Undergraduate Council

In Virtual Debate, Co-Presidential Candidates Outline Visions for HUA’s Inaugural Year

On the eve of the Harvard Undergraduate Association’s inaugural officer elections, six co-presidential tickets outlined their visions for the new student government in a virtual debate hosted by the Harvard Political Union Tuesday.

Dean of Students Office Affirms Support for Newly-Adopted Student Government, Continuity of Club Funding

Harvard College Dean Students Katherine G. O’Dair affirmed her office’s support for the newly-ratified Harvard Undergraduate Association in an interview Wednesday — one week after students voted overwhelmingly to dissolve the 40-year-old Undergraduate Council in favor of the new student government.

Cheng Resigns as UC President Amid Transition to New Student Government

Michael Y. Cheng ’22, who successfully led the charge to dissolve Harvard’s Undergraduate Council in favor of a new student government, resigned as president of the UC on Tuesday, leaving the transition to the new system in the hands of others.

At First Meeting Since the Fall of the UC, Former Members Grapple with What's Next for its Programs

After students voted overwhelmingly to dissolve the Undergraduate Council last week, some former members of the now-defunct body met on Sunday to discuss the fate of the UC summer storage program and establish funding protocols for the transition period.

HUA Transition Meeting

Christopher T. Cantwell '22-'23 speaks at the first Harvard Undergraduate Association transition meeting on Sunday.

Harvard Students Vote Overwhelmingly to Dissolve Undergraduate Council in Favor of New Student Government

Harvard College students voted overwhelmingly to dissolve their student government in favor of an alternative structure this week in a controversy-ridden referendum that appears to spell the end of the school’s 40-year-old Undergraduate Council.

UC Referendum Turnout Strategy

This week, Harvard students vote on two referendum measures, one which asks students about Harvard's recent changes to its masking policy, and one which ask students about the possible adoption of a new form of undergraduate government.

Harvard Women’s Cabinet to Work with Undergraduate Council to Launch Health Care Initiative

The Harvard Women’s Cabinet, a student group dedicated to addressing gender issues on campus, is aiming to partner with the Undergraduate Council on an initiative to centralize health care resources at the University.

UC President Michael Y. Cheng

Harvard Undergraduate Council President Michael Y. Cheng '22, pictured at the UC's weekly meeting on Sunday.

Michael Cheng

Michael Y. Cheng '22, pictured at an Undergraduate Council meeting on March 27

At Fraught Meeting, UC Removes Election Day Ballot Question on the Eve of Controversial Referendum

On the eve of a referendum that will determine the Harvard Undergraduate Council’s future, the body held a meeting on Sunday that descended into disarray with arguments, interruptions, and a dramatic early exit by the UC’s president.

Harvard Undergraduates Will Vote on a New Student Government Constitution This Week. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Four months after taking over as president of the Harvard Undergraduate Council, Michael Y. Cheng ’22 will finally learn the fate of his marquee campaign promise: to replace the institution he now leads.

Harvard UC Finance Audit Finds No Irregularities, Vindicates Accused Council Members

An audit of the Undergraduate Council’s finances has “yet to find evidence of any financial irregularities,” according to the report released Thursday in an email from Undergraduate Council President Michael Y. Cheng ’22 and Vice President Emmett E. de Kanter ’24.

Meeting Via Zoom, UC Passes Funding Bills, Declines to Consider Covid Policy Measures

Meeting online due to a recent uptick in Covid-19 cases among Harvard undergraduates, the Undergraduate Council had a largely amicable session Sunday, funding a variety of initiatives before striking down three bills regarding the school’s Covid-19 restrictions.

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