The Winklevi Like Their Nuts

They've been called assholes. They've been un-friended by the courts. With all the Facebook drama Cameron S. H. Winklevoss '04 and Tyler O. H. Winklevoss '04 (aka the Winklevi) have faced over the years, it’s about time they went nuts.

And by nuts, we mean the Winklevi are humorously capitalizing on their Facebook struggles to sell pistachios, appearing in a commercial (dressed in matching suits, of course) for Wonderful Pistachios.

The commercial features one twin cracking a pistachio while the other comments on how it is "a good idea" that could be "huge." One twin then asks if someone would steal the idea and in unison they ask, "Who would do that?"

The Winklevoss twins are just two of many other celebrities, including Snooki and Keyboard Cat, who have appeared in commercials for Wonderful Pistachios. According to the MSNBC, Wonderful Pistachios has not stated how much the Winklevii were paid, although the company's newest ad campaign cost $30 million.

While we can't be certain, we doubt Mark Zuckerberg has any plans to steal the Winklevoss twins' nuts.

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