Sunday Brunch: Daedalus Review

A sample of Daedalus breakfast items
A sample of Daedalus breakfast items

"I'm too busy" is never a good excuse to skimp on exciting and delicious food escapades. In this new series, explore the culinary scene of Boston and Cambridge with Jane, your Crimson foodie who may be picky, but will still try anything on the plate at least once (except maybe chicken feet).

Sunday brunch in the dining halls may boast veritaffles, fresh fruits, and those cheesy, gooey, pieces of fried chicken and broccoli, but what if you are craving something heartier or more classic, like eggs benedict or steak and eggs?

On Saturdays and Sundays, Daedalus, tucked in between Adams and Quincy House, offers an extensive brunch menu that will satisfy your cravings.

Not Your Average Benedict ($13.95), the restaurant's most popular brunch entrée, swaps Canadian bacon with smoked salmon and adds generous slices of avocado. The split-open English muffins are topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. The creamy textures from the avocado, hollandaise sauce, and egg yolks balance nicely with the side of crispy home fries.

The Steak + Eggs ($16.95) is the perfect option if you are looking to get protein into your body. The well-done steak, about the size of a small palm, is accompanied by two eggs of any style, home fries, and toasted English muffins with jam and butter. Nothing too exquisite or mind-blowing about the entrée, but it certainly did its job of providing balanced nutrients.

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