Federal State Relations

Capitol Building
City Politics

Mass. Candidate Pressley Talks Warren, Sexual Assault at Media Roundtable

Pressley said rhetoric surrounding Massachusetts Senator Warren’s Native American ancestry deflects attention from more important conversations.

Faust at 2021 Convocation

Faust Continues Advocacy on Immigration, Higher Ed Act

​Amid turmoil in Washington over immigration reform, Harvard administrators are pushing for legislation securing legal protections for undocumented students and staff.

Marijuana in Harvard Square
Harvard Square

Federal Marijuana Crackdown Could Disrupt Budding Industry

Session’s decision comes just days after the first-ever medical marijuana dispensary opened in Harvard Square.

Federal State Relations

Faust Opposes Military Transgender Ban in Letter to Mattis

University President Drew G. Faust wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis last week urging him to allow transgender individuals to serve in the military.


Panel Discusses 'Moral Outrage' of Mass Incarceration

“There is no more glaring threat to human rights or testing of democracy than our current punishment crisis," a Graduate School of Education professor said.


After Health Care Bill Failure, Experts Grapple with Future of Mass. Care

“We really dodged a huge bullet on Friday, but it is definitely not over," one Massachusetts health care executive said.

Cambridge City Hall
City Politics

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Challenges Cambridge's 'Sanctuary City' Status

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency listed Cambridge an “uncooperative jurisdiction” for refusing to comply with federal requests to detain individuals for possible deportation.

Defenders of the Undocumented

Undocumented Students Criticize President Trump’s Executive Orders

As Harvard administrators spoke out against President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration executive orders, the University’s undocumented students say they are pleased with Harvard’s actions—like creating a website and appointing an immigration attorney—that aim to support them.

Defenders of the Undocumented

Immigration Law Experts Advise Undocumented Students

As Trump prepares to take office, immigration law experts clarified definitions of “sanctuary” spaces and offered legal advice to Harvard’s undocumented students.

Harvard Law School

Protesters Disrupt Law School Event, Raising Security Concerns

​Housing rights advocates interrupted an event featuring Federal Housing Finance Agency Director Melvin Watt at the Law School Monday evening, prematurely ending the event and prompting questions about security protocol at the school.

Obama Comes to Boston

Government Will Make FAFSA Available in October Next Year

Applicants to colleges and universities will be able to apply for federal financial aid starting Oct. 1 next year.

Harvard in the City

MBTA To Offer Free Fare Day Next Month

In response to multiple shutdowns of services this winter, the MBTA will offer a free fare day on April 24 and a 15 percent discount on monthly passes in May.


Obama Unveils 'Student Aid Bill of Rights'

President Barack Obama announced several new initiatives to make higher education more affordable and to help students repay debts on Tuesday.

Courthouse of the Tsarnaev Trial

Harvard Law Professors Weigh In on Tsarnaev Trial Venue

While both the U.S. District Court and the Court of Appeals have rejected the requests to relocate the Tsarnaev trial, Law School faculty members see reason behind them.


Federal Funding Initiative Could Bolster University’s Genomics Research

Harvard genomics researchers could see increased funding for their work should Congress approve a White House proposal to allocate millions more dollars to the research of medical treatments personalized to a patient’s genetic information.