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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Graduate School and Facebook: Here's Some Etiquette

You might have thought you were free from the Facebook etiquette surrounding announcing you're going to college, but now that you're looking at graduate school, it's important to know all of the rules for tactfully announcing that decision on everyone's favorite social media.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Course Recommendations

We’ve all been there: you know that you’re taking a concentration requirement, a gen ed, and some class to trick your parents into thinking that you’ll get a job after you graduate. But you still need a fourth class to take.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Flyby's Guide to Harvard-Yale: The Pregame

We're still not quite sure what part of Harvard-Yale is better: the pregame or the after party. If you're a fan of the former, we've got you covered with some excellent ways to get your Harvard-Yale weekend going.


<p>For Harvard freshmen, some Houses are in the forefront of their imagination as Housing Day approaches. Dunster is brand new. Adams is so close. The Quad *starts sobbing and convulsing.* Mather, on the other hand, seems to slip the freshman class’ collective mind until Housing Day when a bunch of rowdy Matherites descend on their new class. If you’ve never considered Mather, Flyby is here to tell you why you should be thrilled about a House you’re just hearing about for the first time.</p>

The Quad/Shire looking its beautiful green self as always.
Flyby Blog

The One Ring (Ceremony) to Rule Them All

Confused about HSA's One Ring Ceremony? It's actually a retelling of a world famous tale...

Having A Meltdown
Flyby Blog

Mother Nature Weighs in on Harvard Weather

Straight from the source herself: You guys really screwed up. Like big time. This whole carbon emissions thing is starting to get on my nerves. I

CS50 selfie
Flyby Blog

Malan and Harvard Need Couple's Therapy

Apparently, there is trouble in paradise. But “trouble” is a trademark spat and “paradise” is the frozen wasteland of Cambridge. Specifically, David J. Malan ’55, the instructor of a certain popular class/form of torture, attempted to trademark “CS50” and “THIS IS CS50,” but Harvard had other plans.

Ernest Hemingway
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Hemenway's Short Stories: Simon

The gym was crowded, like a bar in Pamplona during a Festival. College students talked by the front desk. Graduate students also talked by the front desk. College students and graduate students did not talk to each other.

Chris iced coffee
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Chris iced coffee

Chris proudly loves this.

Nacho iced coffee
Food and Drink

Love it or Hate it: Iced Coffee in the Winter

What's the verdict on iced coffee in the winter?

The Harvard Shop on Mt. Auburn Street
College Life

The H Sweater Is Back

If you’ve been on this campus for even a single mildly cold day, you’ve seen the H Sweater. It’s either cream or crimson and it’s adorned with an obnoxious, torso-sized “H,” in case anyone forgot what letter this University’s name starts with.

Dean Khurana
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"Rakesh Khurana" Takes to The Crimson Comment Section

Somehow, with his busy schedule, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana has apparently found time to comment on Crimson stories online, offering thoughts on the undergraduate social scene under a Disqus account in his name. Or, you know, perhaps it’s an imposter.

'Heat Week'
Drew Faust

5 Ways President Faust Can Get Into Her Office

New Oversight for BSC
Student Life

What's Going on with the Bureau of Study Counsel?

Lowell in spring


<p>Lowell is located right on Mt. Auburn Street, making it a close walk to the Yard, the MAC, Insomnia Cookies, and all the other River houses. Lowell also has a beautiful courtyard to study in, once it finally warms up, and their famous bells. In addition to those bells, Lowell has some interesting history to it. The Lowell House Opera, established in 1938, is the longest continually running opera company in New England. More importantly, Matt Damon and Natalie Portman are both former Lowellians so #starstruck.</p>