Harvard University President Drew G. Faust

With End of Year Approaching, Faust Sharpens Final Club Critiques

​With the future of Harvard’s final clubs uncertain, University President Drew G. Faust again criticized the organizations on Wednesday, calling the “fundamental issue” one of “exclusion and discrimination.”

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Harvard Affiliates Tell Stories of Rejection in BSC Project

If one were to be asked what the Harvard's College Dean, the interim Dean of Student Life, and the Director of University Health Services had in common, few would answer that all of them were rejects.​

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Office Uses Coffee Chats to Encourage Study Abroad

Since the beginning of the semester, the Office of International Education has used a new coffee chat program to reach out to students in Harvard’s 12 undergraduate Houses in the hopes of attracting more students to study abroad programs.

Administrators Support Women, BGLTQ Students Abroad

College administrators have made an ongoing effort to provide more support to help students studying abroad know what to expect regarding cultural norms and gender identity in the countries they are visiting.

Sabliére Leaders Charge Admins with Ignoring Female Clubs

Three graduate leaders of the all-female Sablière Society have questioned the administration’s actions toward Harvard’s final clubs, accusing administrators of ignoring the input of female clubs.

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Tackling Gender Inequality at HBS: A Case Study

Six years ago, Harvard Business School embarked on one of the most ambitious case studies in its 108-year history. The case: gender inequality. The protagonist: itself.

Number of Students on Leave of Absence Increases

The number of students taking leaves of absence increased since 2010, from a low of 203 to a high of 242 last academic year, according to data provided by the College's Administrative Board​.

UC Leaders Reflect on First Semester Goal to ‘Open Harvard’

Undergraduate Council President Shaiba Rather ’17 and UC Vice President Daniel V. Banks ’17, who campaigned on a platform to "Open Harvard," said they hoped to institutionalize several of the Council's initiatives in the fall.



On Names at Yale

Yale's recent decisions regarding "masters" and Calhoun College point in opposite directions.


Harvard Can’t Achieve Safety and Equity for Women If It Ignores Their Voices

If Harvard wishes to support students of all genders, it must encourage all final clubs—both male and female—to arrive at a solution that safeguards female leadership and networks, and allow final clubs the time required to do so.


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Caught on Camera



Closing a Year of Activism, Law Students Hold Informal Commencement

​Balloons and around 100 people filled the student lounge at Harvard Law School to commemorate graduating student activists and a year of continued race-related activism at the school in an informal commencement ceremony Tuesday evening.

Faculty Consider Vision for New Gen Ed Courses

The chair of the General Education standing committee Edward J. Hall, also chair of the Philosophy Department, presented a vision for ideal courses and discussed opportunities and challenges for faculty teaching new Gen Ed courses.

Criticized for Lack of Transparency, Boston Redevelopment Authority Applies a Fresh Coat of Paint

Backed by Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the BRA is seeking a facelift after reforming its management structure, neighborhood planning, and community outreach.


On to the Big Leagues

Six Harvard Football Players Join NFL Teams

Now that the NFL signing frenzy has abated, the six Harvard players face a gauntlet of tryouts, minicamps, and potentially contract negotiations.



Artistic Guide to Harvard: Nature Spots

As finals loom and you try to swerve and run at your summer plans with open arms, remember to take a few moments here and there to breathe the fresh air.