings on Friday nights. Hint: you make tips.

The Stacks Job

Perhaps the most isolated of the bunch, this is for all you Lamonsters who basically live at the library. Why not get paid for it? Shelving books may be tedious, but it gives you the chance to belt out High School Musical lyrics where no one has to suffer from your perfect pitch, or listen to that one podcast everyone hates but you secretly like. Walking around the stacks also helps you get in your steps for the day (and keeps your mom off your back). And hey, you might even be able to knock out that infamous item on the good ‘ol Harvard Bucket List and get paid to do it.

If you’re worried you’re becoming too much like the checking-your-bank-account meme, consider picking up one of these on-campus jobs. Or just tell yourself you will. I mean, once a procrastinator always a procrastinator, right?

How to Cope with the Ever-Changing Fall Weather

Not So Levly Weather
It's hard to tell when it will be appropriate fall hammock weather.byline=true
Nothing could be more unpredictable than the food at Annenberg, right? Enter Boston weather. We’re asking ourselves if this is a Katy Perry song, because we’re hot and then cold. The struggle of facing this meteorological mashup is real, but we’ve got some tips and tricks to pull you through.

Fake it til you make it

As Harvard students, we all already have a case of duck syndrome, and with “fakin’ it” at the top of our resumes, the weather is no exception. Leave the dorm without a jacket? Looks like we’re power-walking to Northwest Labs. Forget an umbrella on the only good hair day you’ve had this semester? Use the less-than-quality notes you just took in your 9 a.m. as a makeshift shield — you’re not gonna read them anyways.

You name it, we’ve waterproofed it

Sexiled by your roommate and forced to sleep in the flooded yard? Hop onto good ol’ Amazon and invest in some last-minute waterproof essentials, including pillows, mattress protectors, and, of course, fairy lights. Or, if you’re feeling extra creative, check out Japan’s “umbrellas for shoes.” They may not be for sale, but hey, the world’s weirdest inventions make for a great procrastination session.

Midterm Feels

They say pets begin to look like their owners, but can the weather begin to look like our feelings? With midterm season upon us and a blizzard looming in the future, let out your feelings with a few fellow frustrated friends. Better yet, check out the Best Places to Be Sad on Campus. It doesn’t matter why you’re stressed, Flyby’s got you covered — like the umbrella you forgot.

Frustration with the ever-changing fall weather is understandable, but then again, we hear the Boston winter may be slightly more frustrating. Better kiss and make up with this fall weather before it’s too late!

Burst the Bubble: Oct. 12 - Oct. 14

Charles River Esplanade views
This view, plus a cool exhibit? Yeah, you have to go for it.
Hot off the heels of our precious three-day weekend, it’s time to hit the streets of Boston once again. The city delivers this weekend with an interactive art exhibit, a book festival, and a food truck festival, so there’s truly something for everyone. Grab your blockmates and maybe a coat (sorry, it’s finally fall) — burst the bubble!


Sound Sculpture @ The Esplanade

There’s nothing more fun than art that is light-up, interactive, and extremely Instagram-worthy, which is exactly what the Sound Sculpture is. This sculpture involves 25 “location aware” blocks which change in light and sound as people move them, somehow creating light and sound displays which are different every time. The video on the website does a much better job describing it, but in any case, this is something you want to check out. It will be on display for you to interact with today from 6-8 p.m. at The Esplanade along the Charles!


Boston Book Festival

Appease your inner bookworm by attending the Boston Book Festival, described as “New England’s largest literary event.” Head to Copley Square anytime from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. for author appearances, readings, workshops on reading and writing related topics, and even various “storytime” events. If that’s not enough to get you there, the event features appearances from famous children’s books characters such as Paddington, Rainbow Fish, and Taco Dragon, so go meet your childhood idols — or at least watch some small children meet theirs.


Food Truck Festival @ Central Flea Market

Food truck festivals are somehow both the dream come true and worst nightmare for indecisive food lovers — too much tantalizing food all in one place. While Boston’s food truck scene is generally scattered around the city, this Sunday over 30 trucks will congregate at the Central Square Flea Market. Just about any kind of food you can imagine will be on display, so be ready to leave this festival with a happy stomach and an empty wallet.

We hate to burst your bubble, but Harvard isn’t the entire world. Go forth and burst the Harvard bubble with these Boston events!

AmoriYES: A Review of Amorino

Amorino Cone
The delectable and aesthetically-pleasing rose cone.byline=true
Recently, new restaurants and businesses have been popping up all over the Square. We’ve seen the friendly breakfast nook Black Sheep Bagel Cafe, but what of its gelato-serving neighbor, Amorino? With its welcoming lights and its distinguishable rose-shaped cones, the dessert spot is hard to pass up. You may have dismissed its menu as too bougie, so we reviewed Amorino ourselves to satisfy your curiosity. But hopefully, you’ll take the leap and make the visit yourself.

