The Red House Dessert Review

"I'm too busy" is never a good excuse to skimp on exciting and delicious food escapades. In this new series, explore the culinary scene of Boston and Cambridge with Jane, your Crimson foodie who may be picky, but will still try anything on the plate at least once (except maybe chicken feet).

No meal is complete without dessert. Although The Red House is a seafood restaurant in Harvard Square that specializes in lobster dishes, it also whips up decadent desserts with favorites like key lime pie and tiramisu on the menu.

The Red House's Key Lime Pie ($6) tasted like dense cheesecake and was infused with tarty flavors from the lime. The homemade graham cracker crust was a bit dry and didn't stick together very well. The key lime pie was served with fresh whipped cream and a slice of orange.

The Dark Chocolate Decadence ($6) is the restaurant's gluten-free dessert option. This rich, flourless chocolate torte was messily drizzled with Chambord sauce made from raspberries, vanilla, honey, and cognac.

The Chocolate Pecan Bread Pudding ($6), served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, had big chunks of pecans and chocolate chips. The bread pudding would have tasted better if it had been crispier on top and moister inside.

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