amy poehler picture
Well this is awkward. I was going to announce it later, but it looks like the Pudding beat me to it. Amy Poehler, you are the Ridgely Room 52 Woman of the Year (WOY)! What a coincidence!

Amy, you should be honored. Room 52 is even more prestigious than the Hasty Pudding Club. We only have two members, and my roommate is out of town a lot, so it’s basically just me!

There won’t be a roast, or a pudding cup. And while I can’t throw you a parade, we can walk up the five flights of stairs to my room (there’s an elevator, but you don’t want to do that). And if you want a party, we can throw you one! I have a ton of mints from the dining hall, and we’re right above Insomnia Cookies (talk about prime real estate)! I can get booze too, although I already have a nib of something called Kinky, and a bottle of 2011 Charles Shaw.

I will invite all of my blockmates and estranged linkmates, so my common room will really feel full. “What’s a linkmate,” you ask? Don’t worry, we can spend most of the night going over Harvard lingo. Also, bring a pen! I have a book for you to sign. We just have to be done by 11p.m., because the 29th is a Thursday, and it will be quiet hours.

Amy, consider this your official invitation to Ridgley 52. I’ll be in my room all night, waiting, with the cookies.

Please come.