Questionable Costumes

Stumped for an original Halloween costume idea? We're here to help.

The Choke

Boston Red Sox jersey, blue face paint, hands gripping throat, friend to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Gold Mermaid Couch in Qaddafi's Palace

All gold clothing, gold makeup, ability to stay hidden from the public.

Sexy Drew Faust

Sexy suit, sexy glasses, sexy knowledge of history, etc.

The Santorum

Wear all brown, spray whip cream on the outfit (DO NOT GOOGLE FOR EXAMPLES).


Nice suit, inability to make anyone like you.


Wear blue and white, incessantly poke people and tell them what you are eating, constantly change your outfit until everyone around you hates you.

iPhone 4S

Black and silver clothing, British accent, disappoint everyone around you.

Occupy Wall Street 1%

Dress like yourself. Add these for extra points.

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