Mark Zuckerberg Talks Data Security and Advertising at Harvard Law School Event

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg ’06 took part in a discussion about data security and targeted advertising at Harvard Law School earlier this month. HLS professor Zittrain said that Zuckerberg’s level of personal control over Facebook policies made him a good candidate for the conversation.

Zuckerberg at Commencement

Mark E. Zuckerberg speaks at the 366th commencement ceremony Thursday afternoon. "Let me tell you a secret," he said, speaking about his experience at Harvard and founding Facebook. "Ideas don't come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them."

Zuckerberg Asks Graduates to Create ‘Purpose’ in the World

Zuckerberg said the biggest challenge facing Harvard’s Class of 2017 is to create a world “where everyone has a sense of purpose.”

Moderating Harvard Memes

Most meme groups are anonymous—save for a few friends in any given group, they’re populated by strangers who don’t know each other beyond a profile picture or an “about” page. With the Tweens group, the rule is reversed: Most members go to the same school, live on the same campus, and know each other, or at least know of each other, in real life.

Rebecca Chen

Rebecca Chen '20, the founder of the Facebook page "Harvard Memes for Elitist 1% Tweens" speaks about her social media success in Eliot Dining Hall on Tuesday.

Mark Zuckerberg 2004

Mark Zuckerberg works in his Kirkland dorm room in 2004, following the launch of thefacebook.com.

Harvard Partners With Facebook For Tech Research

​More than a decade after its founding in a Harvard dorm, Facebook is partnering with Harvard and 16 other universities in a research agreement allow Harvard faculty members and graduate students to work with the social media giant.

Leaning In from Harvard Yard to Facebook: Sheryl K. Sandberg ’91

Almost 25 after graduating, the Class of 1991 has selected Sandberg as its Chief Marshal in this year’s Commencement ceremony—a position awarded to a class member who has achieved success in their careers, contributed to their communities, and served the College, according to the Harvard Alumni Association’s website.

Flyby's Reactions to "React"

​As if clicking ‘Like’ on Facebook weren’t expressive enough, now there are six different ways you’re allowed to feel about someone’s new profile picture or Go Fund Me post. Now ALL SIX human emotions are displayed when you hover over the ‘Like’ button. Instead of just liking you-know-who’s 100th post of the day, you can show them that Facebook activism really does make a difference by letting them know that you too are “sad” or “angry” at the state of the world. Go crazy.

The End of Harvard’s “Free & For Sale”: A Eulogy

Harvard’s “Free & For Sale” Facebook group met its tragic end when it suddenly ceased to exist this November. In its memory, Flyby has written a eulogy for the beloved group that once was.

Harvard Students Break from Cold with '#HarvardOasis'

As hundreds students filled through through the revolving doors of the Science Center Sunday afternoon, they were greeted by a familiar space transformed into a tropical haven, surrounded by the sights and sounds of simply warmer times.

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