Atmosphere: 9/10

When you first walk into Amorino, the first thing you see is a line in front of a bar boasting unique flavors of gelato. Certain hours of the night such as 7 to 8 p.m. tend to be busier than other times, but the wait is worth it. Warm lighting is coupled with a quiet seating area tucked away behind the serving counter. Amorino makes you feel like you’re somewhere special, so it's perfect for cute dates, self-care treat yourself days, or meetups with friends.

Price: 6/10

We get it. One of the greatest factors that deters people from trying Amorino is its overpriced menu. But consider that Amorino is more than just regular ice cream. Yes, you can go to Berryline for cheaper treats, but other ice cream joints such as Ben and Jerry’s actually serve ice cream for around $5, which is roughly equivalent to a small at Amorino’s. Considering that you can request unlimited flavors that are more unique than your average ice cream (Ever heard of Energy Mix or Stracciatella? What? Exactly), the price is worth the experience.

Presentation: 8/10

If you’re still hesitant about visiting Amorino, then at least try it once for their rose cones. The flower-shaped arrangement is undoubtedly the gelato joint’s selling point. Their cones make for a great Instagram post that will make your friends jealous of your new high-class lifestyle — but be quick about snapping a pic, because the petals tend to melt quickly. Why get real flowers for your significant other when they’ll be happier with a sweeter, edible version? Romance is changing, folks.

Taste: 9/10

The rich taste, coupled with the elegant presentation, makes this gelato worth the splurge. Amorino offers a variety of flavors both subtle and fruity, ranging from Tiramisu and Ecuadorian Chocolate to Mango and Coconut. As a personal recommendation from an experienced Amorino venturer, Stracciatella, Inimitable, Hazelnut, Energy Mix, and Pistachio are delectable. Some of the fruity flavors can be a little strong and thick, however, so be wary of mixing them with the creamier and lighter flavors. Oh, and, your order can even come with an adorable macaron wedge!Enough said.

Overall, Amorino deserves a solid 8/10 in our books. If you’re looking for a special night out or want to treat yourself to something different from the usual, make sure to stop by 50 JFK St., right by Boston Tea Stop and Black Sheep Bagel Cafe.

Sleep 101: Flyby Edition

With Harvard’s Sleep 101 module inspiring countless memes, it’s clear that many think Harvard needs to work on how it talks to its students about the issue of sleep (in addition to not sending out reminder emails about the module at midnight). Here are some sleep tips that you can use without having Ariana Huffington tell you that caffeine affects your sleep schedule for 45 minutes.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

On nights where you have to work, don’t stay up until 4 a.m. Unless you’re nocturnal, there’s no way you can be very productive at that time of night. Instead of waking up right before class, go to bed early and wake up early instead. Trust us, you’ll be far more productive.

The All-Nighter

On nights where you do have to pull an all-nighter to write a paper, you’re going to be tired the next day — that’s a given. The day after, do the bare minimum of work (whatever is immediately due the next day) and go to sleep in the early evening. If you’re desperate for sleep, go to bed as soon as possible and do the work the morning of if at all possible. Your body needs to recover after an all-nighter, and if you don’t let it, you can build up sleep debt. This will only make you more unproductive and unfocused as the week goes on, so you want to get rest as soon as possible. You may have more work to do since you didn’t do any the night after the all-nighter, but you’ll be able to do it far more efficiently without the sleep debt weighing you down.

Shut Down Your Laptop

If you’re anything like me, you fall asleep with your laptop in front of your face all the time. It turns out that this can actually mess with your sleep. So, when you feel drowsy in bed, turn off that laptop before you head to bed.

Take Naps (But Not For Too Long)

Have an hour and 15 minutes between two classes? Run home (or go to a library) and take a nap! But don’t take one for too long. 20-minute naps are best for you to feel refreshed and ready to work afterwards. Any longer and you’ll wake up feeling even more tired than before.

The Smith Campus Center's Best “Study” Nooks

Smith Glass
That open space though.byline=true
Looking for a beanbag, couch, or the feeling of the sun beating down on you as you study (or at least pretend to study)? Walk over to the new Smith Campus Center and soak in the ~study vibez~. Here we recount the Center’s biggest draws:

The Great Outdoors

If you want to brave the cold Cambridge winter that is quickly approaching, head outside and away from the convenience of electrical outlets to hear the wind blowing and the birds chirping.

For extra bonus points and a nice view, take the stairs off the main lobby to the outdoor patio space.

Pretending You’re in the Great Outdoors

There are random but very aesthetically pleasing and totally instaworthy plant walls that you can sit by on the first floor if you want a semblance of fresh air. If you’re looking for the best rainy day study spot, head to the second floor of the Commons where the glass ceiling creates the perfect ambiance for grinding away on your psets.

