Sunday, Flyby wandered Harvard Square and the surrounding area, asking people to divulge their secrets (identities kept completely anonymous, of course). Between the wealth of confused faces and people who just walked away, we got some interesting stories:

1. Token Tourist (wearing a Harvard sweatshirt, holding a very large camera, and standing in front of the John Harvard statue).

Flyby:  Hi, I'm a reporter for the Harvard Crimson. Can I ask you a question?

TT: You...go to Harvard?

Flyby: Yeah.

TT: Sure.

Flyby: Can you tell me a secret?

TT: What?

Flyby: A secret. Tell me something that no one knows—I won't tell anyone it's you.

TT: Okay…

Flyby: Come on. Just one thing. I won't tell anyone.

TT: Well, I guess. [Whispers into Flyby's ear]. I have a dead body in my basement.

Flyby: Really? No you don't.

TT: [shakes head]. No, I don't. But wouldn't that be great for your article?