University President Drew G. Faust Addresses the 2016 Harvard Alumni Association Meeting

Sharpening Trump Criticisms, Faust Talks Federal Policy at Bloomberg Event

​University President Drew G. Faust traveled to Washington D.C. Monday for the second time this year, promising at a media roundtable to continue lobbying lawmakers on Harvard’s key policy priorities under the Trump administration.

'A Box to be Checked': Harvard College's Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts

The College’s informal relationship with the 12 Houses, along with a perceived lack of staff and resources, has complicated its ability to implement the task force's recommendations.

UC Leaders to Meet with Friedrich About Expanded Sanctions

Sachee and Khansarinia will meet with administrators to discuss a recommendation that would bar members of final clubs and Greek organizations from holding their positions in the future.

Stats Department Expands to Accommodate Upward Trend in Concentrators

​After a statistically significant growth in concentrators in recent years, several professors say Harvard’s Statistics Department is reaching its limit.

Committee Discusses Revised Allston Renovation Proposal

​The Harvard-Allston Flexible Fund Executive Committee debated the Boston Parks and Recreation Department’s revised grant application for the $1.9 million renovation of Smith Field.

Quad, Khurana, and Finance Feature on Harvard Meme Page

Enterprising students have photoshopped Khurana’s smiling visage onto a number of icons of popular culture, including Kesha, Liam Neeson, and Spongebob Squarepants, as part of a new Facebook group whose size has grown rapidly in the last few weeks.

Dozens Gather In Support Of Transgender Student Rights

Students gathered in the Yard Monday to express support for transgender rights, protesting President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind federal protections for transgender students.

Fire Department Flocks to Fire at Winthrop Construction Site

​The Cambridge Fire and Police Departments responded to a structure fire Monday morning on the Winthrop House construction site.



Worried About Theft? Lock Your Doors

Stopping these thefts is relatively easy. If students simply lock their doors as advised by the College, the problem will likely dissipate.


Harvard, With Its Fossil Fuel Investments, Is Ignoring Science

Comparing Harvard's investment carbon footprint with its campus carbon footprint also demonstrates that divesting from fossil fuels is far from merely symbolic. Indeed, if we accept the importance of reducing our emissions, then we must also accept responsibility for our investments.


A Gold Cloud With Silver Lining


Increasing UC Financial Transparency


Donald Trump: The Inverse Abraham Lincoln?

Committee Considers Cambridge Queen's Head Improvements

The Committee on Student Life discussed potentially renovating the Queen’s Head to make the pub more enticing to undergraduates at its meeting last week.

Students Hope for 'Sustainable Change' at Ivy Mental Health Conference

​Delegates from Harvard discussed the College’s mental health resources at the second-ever Ivy League Mental Health Conference.

Food Studies Scholars Advocate Eco-Friendly Changes

​Scholars from the Greater Boston area came together Friday to present interdisciplinary research on global food system, with many arguing for fundamental changes in order to protect the environment.


Endpaper: What I Mean

The truth of the matter was that his death jolted me into awareness. It made me all the more conscious of how I was always too afraid that what I’d say wouldn’t be intelligent enough, or substantive enough, or just plain enough.


Making a Splash
Men's Swimming

Men's Swimming and Diving Brings Kiphuth Trophy Back to Blodgett

On Wednesday, the Bob Kiphuth Trophy—the award given to the winner of the men’s Ivy League Swimming and Diving Championships—arrived at Blodgett Pool. After four days of competition, it will be staying in Cambridge for the next year.



Hear Me Out: Frank Ocean, Migos, and Calvin Harris, ‘Slide’

Such is the multicolored, breezy beauty of “Slide”—not that it skewers the life of excess that big pop panders to, but that it refuses a one-dimensional attitude toward it.