Figures and Forms

In our fourth annual themed spring supplement, The Crimson's Arts Board examines fashion as an art form. In our coverage, Arts staff writers interviewed local and student designers, reported on Boston-Cambridge retailers, and contributed to ongoing national conversations about the evolving role of fashion today.

Beyonce @liljupiterr post

Beyoncé reclines on a sea of shoes.

What Your Watch Says About You

There's a lot of watches out there. What does yours say about you?

What Are You Lifting: Lululemon

Deep thought is a sweat-inducing process, blurring the boundary between mental and physical discipline. Athleisure and sartorial control are attempts to prove intellectual control.

Eleganza: Unapologetically Amazing

With expertly timed choreography, eye-catching fashion, and a diverse cast of confident models, it is no surprise that hundreds of students—seniors and pre-frosh alike—flocked to Eleganza. With unbelievable scale and ambition, Eleganza truly stands as one of the greatest shows Harvard has to offer.

Batman and Totoro Walk Into a Bar

On Saturday, Boston’s first Onesie Bar Crawl was held from 2 to 10 p.m., drawing more than 2,500 attendees in what the organizers, Party America and We Love Onesies, termed “the most comfortable outing of the year!”

SoWa Fashion Show Reveals Boston Treasures

The fashion show offered a dazzling glimpse into the variety of styles available throughout SoWa’s Thayer Street shops and boutiques, a haven for thrift-shoppers and designer junkies alike.

HerCampus College Fashion Week

An audience member snaps a photo of a model walking at the HerCampus College Fashion Week show at Royale Boston on Saturday evening.

Inclusivity in Fashion: How Harvard’s Next Top Model is Different from America’s

“Especially with fashion, it’s kind of a complicated issue because it is an industry and an art form where forever there’s only been one vision of beauty,” Tyler J. Frances ’18, Co-Creative Director and Executive Producer of Identities, says. “I think that a mission we’re trying to bring to campus is that beauty comes in endless forms, and I think that in the past maybe [Identities] hasn’t portrayed that as enthusiastically as [it] should have.”

Future Retail

Business School professor Rajiv Lal speaks at Gund Hall in Harvard’s Graduate School of Design Wednesday night. He discussed the future of retail, focusing on the integration of new technologies, like the drone delivery of packages.

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