Zinneken's Brings Belgian Waffles to the Square

From Japanese sushi to Mexican burritos to Indian curries, there is a diverse range of ethnic cuisine in Harvard Square. And there is a new eatery in town that serves fresh, baked-to-order Belgian waffle. Zinneken's, located on Mass Ave. in a space previously occupied by Arrow Street Crepes, is founded by Nhon Ma and Bertrand Lempkowicz, who first met in high school in the 90s. "Zinneke," in Brussels dialect, means someone of mixed origins, which not only represents the founders, but also their ambitions to introduce authentic Belgian food to Cambridge and its visitors. Zinneken's serves Belgian waffle made of dough melted with pearl sugar drops, so it has distinct density and texture different from the traditional American waffles made from liquid batter.

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