Freshman Dean’s Office Goes Green

Students and volunteers from the Office of Sustainability weatherized the Freshman Dean's Office (FDO) by installing energy saving bulbs, caulking windows, and insulating pipes. Kamilia K. Kaczor '11 and Sam J. Arnold '14 helped lead and organize this project.

The weatherization of the FDO is part of the campus-wide green initiative that aims to reduce the greenhouse emissions at Harvard by 30 percent below their 2006 levels by 2016, according to the Office of Sustainability website.

"It was amazing to see how so many little changes could add up to save tons of carbon dioxide and thousands of dollars a year," Arnold said. "Getting involved and making these changes ourselves goes to show how easy it is to make these adjustments and reduce our environmental impact."

So on Saturday morning instead of catching up on sleep, these students rolled up their sleeves, broke out the supplies, and caulked cracks in the FDO's building in the pursuit of a greener campus.

Students who wish to participate in green initiatives and the push to reduce greenhouse gases should contact the Office of Sustainability.

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