The insanity that is Annenberg at dinnertime had a new twist this evening. As opposed to being greeted by long tables of dining classmates, frosh were instead greeted by long tables of peppy advisers. That’s right, kids, Harvard is once again doing what it does best… "advising" the crap out of overwhelmed undergrads!

Tonight’s event in Annenberg marked the start of Advising Fortnight--two weeks of random events hosted by professors, TFs, and students from various fields of study. Though these kind folk will attempt to guide you in your quest for the perfect concentration, beware young froshies, for you will most likely end up more confused than you were before receiving their illuminating counsel. More guidance, after the jump.

The theme that the Advising Programs Office has selected for this two-week journey of self-discovery/non-discovery? “Chart Your Own Course.” Some words of wisdom from the Advising Fortnight homepage: “Think of your life at Harvard like navigating an ocean. You can steer your ship any way you’d like to go, and there are infinite paths that guide you to your destination.” If FlyBy had tear ducts, its eyes would be moist right now.

At least a few ambitious freshmen were excited about the prospect of getting to discuss their academic plans with the available advisers. When asked what tables she had visited, Hyojung Hong ’12 replied, “The ones that didn’t have lines that were too long.” Well, maybe they’re not that ambitious. Come on 2012. Step up your game or you might end up like this.

Photo Wikimedia Commons/Jacob Rus