A vault. No joke. A literal vault.

For all the ec bros out there who may want to get in the study mood by locking themselves in a bank vault, Smith has the perfect place for you. Cozy up with your pset group and lock yourselves in for a fun night.

For the Views

The tenth floor views give you a glimpse of the city that you will never actually get to explore because you’re stuck studying. But, if you do want to take a break, the pool tables and foosball tables here should be good distractions.

Pool in Smith
A built-in study break.byline=true

When You Want to Take a Nap

The optimal napping spots are either the 10th floor giant blue couches, or the couches in the “Collaborative Commons.” Insider scoop: the comfiest couch here is the yellow one on the left.

The Actual Best Place to Study at Smith: “Collaborative Commons”

Looking for a less depressing Lamont? Head to arguably the most functional space at the SCC — the Collaborative Commons. This place has a mix of everything you want: desks, comfy couches, and conference rooms. The glass walls also make it a great place to people-watch and crank out essays at 3 a.m. But most importantly, this place has spinny chairs! No late night study sesh is complete without a spin on one of these bad boys.

Harvard’s efforts at trying to make studying an “intellectual, cultural, and social” experience with an “abundance of natural light,” come to light at the SCC — a place where it’s acceptable to take your shoes off and study. Thanks, Harvard, for giving us the hottest new multimillion dollar study spot.

Smith Bird's Eye View
Thank god we didn't drop the camera on these poor psetters' heads.byline=true

How to Lunch Without Harvard Time

As if mourning Harvard Time weren’t enough, we must now grieve the loss of our favorite meal of the day — lunch. Sure, breakfast is supposedly the most important, but let’s be honest here: how many of us take those 9 a.m.s or even get up in time for breakfast? With the new schedule leaving many without time for an adequate midday meal, we have been left with a hole in our lives that isn’t easy to fill. Other than reinstating Harvard Time, here are some ways the higher powers could alleviate our hanger.

Eating in Class

A shout out to the numerous good samaritans on our teaching staff who already allow this, but could we please add this to the Harvard College Handbook for Students just so it’s official? (Looking at you, evil math professor).


Picture this: you are stranded at the Science Center, miles away from your House. You smell food and follow its scent all the way to the first floor and take out your Harvard ID before you realize that Greenhouse is gone, Clover does not accept BoardPlus, and nor do those tantalizing food trucks outside. We need more restaurants on Board and while we’re at it, an allowance if we’re not dining back at the home front.

24/7 Dhalls

If CVS can be 24/7, why not HUDS? Who doesn’t feel hungry at 9 p.m. when they eat lunch at 4:30? And Brain Breaks? Do they expect us to survive the night on fruit and cookies? We don’t necessarily want the works (immediately, that is), but we demand adequate nutrition.


Nope, not us; we are not forever bound to the hyphen like our friends at HUDS. Nor are we bound to the principles of cold, stale, flavorless, unhealthy food with disposable packaging. If we’re expected to rely on bagged lunches or Fly-By lunches five days a week, they need to be better.

Express Lines

This request is from the freshmen who are constantly battling lunch lines in Annenberg. Why can’t we pick three delicious items, gulf them down in five minutes, and not be starving through class? That way, we don’t have to hate the new schedule or that person ahead of us in line WHO JUST CAN’T DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT.

Lunchbox Couriers

If it works for the denizens of Mumbai, then why not us? All we need are roughly 50 volunteers willing to bike around the campus and deliver hot lunch to all bagged lunchers. Dishes can be left at designated spots or returned to dhalls at night and voila! We have successfully emulated a very successful lunching model.

If all else fails, at least we know what to say if HUDS rejects these suggestions: let us eat cake!

Oh Frappe! National Frappe Day is October 7th

Coffee 3
You know where to be this Sunday, October 7th.
October 7th is National Frappe Day, so we’ve selected our four favorite frappe recipes to observe the holiday. All the portions below are what we recommend for a venti size — because go big or go home.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

This taste-alike frappe takes us back to the good old days of Sunday morning cartoons and sugary breakfasts. Start with a white mocha base, add two pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup, ask for cinnamon sugar to be blended in, top with whipped cream, and sprinkle even more cinnamon sugar on top. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

Piña Colada

Did somebody say spring break? Transport yourself to any tropical destination with this crème frappe. Just ask for coconut milk filled to the first line, pineapple juice filled to the second line, add three scoops of vanilla bean powder, and pump one and a half squirts of both classic and vanilla syrup. You didn’t even have to pay for a flight to go on this vacay.

Chocolate-Covered Banana

Banana and chocolate have always been a dynamic duo, but put them in a frappe, and suddenly it’s a whole new world. This vanilla bean frappe (with three less scoops of vanilla bean powder) is totally transformed when you line the cup with a mocha drizzle, add a banana, splurge for java chips, and obviously top it with whip cream. This has fruit in it, so it’s healthy, right?

