Need a study break from too many long hours spent at Lamont? GoogleFight pits different googleable search queries against each other, and after a brief and bloody stick figure animation, a winner is crowned. Some of the results of these fights are shocking, but others are just downright sad. Ready…set…fight!

1. Harvard vs.Yale

Consider this a test run: Harvard, with 22,200,000 results, is the clear winner.

2. Harvard Good Guy vs. Harvard Douchebag

Harvard Good Guy. Apparently, nice guys don't always finish last.

3. Boxers vs. Briefs

And the winner is…briefs! Time to step up the underwear game, gents.

4. Justin Bieber vs. Barack Obama

Sorry, Barack, but J-Biebz has got this one in the bag. He also beats Osama bin Laden, Harvard University, and even Jesus.

5. Drew Faust vs. Occupy Harvard

The 99%, 1. Drew Faust, 0.

6.  Natalie Portman vs. Matt Damon

Harvard alums square off! And Natalie Portman takes the gold.

7. Final Clubs vs. Dorm Parties