After ten episodes of fist-pumping, hot-tubbing debauchery, we here at Flyby knew that Mike aka “The Situation” of Jersey Shore fame was a meathead. But now, thanks to the fine people at Bartley’s, “The Situation” is literally ground sirloin.

That’s right, the famed burger joint is serving up a piece of meat called “The Situation” (gender reversal much?). The burger, an instant crowd-pleaser, according to general manager Billy Bartley, is sandwiched between red hot chili peppers and veggie chili and served with a side of friends.

“It’s a good burger, whether you liked Jersey Shore or not,” said Theodore A. Wilson ’11.

Bartley says that he cooked up this idea after being inspired by The Situation’s idiocy.

“I said, ‘I’ve got to put a burger on this idiot,’” said Bartley. “He must have set America back a dozen years.”

Bartley said he also had a load of red hot chili peppers he had to move. But after two weeks of catering to a crowd of Situation fans, Bartley said peppers are now on short supply. So if you're a Jersey Shore fan, get over to Bartley's to grab a Situation burger before they’re all gone.