The Crimson Endorses Hayward-Zhang

As of tonight, The Crimson officially endorses Hayward-Zhang for the ’09-’10 UC President and Vice-President. Although the policy platforms of the Bowman-Hysen and Hayward-Zhang tickets are very similar, we believe George J.J. Hayward ’11, a Crimson editorial writer, and Felix M. Zhang ’11 have a track record that proves they will implement their proposals. Hayward’s accomplishments include obtaining cell phone service for AT&T users in the Quad, erecting ATMs in the Quad and the MAC, and persuading administrators not to reduce the shuttle schedule. When he ran for UC Representative, Hayward promised such results—and he delivered. As UC President, he ostensibly will do for the entire student body what he has done for his current constituents. More after the jump.

Notably, Hayward frequently polls students and delivers their messages to administrators in order to inject a student voice into whatever decisions they make. We are hopeful that he will change the culture of the UC by appealing to a broader base of students and involving voices other than the 51 UC Representatives when trying to bring about change. With further budget cuts looming and time ticking on problems like the lack of social space around campus, it is essential for the UC to respond to students’ desires and make a tangible difference. We are confident that Hayward and Zhang are the best option to make all students’ hopes a reality.

Read the full endorsement here.

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