Some very widely-circulated statistics say that the average Harvard student will have 2.5 sexual partners in their time here on campus. Apparently, that number quadruples if you are a member of Expressions Dance Company. least the number of people you dry hump goes up.

As a promotional tool for their upcoming Halloween concert "Experiment," the hip-hop dance group released two videos on YouTube featuring some, how shall we put it...freaky ass scenes. The premise? "What Starts Clean...Must Turn Dirty." Curious yet? See for yourselves after the jump.

Harvard students expressing some sexual frustration. (Update: as of 1:30 a.m., the video has been made private on YouTube.)

Apparently, getting dirty at Harvard starts first with a man making serial killer eyes at a room full of scantily clad women freaking in some poor student's common room (0:30). It also means freaking in the shower (0:34). Or freaking in bed while a fellow student enjoys the show (0:40). Or maybe moving your roommate's shit from the closet into the hall so you can use the closet for some more private freaking (0:47). Better yet? Freaking on a futon while pretending you're Akon (0:50). Or getting back at the Building Manager by freaking his lamp (0:52)-- and no, not that lamp. Having a fully clothed orgy (1:02)! And of course, as these kinds of nights must end, making out with the toilet (1:04). Maybe downing that handle (0:54) wasn't such a good call.

Anyone down to get dirty tonight?

And if that wasn't enough, this one is just awkward.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/17Drew