8 Simple Steps to Achieve SnapFame

An #ActionShot of you jumping into a snowbank will give you a pretty good shot of making onto Harvard's Campus Story
An #ActionShot of you jumping into a snowbank will give you a pretty good shot of making onto Harvard's Campus Story

How exactly do I get onto the elusive Harvard Campus Story? Why don’t they post my selfies? Does that mean I’m not pretty? Is my life not interesting enough for the viewing of the Harvard general Snapchat population? What could I possibly be doing wrong? Worry not; if you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you are not alone. These are the queries that haunt us all. Well I’m here to present a scientifically proven approach that will (semi-reliably) lead to a spot on the Campus Story, aka the ultimate Snapchat glory.

Step 1: Throw yourself into the snow. Statistically speaking, this is the most reliable way to make it onto the Campus Story.

Step 2: Just dance. Anywhere and wearing anything is accepted, but popular locations include Lamont and dorm rooms, with a preference for bizarre costumes such as sumo wrestlers and dinosaurs.

Step 3: Attend a sporting event. At least a few snaps from the big events on campus will make it, but note that the pickings are slim. Act quickly, be competitive, be ruthless. Previous successful sports snaps have included anything from the tip off at a big basketball game to a photo finish of the women’s swim championships. It’s survival of the cleverest out there.

Step 4: Be on a team and Snapchat from the locker room. Those always get on.

Step 5: Capitalize when big celebrities come to visit. Recent popular ones included the HONY guy, Eva Longoria, and Keegan-Michael Key. Really this is just Snapchat’s way of rubbing in the fact that the rest of you unfortunate souls didn’t get to see them, but don’t let this stop you. After all, all’s fair in love and Snapchat.

Step 6: Don’t post selfies. Just don’t do it. (*Note: this advice really applies to any time you Snapchat, not just trying to get pictures on Campus Story)

Step 7: Leave 2 psets and a paper to complete the night before a midterm. Then go to Lamont and record yourself crying. Shout out to Snapchat for loving a good sob story.

Step 8: If none of the above to the trick, give up and resort to the far less selective Harvardyak.

Good luck and happy snapping!

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