Hockey Preview 2014

As the men's ice hockey team looks to reverse several seasons of disappointing finishes, the women's squad returns Olympians and ECAC heavyweights with one goal in mind: a national title.

Sexual Assault Task Force To Host Student Focus Group Sessions

The President’s Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Assault will begin hosting student focus group sessions early next month.


Lepore Unmasks Wonder Woman’s Feminist Origins

Wonder Woman soared as a feminist icon in the early twentieth century, argued American History professor Jill M. Lepore on Thursday.


Four UC Tickets Vie for Space on Ballot, Two Penalized Thus Far

Undergraduate Council elections have kicked off amid some confusion about rules for soliciting petition signatures via Facebook.

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Allstonians Raise Construction Concerns at Task Force Meeting

At a Harvard-Allston Task Force meeting, Allston residents reiterated community concerns with construction management issues that they felt Harvard has not addressed.

Menino, Longtime Boston Mayor, Left His Mark on Harvard

Menino worked alongside four Harvard presidents and countless University employees assigned to massage Harvard’s relationship with the city. On Thursday, many of those Harvard officials remembered Menino as a unique politician.

Men's Ice Hockey

Hockey Preview 2014

The Oval

Seeing Red: Stanford v. Harvard

blood handprint

Dead Letter: The Aesthetics of Horror

Election Strategy

Where Did All The Ideas Go?



A Disappointing Election

By engaging in this brand of defensive posturing, Democrats have ceded the narrative to Republicans while accepting an election devoid of ideas.


Doodling as a Sign of Intelligence

Recently, I have once again found myself wandering adrift in the middle of class—like a child staring out the window, dreaming about the possibilities in the undefined out there.


If Massachusetts Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It


A Red Light for Food Labels


Getting Schooled

Profs Argue for Integration of Sciences, Humanities

Psychology professor Steven A. Pinker and Philosophy professor Susanna Siegel talked about integrating the sciences and humanities.

Prof. Talks Causes, Consequences of Umbrella Movement

David Zweig, a social science professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, spoke about the Umbrella Movement.

Experts Debate Race-Based College Admissions

Two experts in educational inequality exchanged diverging opinions on race-based affirmative action in the college admissions process at a forum at GSE.


Quiz the Quizmaster

9/11 Memorial


Ghost Stories of Harvard Yard

You check your phone. The shuttle is late again. It’s always late—by exactly eight minutes every time. You wonder why that is, but your thoughts are soon interrupted by the rattling of a geriatric bus, painted crimson, which comes squealing to a stop in front of Widener gate.


Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball Snags Final Spot in AP Top 25 Poll

The Harvard men’s basketball team has yet to play a single minute of regular season hoops this year, and yet the anticipation to see what the Crimson can do is as high as it has ever been.



Medicine Builds a 'Home' Eclectic

Though upon first listen, the nine individual tracks seem incongruous, even occasionally unpleasant, Medicine’s avant-garde approach to production and song structure is unapologetically itself.