Sandrine's Bistro Review

Sandrine's Bistro is a contemporary French restaurant located on Holyoke St., a prime location in Harvard Sqaure. Although students may pass it every day on their way to class, because of its lofty price tag, not many may have entered (without their parents, of course.)

Still, if you do dine there on a special occasion, you'll find that the food is worth the price.

The restaurant's menu changes seasonally depending on the ingredients that are fresh in the market.

The Roasted Acorn Squash ($20) was a unique vegetarian dish consisting of sautéed fall vegetables stuffed inside a halved acorn squash. Two thick pieces of marinated tofu with sesame soy glaze were piled atop a medley of broccoli, green beans, and brussel sprouts. Both the savory flavor and the chunky texture of the tofu made me forget that this dish was meatless.

The special on the menu was Pan Seared Diver Scallops ($30) over butternut squash puree. All four scallops were plump with crispy exterior and juicy interior. The dish was full of flavor, from the sweetness of the butternut squash to the richness of the Riesling cream sauce.

The Lobster Risotto ($32) with spinach and cognac lobster sauce had huge chunks of lobster meat. The sauce was savory without being overly creamy, and the spinach added a touch of bitterness to the al dente risotto. Perhaps a dash of salt would have perfected the seasoning.

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