Listen Up is back and better than ever!
Listen Up is back and better than ever!
Dear Harvard,

It’s ya girls Betty and Hyemi, day one homies since Freshman Orientation Week, relentless blockmates, and the dynamic Flyby journalistic duo. We’re two fun-loving junior girls living in Dunster, and we want to share our vast pools of knowledge and wisdom with the rest of Harvard. So we’re bringing back Listen Up, your favorite and most reliable biweekly advice column, where you ask the questions and we provide sage answers. Don’t worry, submissions are anonymous and we know you have burning questions about life. How can I practice good hallway bathroom etiquette? What is the best flavor of Rubinoff (Hyemi: The answer is none.; Betty: The answer is not none.)? Why does the HUDS apple crisp not taste as good anymore? Are we actually getting a Yardfest artist?

Submit your questions here about anything and everything, and leave the rest to us.

Let the games begin.


Betty and Hyemi