State Dinner Crashers Part Deux

So what does being a State Dinner crasher get you? Subpoenaed, apparently. In light of today's congressional hearing looking into the antics of the now infamous Salahis, Flyby talked to Harvard's very own History Professor Emma Rothschild and her husband Professor of Economics and Philosophy Amartya Sen who were two of the lucky few to get an invite to the first State Dinner of the Obama administration.

Follow the jump to find out what they had to say about the pair.

"The Salahis have inadvertently contributed to more understanding of the gaps in the existing [security] system, and that is the positive take on this dangerous - but happily past - affair," wrote Sen in an email to Flyby.

I'll say.

But the Secret Service may have a friend in Rothschild who came to their defense. "[The security] seemed careful," said Rothschil.

So, how exactly did two people manage to get into the White House of all places uninvited? Well thats what Congress is trying to find out as we speak.

But in other news, Professors Rothschild and Sen brushed elbows with the now infamous couple at the State Dinner. "I remember thinking that Mrs. Salahi looked very pretty in her sari," Sen wrote, "but a little unsure about what to do with so much drapery."

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