Valley Girl Twang, Hank the Cat, and Other Topics Worth Discussing


1. Now you see it, now you don't. Ben & Jerry's has removed the fortune cookies from its limited-edition "Taste the Lin-Sanity" frozen yogurt flavor and replaced them with pieces of waffle cones. The chain released a statement, saying, "We offer a heartfelt apology if anyone was offended by our handmade Lin-Sanity flavor."

2. Jeremy Lin isn't the only Harvard grad to grace the NBA court. Joanna M. Zimmerman '10 is a cheerleader for the Washington Wizards. Zimmerman has said that she knew Lin as an undergrad and, on Feb. 8, the two crossed paths again at the Knicks-Wizards game.

3. No more monkey business. After five monkeys died in 19 months, the U.S. Department of Agriculture investigated the Harvard-operated New England Primate Research Center. The report, which was released last Sunday, also cites a case of non-fatal dehydration as well as other injuries incurred by squirrel monkeys.

4. On "Super Tuesday," Massachusetts Republicans will cast their votes in the primaries along with Republicans from nine other states.

5. Hank the cat is running for U.S. Senate, placing himself as a feline alternative to the Republican and Democratic candidates in the competitive Virginia race. As a cat, Hank doesn't have a last name and isn't even eligible to be elected to public office, but this candidate has a website, and you can donate to his campaign. Watch his campaign video, too!

6. Those who felt that their childhood ended with the release of the final Harry Potter movie can now see a silver lining. J.K. Rowling announced that she is writing a new book, this time for adults.

7. Sometimes, girls talk, like this, you know [insert inflection or upswing in pitch]? According to an article in The New York Times, such speech should not necessarily be dismissed as Valley Girl twang. Some linguists have concluded that people who speak in such a way might in fact be linguistic pioneers.

8. Embrace your inner child this Friday at the 3D film "The Lorax," which is based on the Dr. Seuss book of the same name. The film—described by some as a call to arms by environmentalists and as "insidious nonsense from Hollywood" by Lou Dobbs—features an all-star cast that includes Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Danny DeVito, and a wide variety of Truffula trees.

9. Don't plan on going to the movies? According to Paul Dergarabedian, an expert in box office tracking, moviegoing reached a 15-year low in 2011.

10. Mmm mmm good. Dr. Mark Post, head of physiology at Maastricht University, said that scientists in the Netherlands are working on making meat from stem cells, with the goal of serving up a lab-grown hamburger by October of this year.

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