The Only Veteran in the Room


Professors' Professors

​As a college student, you might forget that the accomplished professor at the helm of your lecture once sat in your seat. We asked professors who went to Harvard to write about their most memorable experiences with one of their own professors. Read on to find out why you really should be going to office hours.


Endpaper: I've Told You Now

My bedroom doubles as a shrine to Sam Smith. Guests enter, see the Sam Smith records hanging on the right-hand wall, and think, “Okay, cool.” Then they turn, see a massive framed poster of Sam Smith on the left-hand wall over my bed, and think, “This dude’s got issues.”


Lorgia H. García Peña

García Peña is a professor of Latino studies, one of the first ever to be hired at Harvard—a role that she describes as both a responsibility and an opportunity for innovation.