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Natalie Portman Will Battle Zombies

Harvard alums often go on to do great things. Take Natalie Portman '03, for example. After proving herself over the years as both a talented and diverse dramatic actress, Portman has just signed on to produce and star in the film adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's wildly popular cult favorite Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

We Need a Cold Shower.

<p>Some very widely-circulated statistics say that the average Harvard student will have 2.5 sexual partners in their time here on campus. Apparently, that number quadruples if you are a member of Expressions Dance Company. least the number of people you dry hump goes up.</p><p>As a promotional tool for their upcoming Halloween concert "Experiment," the hip-hop dance group released two videos on YouTube featuring some, how shall we put it...freaky ass scenes. The premise? "What Starts Clean...Must Turn Dirty." Curious yet? See for yourselves after the jump.

Vegetarian Heaven

<p>With October being Vegetarian Awareness Month and World Vegetarian Day coming up on Thursday, Oct. 1, the lovely ladies in charge of the Harvard College Vegetarian Society have recently announced that the group will begin having monthly lunches in the Lowell House dining hall to encourage more people who are interested in vegetarianism or veganism to join a community of like-minded consumers.</p><p> According to co-president Alene G. Anello ’10, the group wants to take advantage of and promote Lowell House’s Meatless Mondays. The Meatless Mondays concept was developed early last spring by a group of eco-conscious students and tutors to encourage Lowell residents and other students to promote environmental sustainability by eating little to no meat in the d-hall on Mondays. According to information provided by the HoCo on a whiteboard outside Lowell dining hall, students can help reduce CO2 emissions by one to two tons for each day of meatless eating.</p><p>Anello said that, although the Veg Society’s email list contains over 200 names, a far smaller number of students show up to regular club events. She and co-president, Jessica M. Luna ’10, hope to encourage members of the club and other interested students to participate in campus-wide and Boston-area events going on throughout the month.</p><p>Learn about upcoming veggie festivities after the jump.</p><p>


After last year’s drug-related shooting caused a nationwide media storm, Harvard administrators have been doing their best to minimize public

Exam Proctors React to Job Cuts

One by one, they exit Science Center C Lecture Hall. It’s lunchtime on the first day of final exams, and