15 Professors of the Year 2017


Mavens Kosher Court

Maven—the Hebrew word for expert—easily describes Alan M. Dershowitz in the courtrooms where he has defended Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, and Julian Assange. However, while his unwavering standards for quality pastrami on rye may be as staunch as his support for First Amendment rights, opening a deli was a case he had yet to encounter.


Coordinates: Mount Auburn Street

If you look down past your phone, you’ll see the sidewalk bricks play a game of reverse Whack-a-Mole, rising unevenly out of the ground to fight back against your steps. Even if you survive the cars and the middle fingers and the tourists and that tenth Lumineers song, they still seem to say, screw you. Your foot strikes a particularly raised brick. You stumble. You look around but shake it off.



Visiting Williams, Bowdoin, and Amherst and exploring their archives by day reveals how other schools have enacted a Greek life ban. Wandering the three campuses at night offers a glimpse into life without social groups.