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Siblings: Here’s Where to Get a Cheap Graduation Gift Nearby

Let’s face it, graduation season is expensive. If you’re a Harvard sibling looking to get brownie points with your soon-to-be rich consultant sibling but don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet, this one’s for you.

Sibling Harvard Square Guide graphic

Sibling Harvard Square Guide graphic

Flyby's Commencement Feature: Parent Edition

Hello! Are you a parent of a Harvard senior who is graduating on Thursday morning? First of all, congratulations! And second of all, maybe you'd like some assistance from Harvard students/Cambridge residents/the creators of the most premium scrolling fodder on campus. Check out these three articles for some ~parent friendly~ content.

Parents: Here’s Where You Should Make Your Senior Show You

Here’s where you should force your senior to show you before they graduate.

Dear Parents: Here’s Where You Should Hang Out in Harvard Square

Hello Harvard parents and welcome to our quirky student life blog. Have you been abandoned by your child even though you came all the way to Cambridge to see them? Here’s some places you should visit in the Square while your soon-to-be college graduate is busy taking graduation photos or catching up with their freshmen year best friends.

Parents things to do graphic

Parents things to do graphic

What Your Harvard Parent Merch Says About You

Now that the semester’s over, hot girl summer is in full swing, and there’s no better time than Commencement to start serving. It’s time to make note of the serves and flops of Harvard Parent fashion. I gathered my “reads” for the most iconic Harvard merch worn by you, the #1 supporters of Harvard seniors, and what that says about you!

My Real Senior Thesis Acknowledgments

One of the highlights of writing a senior thesis is getting the chance to acknowledge all those that helped you along the way. Of course, most students start with thanking their advisers (and I actually meant it when I did), their departments (shoutout to ESPP), and their friends and family. But, it’s difficult to include everything and everyone you want to thank, because doing so would not sound very thesis-esque. Luckily, Flyby is giving me the perfect platform to share an unabridged version of my senior thesis acknowledgments.

Thesis acknowledgment graphic

Thesis acknowledgment graphic

How to Say You Don’t Have Summer Plans

If you’re watching summer rapidly approach without any idea of an impressive way you’ll spend it, never fear! Harvard is all about optics, and we can help you figure out how to ~spin~ your minimal plans to make all your friends weep with envy.

Friendly Toast Review

Toast. With Friends. Friendly Toast.

How To: Rationalize Not Studying For Your Final

After enduring months of cold, dreary weather, it feels criminal to hole up in Lamont to study for a silly little exam, missing out on all that spring in Boston has to offer. So, do you really need to study for that final? After all, the content on the exam is intuitive…right?

Avoiding finals

Why be a Lamonster when you can simply... ignore your problems?

How to Survive the (Next) Eclipse

This year’s eclipse placed my parents squarely within its path of totality, inciting a weekslong obsession with the eclipse and eclipse-related safety precautions. And, like the loving daughter that I am, I tried to listen. So, in case you’re fretting about it too, I’m here to share my generational wisdom on surviving the eclipse.

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