Your Guide to Pre-Yardfest Events

By Shunella Grace Lumas

I think we can all agree that college is the place for free food (and, uh, studying …). So, with Yardfest just a day away, you’re all probably wondering how to snag as much free food as you can before you head over to Tercentenary Theater to get cake thrown in your face (more free food?). Don’t worry, we here at FlyBy have you covered.

Thanks to the UC, the Office of Student Life, and the HoCos, each house neighborhood will have their own block party where you can get hyped for Yardfest starting at 3pm tomorrow afternoon. All block parties are open to all undergraduates, and free Yardfest t-shirts and bro-tanks are available at each block party.

Here’s where you should be heading tomorrow afternoon for free food and fun:

River East (a.k.a. Dunster, Leverett, and Mather): Head over to Leverett Courtyard to indulge in pizza, Felipe's nachos, popcorn, and cotton candy. Lev Towers promises to have music from the student band Foxpack, ice cream from 4:00-4:30pm, and a bouncy castle, where you may experience just a little childhood nostalgia.

River West (a.k.a Eliot, Kirkland, and Winthrop): Winthrop Gore Courtyard will also feature delicious food and great music.

Central (a.k.a Adams, Lowell, and Quincy): Come over to Lowell Courtyard tomorrow afternoon for cotton candy and an inflatable obstacle course. This block party also promises to have music, games, and more.

Quad: Visit the Quad lawn tomorrow (I know what you’re all thinking…) for Felipe's nachos and churros. You’ll also be able to listen to music from a live DJ while sliding down a giant inflatable slide. Look out for the photo booth where you’ll be take all of your pre-Yardfest photos.

So, take a break from stressing about the impending reading period and finals week and head over to one of the free neighborhood block parties to distract yourself from catching up on the work you’ll need to do for that one class you may or may not have gone to lecture for this semester.

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