University Hall

BREAKING: Committee Recommends Stricter Social Group Penalties

Under guidelines proposed by the committee, members of single-gender social organizations would be barred from several more post-graduate fellowships.

Boston Calling Organizer Addresses Allstonians’ Concerns

The director of Boston Calling is "spending a lot of time in the Allston community" in an effort to ensure the music festival's success.

Students Praise Q Guide Questions on Textbook Prices

Some students praised the Committee on Undergraduate Education’s decision to include questions on the cost of course materials in this spring’s Q evaluations.

Kennedy School Visiting Scholar Discusses Poverty and the Environment

Kennedy School visiting scholar Christopher B. Barrett argued that “poverty traps” often contribute to environmental degradation.

Harvard's Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts: 11 Months Later

Many of a University-wide task force's recommendations for preventing sexual assault at Harvard remain unfulfilled.

Seeking to Prevent Sexual Assault, Harvard's Progress is Uneven

At an institution with a long history of decentralization, swift and coordinated action does not come easily—even on the “the serious problem of sexual assault.”

Union, University Present Arguments in NLRB Hearing

The NLRB began a hearing on Wednesday that could determine the fate of Harvard's student unionization effort.

College Committee Studying Housing System Will Make Recommendations to Khurana

​A subcommittee considering whether to eliminate the current blocking process will share recommendations with Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana as soon as April.



The Most Exclusive Club

Will we choose to hold social and economic advantage over our peers? And if we want to be leaders on campus, can exclusion for the sake of exclusion be compatible with building community?


Glitter in Her Eyes

Heteronormativity stole not only part of my childhood, but also part of my identity.


Greater Proactivity is Needed to Ensure Security


Why We Cannot Hide Behind Free Speech

Op Eds

In Support of the Immigration Ban

Med School Diversity Task Force Will Formulate Recommendations

​A task force at Harvard Medical School will meet over the next few months to formulate recommendations about how to make the school more inclusive.

Rihanna Will ‘Take a Bow’ as Humanitarian of the Year

Rihanna will come to campus on Feb. 28 to receive the Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year award.

UC Grant Processing Platform Suffers Hacking Attempt

A hacker purportedly ​attempted to access the Undergraduate Council's new software for processing funding applications this week.


Endpaper: What I Mean

The truth of the matter was that his death jolted me into awareness. It made me all the more conscious of how I was always too afraid that what I’d say wouldn’t be intelligent enough, or substantive enough, or just plain enough.


Rookie Time
Women's Lacrosse

Freshmen Offer Immediate Impact for Women's Lacrosse

Recruiting has played a huge part in the team’s improvement. Since 2011, head coach Lisa Miller has brought on 28 high school All-Americans. In 2014, the team’s incoming freshmen—now seniors—were ranked the seventh-best recruiting class in the nation.


Visual Arts

An Inside Look at Ghungroo

​The South Asian Association’s Ghungroo 2017 Production is coming up, and tickets have almost completely sold out.