Fifteen Questions with Mickey Avalon

1. Fifteen Minutes: You grew up in California and have been living there for almost all of your life. Are ...

1. Fifteen Minutes: You grew up in California and have been living there for almost all of your life.  Are you a Cali boy at heart?

Mickey Avalon: Yeah, I really am. You don’t really realize those kinds of things until you go somewhere else .... Now that I have been around the world, I definitely know that I am a California boy. I think people are pretty fucked everywhere in the world, so it’s best to find a place where the weather is good and where your family is.

2. FM: How does the East Coast compare?

MA: I like the East Coast. I like the pace; it’s fast ....  [People on the East Coast] might get a bad rep, but they are more no-nonsense and just don’t have the time to be all warm and fuzzy.  I also like the colder places because it makes the girls have to hold on to a couple extra pounds, to be a little thicker.

3. FM: Do you think there are differences between East Coast and West Coast audiences?

MA: I think that if you’re going to come to my show, it’s pretty similar across the board.  But I think in general in Hollywood ... Some people think they are too cool for school and may be secretly enjoying themselves but not showing it.  You came to this show for a reason, so have fun!

4. FM: How do you know if you gave a really good performance?

MA: That’s like knowing if you had good sex or bad sex. You just know. I guess I gauge it off of how much fun I had .... The less it felt like work, the better it probably was.

5. FM: Have you ever had a really strange concert experience?

MA: Recently I played in Toronto, and somebody gave me a bunch of GHB. When I got on stage, I was on autopilot for the most part. The words were there, but I couldn’t get them out of my mouth. It was like reaching in a drawer where you can see everything that’s in the drawer, but you can’t grab it for whatever reason .... I am obviously not anti-having-a-good-time, but you should still be able to perform and do your job well.

6. FM: Where do you think you derive the intensity of your lyrics from?

MA: The same things that get me in trouble are the things that make my lyrics.

7. FM: It seems like you have been maturing a lot as a person. Do you think your music is also maturing?

MA: I don’t make music. I don’t make the beats. I just do the words and the vocals, which forces me to work with other people .... Maybe the maturity comes in with the team that’s behind me.

8. FM: You have been keeping pretty busy lately. What do you do in your spare time?