Unionization Vote

Harvard Student Unionization: What’s at Stake

Harvard's student unionization effort is going to an NLRB hearing today. Here's a guide to who’s involved, what’s happened so far, and what’s at stake.

Trump Makes Surprise Appearance at Dana-Farber Fundraiser

President Donald Trump’s attendance at a Medical School-affiliated event drew particular attention and fanned the flames of an ongoing controversy over Dana-Farber’s choice of venue.

Mather House Exhibit Scrutinizes Slaveholding Namesake’s Past

Mather House residents unveiled an exhibit scrutinizing the controversial past of House namesake Increase Mather, a former Harvard president and slaveholder.

College Faith Groups Address Intersection of Religion, Sexuality

Some members of Harvard College’s faith groups say they welcome the discussions of religion and sexuality that Scarborough aims to foster.

College Committee Studying Housing System Will Make Recommendations to Khurana

​A subcommittee considering whether to eliminate the current blocking process will share recommendations with Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana as soon as April.

Med School Diversity Task Force Will Formulate Recommendations

​A task force at Harvard Medical School will meet over the next few months to formulate recommendations about how to make the school more inclusive.

GSAS Students Petition Faust for Increased Immigration Support

Graduate students are calling on Faust to provide additional support for international and undocumented students amid uncertainties generated by Trump’s travel ban.

Schoenhof’s Foreign Books To Close Brick-and-Mortar Store

​After 161 years of business, Schoenhof’s Foreign Books plans to permanently shutter its doors on March 25, though it will look to expand online sales.



The Most Exclusive Club

Will we choose to hold social and economic advantage over our peers? And if we want to be leaders on campus, can exclusion for the sake of exclusion be compatible with building community?


Glitter in Her Eyes

Heteronormativity stole not only part of my childhood, but also part of my identity.


Greater Proactivity is Needed to Ensure Security


Why We Cannot Hide Behind Free Speech

Op Eds

In Support of the Immigration Ban

NBC Editor Talks Trump Tweets, Political Journalism

“I don’t like to hear there’s a war between the Trump administration and journalists or journalism," Dafna Linzer, an NBC political news editor, said.

Former Speechwriters Reflect on Political Careers

Students gathered in John F. Kennedy, Jr. forum to hear stories and career advice from former speechwriters Jonathan J. Finer ’98 and Sarah K. Hurwitz ’99.

With Additional Target, Business School Charts Separate Fundraising Course

In an apparent deviation from the rest of Harvard's fundraising practices, the Business School announced last week that it will seek to raise an additional $300 million after having reached its $1 billion goal.


Endpaper: What I Mean

The truth of the matter was that his death jolted me into awareness. It made me all the more conscious of how I was always too afraid that what I’d say wouldn’t be intelligent enough, or substantive enough, or just plain enough.


Wang Returns to Glory
Women's Swimming

Athlete of the Week: Wang Back in Action with Record-Setting Performance

​It is not particularly unusual for sophomore Sonia Wang to put a team on her back. At last weekend’s Ivy League Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships, Wang brought unusual meaning to that common phrase.


Visual Arts

Glass Reigns Supreme as Batagov Delivers a Breathtaking Performance

The highlight of the show was certainly Glass’ Movement II in the Tirol Concerto; Russian composer Anton Batagov delivered a breathtaking performance on the piano, doing complete justice to Glass’ work of art.