Boston Olympics 2024

U.S. Olympic Committee Terminates Boston Bid

The U.S. Olympic Committee and Boston 2024 organizers terminated Boston’s bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games on Monday following several months of backlash and major changes to the bid.

Ahead of Fisher, Harvard Asks To Delay Admissions Lawsuit

The motion filed to delay a lawsuit Harvard currently faces seems to acknowledge that the Supreme Court’s ruling in Fisher could offer a new interpretation of the legality of race-based affirmative action policies.


Education Department Dismisses Admissions Complaint

The Department of Education decided to dismiss the complaint because it is similar to an ongoing and separate federal lawsuit filed against Harvard.


A $400 Million Gift, and Accompanying Scrutiny

Administrators maintain that the criticism will do little to hurt their fundraising efforts, but one fact remains: John Paulson’s record gift to SEAS has brought record scrutiny to Harvard’s $6.5 billion capital campaign.


Widener Will Extend Nighttime Hours for CS50

The library will stay open on weekdays until midnight, instead of the usual 10 p.m., next fall and spring.

Rothenberg, Longtime Corporation Member, Dies at 69

As Harvard’s treasurer and a member of the Harvard Corporation, James F. Rothenberg '68 remained intimately connected to the University he loved, advising its leaders and helping manage its money, until his death Tuesday. He was 69.


Harvard Can't Fully Prevent Future Cyber Attacks, Experts Say

According to experts in cyber security, there may be nothing that Harvard and institutions like it can do to fully protect themselves from future attacks from hackers.


Stillman Infirmary Closed, Renovation Plans Await Approval

A planned renovation of the 24-hour inpatient care space to expand mental health resources is still pending approval from the state public health department.

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Santa Lucía

Trading Seasons: Spending Summer Break in a Chile Winter

Adulthood Is Relative

Adulthood Is Relative

A Taste of Italy 2

A Taste of Italy: On Milan, Siena, and Studying Abroad

Le Quatorze Juillet

Le Quatorze Juillet



A More Representative Democracy

But beyond the influence of money, connections, and privilege on our elected officials, consider too how these factors influence their staffs: Unpaid internships exist as a huge privilege for the well-to-do in getting jobs in government.


Trading Seasons: Spending Summer Break in a Chile Winter

At some point during the 11-hour flight between Miami and Santiago, a realization finally struck me—I was travelling to the Southern Hemisphere.

Summer Postcards 2015

Trading Seasons, Part 2


Adulthood Is Relative


A Taste of Italy: On Milan, Siena, and Studying Abroad

As SEAS Dean, Doyle Will Face Opportunities and Challenges

Francis J. Doyle III will take the helm of a school that just received the largest donation in Harvard’s history and that is slated to relocate to Allston in just four years.

Harvard Investigates IT Security Breach

The security breach to Faculty of Arts and Sciences and central administration information technology networks may have compromised email login information.

Education Department Backs Away From College Rating System

The U.S. Department of Education now plans to release a data tool for prospective students and their families to compare colleges this summer.

Year in Review

Allston, as FM Imagines

This year Harvard further detailed its plans to move parts of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to North Allston. Additional improvements will be made to athletic facilities already across the river. Here at FM, we’ve come up with suggestions for additional projects that we think Harvard could actually use in the barren tundra of Allston.


Wes to the Knicks
Men's Basketball

Wesley Saunders '15 To Sign With New York Knicks

After playing in the NBA Summer League for the Utah Jazz, former Harvard men’s basketball star Wesley Saunders has reportedly agreed to a deal with the New York Knicks.



Elizabeth Alexander at the Cambridge Public Library

Making art was my way of moving through grief.… I continually engage with various art forms in the book because that’s how I know that I’m alive, and that’s what I care to live on.