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Dude, That's Rude: Assignments

As college students, we face a constant flow of assignments. However, when professors start assigning single-spaced papers and making assignments due the same day as tests, they cross a line.

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Burst the Bubble: Kendall Square

Need a mini adventure out of Harvard square? Try Kendall square!

Student Activities Fair
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Let's Be Real: Extracurriculars

Are you realizing you're overcommitted but feel like you can't quit anything? Welcome to Harvard extracurriculars.

Zodiac Signs
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Harvard Houses as Zodiac Signs

Twelve houses, twelve zodiac signs — you get the picture.

Rain Rain
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What Your Reaction to Rain Says About You

Rain can be polarizing, but no matter what, we all have to deal with it somehow.

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Harvard Dating Lines to Make it or Break it

It's always hard to tell how a date is going to go. Luckily, we've compiled some specific lines to look out for — a litmus test of sorts for dating.

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Do's and Don'ts of Flexing Your Harvard Acceptance

While getting into Harvard is exciting, sharing the news can get you into sticky situations if you go about it in the wrong way.

Fall in Harvard Yard
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No One: Harvard:

What's better than a Harvard-based meme? A collection of them.

Housing Day
House Life

The Definitive 2019 Harvard Housing Day Video Ranking

Here are the 12 Housing Day videos ranked by one of our writers!

River Views by the Bride
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What to Show Your Friends When They Visit

At a loss for what to do with your friends when they visit? Trying to tailor your tour to better fit the different people who visit you? Check out these on-campus options.

The Gathering Crowds
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Housing Day How-To for Upperclassmen

As a freshman you were guided through housing day by a cohort of PAFs and proctors, but as an upperclassman, how are you supposed to navigate the tough calls like waking up early or actually going to class?

Stone Hall Exterior
House Life

Quincy House

Quincy’s residents swear that you could live almost your entire life in Quincy and not miss a thing.

Lowell From Above 2019
House Life

Lowell House

Lowell House is every freshman’s dream — newly renovated, a sweet community, and a source of all the funky traditions you could ever ask for.

flyby housing day feature photo
House Life

Housing Market 2019!

It's time for Flyby's annual countdown to Housing Day with our annual feature: Housing Market!

Adams Snow 2019
House Life

Adams House

The lucky group of freshmen sorted into Adams will receive a cigar and a rose upon joining this storied group of tea-drinkers. Adams House and its community are worth (literal) gold, and they’re willing to bet their cigars on it!