Bobby Jindal, current governor of Louisiana, spoke about Barack Obama at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week, slamming him for being “the most liberal and incompetent President” of his lifetime in response to his treatment of the current situation in Ukraine. No surprise there, as Jindal is a potential Republican candidate for the 2016 elections. But Jindal’s criticism went further than the typical shade both parties are guilty of throwing, and he proceeded to slam not only the POTUS but our very own Harvard Law School, too.

“If I were him, I’d consider suing Harvard Law School to get his money back because I’m not sure what he learned in three years,” Jindal said. We feel like suing a law school is an endeavour doomed to fail anyway, and we’re also not entirely sure that Law School's purpose is to teach its students how to run a country. Clearly Obama missed a few too many sections in his “How to Handle One of the Most Convoluted International Relations Issues in Recent History While Appeasing Democrats, Republicans, and the Public, and Ensuring Global Security” class.

And besides, can we then say that if we were him, we’d sue Brown for clearly teaching nothing about biology?