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Yard Activities: A Playlist

As late spring transforms into summer, basking in the sun while lying in the yard during reading period is a must. What more do you need? Well, actually, you do need something more: a playlist to accompany your space. Listen to this beautiful cacophony of sunshine sounds with AirPods, headphones, and maybe even a speaker if you’re feeling public. Enjoy <3

Flyby Tries: Divinity School Cafe

If you still have unused Board Plus and are wondering how you can possibly spend it all in the next two weeks, we have just the place for you. Consider visiting the Divinity School Cafe!

Flyby’s Hierarchy of Yard Activities

Spring marks the time when we reclaim the Yard and relish the fresh air outside after being cooped up cramming studying hard. Here’s Flyby’s take on the common Yard activities, so you can gauge if your favorite outdoor pastime is Flyby-approved, of course.

Four Places to Get Flowers Around Campus

As the year comes to a close, it feels like all of your friends and/or estranged suitemates have performances they’re participating in. If you want to show up with flowers to support them, we have compiled a list of options for all preferences!

Petali Flowers!

Flowers at Petali!

Flyby Investigates: Blank Street Coffee with Co-Founder Vinay Menda

The new Starbucks and Faro Café? Love them, but that’s old news. Blank Street, a New York based chain known for its clean aesthetic, efficiency, and its fern-green trademark color, will settle conveniently to the left of the Smith Center, providing easy access to a pick-me up. Flyby interviewed co-founder Vinay Menda to learn more about the chain and what Harvard students can expect of this new coffee shop. You’re welcome.

Overheards: Visitas Edition

After spending a day with prefrosh, their parents, and sometimes even their dogs, flyby blog has compiled a list of the most hilarious and shocking overheards from this Visitas weekend. Be prepared to be entertained by the Class of 2027.

Visitas Overheards!

We're always listening at the Flyby Blog.

Will You Say Yes To Harvard?

You might think you have what it takes, but do you really? Will you make the wisest decision of your life in a week’s time? Will you open your application portal and check yes to committing? Flyby might not have a crystal ball—ours got confiscated in 2013—but answer a few questions, and we’ll give you our best (95.7% accurate) guess on whether or not Harvard’s in your future.

Which Type of Visitas Student Are You?

Harvard has its stereotypes, just like every other school. But the clique you’re in at your high school doesn’t matter here. This weekend, you reinvent yourself. What’s your new persona? Take this quiz to find out.

Visitas Bingo 2023!

Ah, Visitas. The place you’ll either meet friends for life or friends who you’ll lose to the Bulldog Days they won’t let you forget they’re attending after. Go make the most out of it and try to get Bingo!

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