First Faculty Meeting of the Year Takes Place in University Hall

Faculty Decry Attrition of Tenure-Track Women

Only 66 percent of women on schedule to be considered for promotions to full professors last year remained at Harvard for the final stage of that process, compared with 78 percent of men.

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Civil Rights Lawyer Defends Use of Race in Harvard Admissions

Speaking to an audience of about a dozen students, Rahsaan Hall maintained that Harvard’s holistic admissions processes were in compliance with legal precedent.


Counseling Group Takes Break After Sexual Assault Survey

Response, a group of Harvard students who counsel peers on topics related to relationships, including sexual harassment and assault, closed on Sunday, and it will reopen on Oct. 12.

Despite Changes at Penn, Harvard Stands by ‘No-Loan’ Label

The University of Pennsylvania now calls its financial aid program “all-grant,” but Harvard still considers the “no-loan” branding integral to its own program.

Endowment’s Performance Is Concerning, Faust Says

After another year of lackluster returns at Harvard Management Company, University President Drew G. Faust said Tuesday that she is concerned about the company’s performance.


Faust Gives ‘General Principles’ for Gen Ed at Faculty Meeting

University President Drew G. Faust weighed in on reforming the beleaguered General Education program as the Faculty discusses reforms ahead of a major vote expected at the end of this semester.

Prof Failed To Disclose Connection to Company in Paper

Kennedy School of Government professor Calestous Juma did not disclose his connection to biotechnology giant Monsanto in a December 2014 paper supporting genetically modified organisms.


At Office Hours, Faust Fields Questions About Sexual Assault

Several students from an anti-sexual assault advocacy group took advantage of the infrequent opportunity of presidential office hours to discuss sexual assault at Harvard.

The Band at Convocation

Class of 2019: Beliefs and Lifestyles

Administrators on the Stage

Class of 2019: Academics & Extracurriculars

The View of Convocation

Class of 2019: By the Numbers

Sorry, Dorothy

Sorry, Dorothy



Ripe for Abuse

That both private prisons and guards unions are seeking to make a profit off of the incarceration of Americans is unethical.


Keeping the Spirit of Francis Alive

As I stood there with the throngs of screaming people lining the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, it was clear to me that his flock is as strong as ever.


A Hot and Bothered Letter


More Than a Flag


Comments Unwelcome: The Insidious Problem of Catcalling

Wendy Sherman, Chief Negotiator, Talks Iran Deal

The former State Department official, who served as the lead American negotiator of the nuclear deal between Iran and a group of six countries led by the U.S., spoke candidly about the historic diplomatic effort.

With a New Budget and Events, Dunster Ups BGLTQ Support

The changes come after students and tutors spoke out last year about Dunster’s lack of residential tutors who identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, or queer, prompting top College administrators to look into their concerns.

Harvard Files Plans for New Business School Buildings

The two buildings will replace the existing Burden Hall building with around 105,100 square feet of new construction, approximately 35,000 square feet smaller than the project approved in the University’s 2013 Institutional Master Plan.

Student Life

Harvard's Favorite Turkey

You wake with the sun, in a fowl mood. The ground is rough beneath your bony feet, and you taste the regret of your previous night in bilious waves rippling up your gullet.


A Christian Cross
Men's Soccer

Defense, Freeman Lead Men's Soccer Past New Hampshire

Senior forward Jake Freeman, the Crimson's leading scorer, put Harvard ahead with a goal in the 55th minute as the Crimson downed previously unbeaten New Hampshire, 1-0, Tuesday night.


House Renewal

Building on a Feeling

The "old Harvard feel" is difficult to define, but recent House renewals have featured administrators and students in an important dialogue: How to preserve the unique elements of antiquity prominent in House architecture while updating facilities to meet contemporary uses and needs.