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Men's Basketball vs. Penn Fan Cam
Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball vs. Penn Fan Cam


Revamped Organization Launches Letter-Writing Campaign

After a short absence from the College upon the dissolution of the Committee on Human Rights Studies in 2010, the Harvard Undergraduate Human Rights Coalition revamped its advocacy efforts with a letter-writing campaign for political prisoners last night.

Bus Jukebox
For The Moment

Jukebox: Bus Songs

With Harvard playing at Yale this weekend, the easiest method of transportation is by student-organized shuttles. We hope you’ll use this six-hours round-trip to better appreciate all things in, on, or around buses. Whether they inspire you, instruct you, or simply make the time go by faster, each of these songs will make the journey to and from America’s number one safety school a little bit better.


Gnome Sweet Gnome

Legend has it that a gnome lives in the tunnel between the Harvard Square and Central Square T stops. The statue is said to reside near an old abandoned T stop—a ghost station—that can still be seen from the Red Line trains. We found the gnome, and so can you.

Halloween Costumes Collage
Student Life

Questionable Costumes

Stumped for an original Halloween costume idea? Flyby is here to help.

Harvard Square


Rachel Proctor May (right) traveled to Oktoberfest with street band Minor Mishap. "The Square never feels like this! "It's so liberating for the people involved."

Widener at Sunrise

Endowments Around the Ivies

With much talk focusing on Harvard posting impressive returns on their endowment, bringing the value of investments to $32 billion, it's natural to wonder how the other Ivys stack up. While each institution increased their holding with consistent returns, Harvard's total endowments still dwarfs its Ivy neighbors.

Food and Drink

Cabot Café To Officially Open Tomorrow

After a four day "Spring Preview" last semester, Cabot Café will officially open on Sunday, September 25 at 8:00 p.m. Located in the basement of Cabot E entryway, the Café will be an alternative to normal Brain Break fare, serving students espressos, teas, and a variety of baked goods, including pies, cookies, and scones.