The Murr Center

A Team Divided

As Patrick Wales-Dinan has led the women’s distance running program to new heights, he’s also been the subject of controversy and administrative investigation.

In Ho Chi Minh City, Faust Reflects on Vietnam War

University President Drew G. Faust paid homage to the lives lost in the Vietnam War in a speech at a university in Ho Chi Minh City Thursday.

Academics Debate U.S.-China Relations at Kennedy School

A Kennedy School professor argued that the potential for conflict between China and the U.S. would be the defining issue of our time.

Feel Good Society Looks to Increase Mental Health Awareness

A student run-health group dubbed the “Feel Good Society” has begun hosting weekly meetings in an effort to improve mental health for students at the College.

Khurana, Mankiw Endorse Tap Water Campaign

Green '20, the College's freshman sustainability think tank, seeks to correct misinformation about tap water.

David Rockefeller, Major Harvard Donor, Dies at 101

David Rockefeller '36 donated at least $140 million to the University, making him one of Harvard's most generous financial supporters.

Month After Email Revelations, HCS Confident About Security

​A month after revelations that more than a million emails sent over Harvard Computer Society lists were public for years, HCS President Jason T. Goodman ’18 said he is confident there are no lingering security issues.

English Department Diversity Course Requirement Approved

English concentrators will soon be required to enroll in a course featuring authors who may have been excluded in the past for their race, gender, or sexuality.



Daily Katrina: Education is a Three Front War

This triple tragedy is a daily but silent and largely ignored Katrina. It is a catastrophe of unrealized potential.


Disney’s New Cool Girl Aesthetic

Most yellow women in today’s media, regardless of their youth, are marketed as a hipster’s favorite accessory.


We Can't Wait Another Year


Beware the Male Feminist


The Law School’s Admission Policy Changes Set a Commendable Precedent

Divest Harvard Plans to Blockade Massachusetts Hall

Divest Harvard is planning to occupy Massachusetts Hall next week in protest of Harvard’s decision not to divest from the coal industry.

Faculty Deans’ Feedback Halts Proposal for Alternative Housing Model

After some House Faculty Deans shared skepticism over a proposal to replace Harvard’s current housing model, College administrators have decided to put the idea on hold.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Challenges Cambridge's 'Sanctuary City' Status

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency listed Cambridge an “uncooperative jurisdiction” for refusing to comply with federal requests to detain individuals for possible deportation.

HMS Main Quad
Harvard Medical School

​‘Not Just a Number’: Mental Health at Harvard Medical School

At the Medical School, problems with mental health are not unusual. In a March 2016 survey conducted by Medical School student J. Bradley Segal, 20 percent of third-year respondents said they had experienced either suicidal or self-harming desires within the last two weeks.


Aiming For Viktory

Providence Awaits Men’s Hockey in NCAA Opener

Now, for the third straight year and the fifth time under coach Ted Donato ’91, it’s NCAA tournament time for the Crimson with the ultimate prize on the line—a national championship. But just 60 minutes of hockey could put an abrupt end to Harvard’s memorable ride.



‘Raw’ as Alluring as It is Repulsive

Once an animal has tasted human flesh, there is no way to guarantee that it will not start craving it: The only possible solution is to put the animal down. At least that is what Justine’s father tells the 16-year-old girl in the French-Belgian horror film “Raw,” directed by Julia Ducournau.