Yardfest 2014

Maybe it was just me (aka it was definitely just me), but when I got that CEB email today with the subject “Your Yardfest Artist is…” and then “noon.” in the biggest and coolest font, I looked up “noon band,” and was directed to a Facebook band page with 155 likes. What, not even a legit band with a Myspace page? But then I realized that noon referred to the time. THIS YEAR’S YARDFEST ARTIST WILL BE ANNOUNCED TODAY AT NOON AND HOPEFULLY THAT DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE RANDOM BAND I FOUND!

I have been taking bets on this year’s big artist and I’m not about to lose, so you saw it here first.

Here’s my top five most likely to come through*.

1) Nicki Minaj
2) Lil Wayne
3) Drake
4) Beyoncé
5) Jay-Z

For real though, at 12:00 p.m./midday/noon/whatever is least confusing for you, WE WILL KNOW WHO WILL BE AT YARDFEST. Keep checking up here to see if anyone can beat Janelle Monae.

*If I am incorrect, I will have my own personal concert after Yardfest, during which I will Only Truffle Butter with a little Love On Top.