FM Year in Review 2016: Uncharted Territory

Photo Essay

Photo Essay: Rockport

Just over an hour by car or commuter rail, Rockport, MA is an easy escape from the throes of daily Harvard life. Be overwhelmed by the crashing waves and sprawling rocks of Halibut Point State Park, enjoy scrumptious local fish, explore the culture on Bearskin Neck, and find your own adventure during a one day excursion. Getting the energy to leave the Harvard Bubble is the hard part, but your experience in Rockport will leave you refreshed, grounded, and stuffed.


15 Minutes with Toni Morrison

​Toni Morrison, author of 11 novels and recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, the American Book Award, the Nobel Prize for Literature, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, delivered a series of lectures on race and identity as the Norton Professor this past year. She spoke to The Harvard Crimson during her stay in Cambridge.​