To Jump off Weeks Bridge or Not to Jump off Weeks Bridge?

By Alexander L. Jaffe

The weather these past few weeks has been as fickle as a freshman boy, but summer is fading fast. Before it’s too deep into the Massachusetts winter, it may be a good time to take advantage of this meteorological confusion and jump off the John W. Weeks Footbridge. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re ready, here are some some pro’s and con’s to inspire your thinking as you ponder this decision.

Pro: This jump could serve as a warm-up to get you ready to tackle the official Big Three. In fact, it’s quasi-required. Post-jump, you’ll be 25 percent closer to accomplishing the four essential pre-graduation tasks for every Harvard student.

Con: The Charles River is gross. Does anyone know what’s in that water? Submerging yourself is definitely nastier than licking the foot.

Pro: Nothing is as cool as the GoPro video of you jumping that you will inevitably post to every social media site.

Con: Actual physical danger. The bottom of the Charles is covered in glass and there are sharp rocks on the climb back out of the river. On the plus side, this problem can be solved with a good pair of water shoes.

Pro: Walking down to the river takes up a lot of time and is a great rationalization for why you aren’t studying for one of your many midterms.

Con: It might be illegal. But no one really knows for sure.

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