National holidays are important. They are days to recognize important figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. presidents, veterans, and laborers. They're also important days off from school and work, and everyone loves those. Recently, Budweiser has spearheaded an effort to declare Major League Baseball’s Opening Day this coming Monday a National Holiday. In the spirit of suggesting that any day that suits our fancy ought to be a federally recognized Holiday, Flyby has a few suggestions.

National Football League Opening Day - Wait, NFL games count as a holiday every Sunday, right? Well, the first NFL game is on a Thursday, and we want that day off, too.

Mondays - All of ‘em. Have you ever thought how messed up it is that we work for five days and only get to “relax” for two. Let’s make it a 4/3 split, it would be fairer after all.

Any day in February or early March that is 55 degrees or above - Ok, so this will probably lead to a lot of days off in Florida and Texas, but think about us Nor’easters (the people, not the storm). We don’t want to work when it’s that warm out. We can sniff summer as soon as it breaks 50 degrees, and it’s cruel and unusual punishment to make us sit inside at that point.

Harvard Housing Day - The American public might not get this one, but Obama went here (well, for law school at least). He can throw us a bone. Do you really want (/are you able) to go to class and function as an intelligent human being on Housing Day? This would put an end to those awful Housing Day midterms once and for all.

Groundhog Day - Haven’t you ever seen that Bill Murray movie? This is definitely the most underrated holiday by a long shot, and people should be given free rein to rejoice at the end of winter or to cry at its extension. Because rodents can obviously predict long term weather patterns.

That’s a good start. Our only other suggestion is that we go for the whole hog and just have 365 national holidays per year.