Harvard Computer Society

Email Lists Revealing Students’ Private Information Remained Public for Years

More than 1.4 million emails—some divulging Harvard students’ grades, financial aid information, and at least one individual's Social Security number—were open to the public until Monday.

Divest Harvard Activists Protest Kennedy School Film Screening

​Several members of environmental activist group Divest Harvard quietly carried signs outside a Kennedy School film series screening sponsored by Shell Oil Company.

Admissions Cuts Concern Some Graduate Students

News that FAS will admit 4.4 percent fewer graduate students next year has precipitated concern and disappointment among some current graduate students.

Higher Fees at HMC 'Worth Undertaking,' Faust Says

"The sense was that the fees that would be charged by external managers in relationship to the insight and success of external managers was worth undertaking,” Faust said.

Harvard-MIT Institute Wins Patent Battle for Gene-Editing Tech

The Broad Institute won the right to keep its patent for CRISPR, a groundbreaking gene-editing technology, in a ruling Wednesday.

Protest, False Fire Alarm Disrupt Martin Shkreli’s Harvard Speech

A false fire alarm and student protest continuously disrupted the controversial investor's appearance on campus.

Professors Fear Loss of Federal Arts, Humanities Funding

Professors and administrators are bracing for the potential elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

At Miami High School, Faust Praises Higher Ed

​Speaking at a Miami high school, University President Drew G. Faust encouraged students to pursue higher education—from local community colleges to Ivy League institutions.



The Male Gaze

I came to feminism after coming to terms with the illogical defenses of my own psyche, the ways I tolerated when I should not have, the moments when I was active in the oppression of my own gender because I believed I was harder, more equipped.


Datamatch's New Direction

Even when it comes to popularized, light-hearted traditions such as Datamatch, the entire student body should feel able to participate.


A Need for Focus


How the Women’s March Failed Women


The Case for the Current Housing Model

As Dean Search Progresses, Law Students Continue Push for Role

Students at the Law School continue to demand further involvement in the selection process of the new dean and have started to hone in on their priorities for the search.

From the Lectern to the Loudspeaker

Recent events—most notably, President Donald Trump's election—have stirred an activist's sensibility in some Harvard professors.

Panel Experts Talk Artificial Intelligence Ethics

​Computer science and public policy experts from Harvard and MIT spoke at a Kennedy School forum Thursday night about the potential of eliminating human bias and errors in policy-making through artificial intelligence.

8 Most Interesting Elements

FM Imagines: Eight Most Interesting Elements

Supposedly, a couple of Harvard researchers have figured out how to synthesize solid metallic hydrogen. While we don’t doubt the pedagogical value of this discovery, FM’s own scientists have been hard at work adding eight entirely new elements to the periodic table.​