Undergraduate Council

Undergraduate Council Votes to Fund ‘Meet the Black Caucus’ Event at First Meeting

Harvard’s Undergraduate Council voted to fund an event to promote student engagement with the Council’s Black Caucus in its first general meeting of the semester Sunday.

Amid Scheduling Confusion, Undergraduate Council to Hold First General Meeting Sunday

Harvard’s Undergraduate Council is scheduled to hold its first general meeting of the semester on Sunday, Feb. 9 —  later into the spring semester than in the past few years.

Mathew and White-Thorpe Inaugurated as UC President, VP

James A. Mathew ’21 and Ifeoma “Ify” E. White-Thorpe ’21 were inaugurated as the new president and vice president of Harvard’s UC Monday night.

Mathew and White-Thorpe Win UC Presidential Election

James A. Mathew ’21 and Ifeoma E. White-Thorpe ’21 will lead the next session of the Undergraduate Council as president and vice president, respectively, the UC Election Commission announced Thursday night.

Undergraduate Council to Launch Free Mental Health Screening Service

The Undergraduate Council plans to launch a mental health screening in partnership with Counseling and Mental Health Services, according to UC President Sruthi Palaniappan ’20.

Mahajan and Patel Plan To Bridge Gaps in Student Experience

Sanika S. Mahajan ’21 and Rushi A. Patel ’21, one of several tickets vying for the Undergraduate Council presidency and vice presidency, hope to fix perceived gaps in the undergraduate  experience and empower student activists, according to their campaign platform.

Larson and McKinley Promise to ‘Do Stuff’ for the UC

M. Thorwald “Thor” Larson ’21 and Case McKinley ’21, candidates for the Undergraduate Council presidency and vice presidency, are running on a platform that aims to bring accessibility, transparency, and a “Fun Fund” to the UC.

Mathew and White-Thorpe Say ‘Harvard Can’t Wait’ For Policy Proposals

James A. Mathew ’21 and Ifeoma E. White-Thorpe ’21 are running to be Undergraduate Council President and Vice-President, respectively, because they believe “Harvard Can’t Wait” to empower students to make change on issues like diversity and student life.

Kumar and Raji Promise Transparency, ‘Crimson Pride’ as UC Outsiders

Prashanth “PK” Kumar ’21 and Michael O. Raji ’22 say that their position as outsiders to the Undergraduate Council situates them to best deliver solutions representative of the entire student body.

Running for Undergraduate Council Leadership, Dhar and Liang Call for Abolition

Aditya A. Dhar ’21 and Andrew W. Liang ’21 have a tear-it-all-down attitude when it comes to fixing what they believe to be a flawed student government. Running under the slogan “a campaign to end campaigns,” the duo is calling for the abolition of the College’s Undergraduate Council.

UC Debate

The Harvard Political Union and Harvard College Act on a Dream co-sponsored a debate Saturday afternoon for the candidates running in the Undergraduate Council presidential election.

Undergraduate Council Votes to Support Act on a Dream Against The Crimson

Harvard’s UC voted to pass a statement at its meeting Sunday in support of immigration advocacy group Act on a Dream’s concerns about The Harvard Crimson’s news policies and made recommendations to make reporting policies more transparent.

Undergraduate Council President and Vice President Tickets Debate Campaign Platforms

Ahead of the one-week voting period, which opens Nov. 11, candidates for the Undergraduate Council President and Vice President discussed their campaign platforms in debates on Saturday.

Two Student Referenda to Appear on UC Ballot

Two referenda reached the requisite number of student signatures to appear on the ballot during the Undergraduate Council’s upcoming presidential election, according to UC Rules Committee Chair Conner P. Williams ’21.

UC Meeting

The Undergraduate Council had a weekly meeting on Sunday at the Issacson Room in Smith Campus Center Collaborative Commons.

UC Endorses Platform to Elect Younger Alumni to Board of Overseers

Harvard Forward is a group seeking to elect several candidates to Harvard’s Board of Overseers — the University’s second highest governing body — in order to address what it calls the University’s “insufficient response” to climate change, according to its website.

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