For the budding fashionistas in all of you, suppressed as they may be by midterms and your obligatory Harvard sweats, Flyby's got you covered with the very latest from New York Fashion Week. From furs to dazzling minis, here are the latest trends to hit the runway for both the Spring and Winter seasons.

1. Britney Spears thought she had a good thing going, and she did...that is, until designers this season decided that the belly button is too indecent, even for indecent wear. Sometimes the old adage "less is more" can only be taken so far.

2. We've had a mild winter, but if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you'll want to be ready with your favorite furs—everything from fuzzy scarves to faux collars.

3. Flower prints make a comeback. From psychedelic floral jacquard dresses to floral chiffon evening wear, you're not likely to forget that April showers bring May flowers.

4. (Color) Blocking. Be bold. Go out there and say, or wear, what you mean. But don't go overboard—it's quality over quantity, so stick to a max of three colors in your blocking pattern.

5. Anorak: This trench coat-like creation is bipolar. One part sporty and one part rainy-day chic, you're sure to keep 'em guessing.

6. You better shape up. With sports couture emerging as one of the bigger themes this season, be ready to sport some edgier hoodies.

7. Let sparks fly: Sparkling mini dresses are staying strong this season. Pair yours with a cropped blazer, tights, and a pair of killer pumps, and you'll prove that this outfit is as versatile as you are.

8. Color me mine. This spring your closet will scream summer with hot reds, pretty pinks, and vibrant orange hues.

9. Keeping it on the down low? Go for trendy sorbet-like shades that are low-key and simple, like green mint and foggy blue.

10. Right back at you. The front will catch their eyes, and the back will keep them staring. Look for plenty of backless dresses this season.