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Unconventional Overseers Candidates Qualify for Ballot

After Ron K. Unz ’83​ flew cross country to turn in almost 300 signatures to Harvard’s doorstep, he and four other alumni—including five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader—can now call themselves candidates for the Board of Overseers.

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Harvard Updates Allston Development Plans

Over the last two weeks, the Boston Redevelopment Authority has published two online amendments to Harvard’s Institutional Master Plan, the University’s blueprint for its Allston developments.

Hutchins Challenge Raises $50 million for House Renewal

A fundraising challenge established by prominent Harvard donor Glenn H. Hutchins ’77 has earned more than $50 million for House renewal at the College.

Business School Raises Awareness of Gender Concerns

A year after its creation, the Harvard Business School’s Gender Initiative—which aims to promote the advancement of women in business—has helped raise awareness of gender imbalance at the school, faculty members and students say.

Lowell House Slated to be the 'Most Complex' Renovation

Lowell House renovations will last two years as what House masters described as the “largest and most complex renewal project thus far,”​ requiring residents to live in swing housing for the entirety of construction.

Dental Instructor Draws Anger in Thailand

​A Harvard Dental School instructor has been accused of fleeing scholarship loan debts in Thailand, prompting massive outrage in the country among its citizens.


Fitzsimmons Endorses GSE Report, with Some Reservations

Admissions administrators, including Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid William R. Fitzsimmons ’67, have largely supported a recent Graduate School of Education report that calls for widespread change to the college application process.

Students Give Mixed Reviews to Revised Travel Grant Program

With last school year’s increase of $30,000 in funding for domestic student group travel, some club leaders say that travel grant funding levels are still insufficient, while others praise the increased focus on safety.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes



Courses are not Corporations

In recent years, professor David J. Malan '99 attempted to trademark aspects of the CS50 brand. Aspirations of franchising a course run counter to a professor's duty as an instructor of a Harvard course.


Behind The Curve

The intentions implied behind flippant calls of "Everyone fail the test!" usually find themselves abandoned at home on exam day, but there is truth in the assertion that students think competitively in pursuit of high grades.


Letter to the Editor: Activism at Harvard Law School


Friendzoning Harvard


Building Bridges in Allston

Students Create Anonymous App to Foster Campus Discussion

On the heels of a semester filled with rigorous debate over divisive campus issues, two undergraduates recently released an app with the goal of creating a virtual and open space for discussion.

Cambridge Considers Reykjavik, Iceland as Sister City

Cambridge officials have begun the process of forming a sister city relationship with Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, after the passage of a City Council order last month.

Faculty Overwhelmingly Donate to Clinton

Ninety-one percent of contributions to current presidential candidates made by Harvard faculty, instructors, and researchers in 2015 went to former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton.



Men's and Women's Fencing Sweep the Beanpot

The men’s team displayed a strong all-around showing in the épée, foil, and saber events, besting its opponents and emerging with a 3-0 overall victory. Similarly, the women’s team swept the three rival schools, with the most decisive victory coming in the saber division.


Oaten Pipes Hydroid
Visual Arts

The Cinderella Story of the ‘Oaten Pipe Hydroid’

Fragile facsimiles and meticulously embalmed specimens of dead crustaceans, butterflies and other rare animals are tucked away behind the solemn wooden doors of 26 Oxford Street. Discover how the most delicate of them all came to call Harvard’s Museum of Natural History home.