Chunky Monkey

It may be cuffing season, but the only men we need in our lives are Ben and Jerry. Order a crème frappe, blend in a banana, add two scoops of vanilla bean powder, pump two squirts of mocha syrup, hazelnut syrup, and toffee nut syrup, and garnish with a light caramel drizzle. Dating’s never been this sweet and easy.  

*Pro-Tip: Use the Starbucks mobile app to skip the lines and earn delicious points with every purchase.

Don’t worry, be frappe-y, and a happy National Frappe Day to you!

Burst the Bubble: Oct. 5 - Oct. 8

Chocolate Tasting
Is your mouth watering at these chocolate samples? Head to George Howell this Saturday to satisfy your cravings.
Happy October! In case it has escaped your notice, we finally have our first three-day weekend! An extra day off should give you all the more reason to put down your books for a second and hit the streets of Boston! It’s okay — go ahead and procrastinate a little bit...this weekend you can just suffer from the Monday scaries instead of the Sunday scaries (or not, if you want to hit up the featured Monday event!). In the meantime, though, check out the best of Boston happenings this weekend!


SoWa First Friday

Have you heard of SoWa, the arts district in South Boston? Every first Friday (which is this Friday!), from 5 to 9 p.m., the shops and galleries of SoWa open their doors to the public. You can shop in cute boutiques, meet the artisans who make the whole thing happen, and round the evening off with a fancy dinner at one of the restaurants in the district. Everything in SoWa is within walking distance, so once you get there on the T, your feet will take you everywhere you need to go.


Chocolate Tasting @ George Howell

If you’re here for chocolate, specifically free chocolate, then you’ll want to stop by George Howell Coffee between 3 and 4 p.m. this Saturday. They will have chocolate from local chocolatiers on display, featuring cocoa from around the world. This Saturday, learn more about your favorite treat in the best way possible: by eating it.


Greenway Open Market

If you’re a SoWa veteran looking to check out something new, head to Greenway this Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. At the Greenway Market, you can find art, local products, fountains, food trucks, and, if you’re lucky, maybe even some sunshine! To turn your jaunt into a full-day Boston adventure, explore the New England Aquarium (no, not the Cabot Aquarium) located nearby!

Monday (bonus day to burst the bubble!):

The Institute of Contemporary Art

A bonus event for art lovers: “The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston” is offering free admission for the whole day off (from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Special events running throughout the day include hands-on art making and showings of short films made by women and curated by the appropriately-named Grrl Haus Cinema. Tickets are usually $10 for students (unfortunately, it’s not one of those Boston museums where Harvard ID gets you in free), so take advantage of this freebie while you can!

We hate to burst your bubble, but Harvard isn’t the entire world. Go forth and burst the Harvard bubble with these Boston events!

Bacow’s Inauguration is the Place to Be

Inauguration of Bacow Setup
The preparations for tomorrow's festivities.
If you haven’t heard (or you’ve just been living in Lamont for the last two weeks), our new salmon-loving president, Lawrence S. Bacow, is getting officially inaugurated on Friday. If the plethora of emails promising an “academic procession” and a “Bacow Block Party” aren’t enough to convince you to attend, maybe we can. Read on to see why you should check out the inauguration.

Historical Factor

Bacow is only the 29th president ever installed, and the last time this happened was back in 2007. That makes the inauguration even rarer than the number of times you’ll walk to the Quad this year. And that’s saying a lot. Chances are you’ll be long gone before the next inauguration comes along.

The Bacow Block Party

Sick of hot and sweaty dorm parties? Well, you’re in luck! The Bacow Block Party gives you the chance to have fun in a beautiful, tourist-free (for seemingly the first time ever!) setting. Harvard Yard is also just a tad classier than your friend’s friend’s “giant” suite.

Cool Academic Regalia

With faculty encouraged to wear academia’s version of their Sunday best (aka the whole academic ensemble, robes and all), you won’t have to wait until graduation for the chance to see your favorite professors dressed up in those spiffy black caps. Besides, everyone knows they’re the peak of fashion.

For The “BaClout”

Do your friends back home not make enough fun of you for going to Harvard? Fix that problem by going and posting a picture on your snap story of you with those giant Widener banners. Your swipe-ups are guaranteed to be filled with snarky comments.

More Crowds than Trump’s Inauguration

This one’s self-explanatory. If the more activist-minded among you want to make a *real* difference, show up and stick it to a certain other president by ensuring that this inauguration has an even bigger turnout. That’s how activism works, right?
Obviously, there’s no reason not to hit up this once-in-a-lifetime event (unless you have a pset or essay due, in which case you get a pass). With the invite asking you to dress “as you would for work or class,” maybe this will finally be your chance to party in pajamas.

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