It’s the holiday season, and if you’re like most Harvard students, you’ve already signed up for at least three Secret Santa gift exchanges, and you’re being pressured to participate in another two.

Finding ideas for great gifts can get difficult without a bit of inspiration. Thus, your friendly Flyby elf has compiled a list of the coolest things you can do for your lucky recipients.

Wrap a Door: Conspire with your recipient’s roommates to make sure that you have time to work uninterrupted. Bring over wrapping paper, wide ribbon, and paper for a card. Tape the wrapping paper to the door, tie a huge bow with the ribbon, and finally write a note wishing the recipient a happy holiday!

A Hollow Book: We all have things we want to hide. Be it our old Miley Cyrus concert tickets or something more illicit, having a secret place to hide these items is crucial. Make your Secret Santa a hollow book and put a fun note inside it. The one thing he won’t be hiding is his love for you!

Lamonster Surprise: Find out from the recipient’s roommates when and where she goes to study. Show up with a vase, some flowers, a tablecloth, and a plate of baked goods. Make her clear off the table she’s working at, then set the table for her nicely. After all, just because you’re in Lamont doesn’t mean you can’t be classy. Just remember to keep your voice down while you do this!

“Stat” Project: Sometimes you are assigned to someone, and you have absolutely no idea who he is. We’ve got you covered. E-mail one of those annoying Stat 101 surveys specifically to your person—and keep sending it, pleading that you need more responses, until he fills it out! Now that you have everything you could ever need to know about your person, use the information to your advantage.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons