Bloomberg Against Censorship

Bloomberg Gives $32 Million for Mayoral Leadership Program

As many as 300 mayors and 400 aides are expected to participate over the course of the four-year program.

Seneca To Go Gender Neutral, But Membership Could Stay All-Women

This fall, the all-female Seneca organization will formally adopt a gender neutral policy in response to administrative sanctions against single-gender social groups—but future memberships could remain all-women in practice without running afoul of the College’s penalties.

Harvard, Other Universities Must Recognize Grad Student Unions, Labor Board Rules

The 3-1 decision handed down Tuesday marks a significant milestone for the unionization effort at Harvard, which began in April 2015 and has since grown in size and sophistication despite opposition from the University administration.

IOP 2016 Fall Fellows to Focus on Presidential Election

Former Secretary of Defense Charles T. “Chuck” Hagel is one of the Institute of Politics’ visiting fellows for the fall semester, joining a roster of six resident and two visiting fellows selected broadly to focus on the current presidential election,

Buoy Lee, Founder of the Hong Kong Restaurant, Dies at 90

Lee's son said he thinks she would most like to be remembered in her role as hostess at the Hong Kong restaurant and a friendly face for the customers entering over the decades.

Faust Again Calls for Social Groups To Accept Women

University President Drew G. Faust redoubled her criticisms of Harvard’s all-male final clubs as exclusive, discriminatory, and inconsistent with the values of a liberal arts education, making the case for penalizing members of the social groups in a video for The Atlantic.

IOP Executive Director Resigns to Work on Election

Her departure comes just after the Clinton campaign announced that IOP Director Margaret A. “Maggie” Williams would help lead the Democratic nominee’s White House transition team

Several Alumni Call for IOP Director Resignation

A group of University alumni have called for the resignation of Margaret A. “Maggie” Williams, calling her appointment to Hillary Clinton's transition team a "conflict of interest."


Summer Postcards 2016

Five Stars

When I relocated to this palm tree-speckled paradise in June to intern at a television network, I made a distinctly modern, ultimately frugal decision: to commute via ride-sharing apps rather than renting a car.


Preserving the Harvard Square Kiosk

What will become of the Kiosk? Hopefully we can add our voices to the decision-making process. For now, safeguarding its historic form is critical and rests largely with the preservation wording in its vendor’s lease.


Letter: Maggie Williams Doesn't Have a Partisanship Problem


Letter: IOP Shouldn't Let Maggie Williams Double Dip


​Why Wonder?

IOP Director Williams Joins Clinton Transition Team

​Institute of Politics director Margaret A. “Maggie” Williams will take an unpaid leave of absence in order to join a team of advisers to Hillary R. Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, tasked with planning for her potential transition to the White House.

Still Seeking a CEO, HMC Adds Butterfield As Natural Resources Exec

Previously the CEO of Brazilian farmland investment firm Radar S.A., Butterfield will join Harvard’s investment arm—which directs the University’s $37.6 billion endowment—this fall, the University announced Thursday.

Ahead of NLRB Decision, A Busy Summer for Graduate Student Unionization

Two pending cases before the NLRB could result in a decision to classify graduate students at private universities as employees.

Jeffrey Toobin
Fifteen Questions

15 Minutes with Jeffrey Toobin

Toobin swung by the Harvard Crimson to talk about his new book, “American Heiress: The Wild Saga of the Kidnapping, Crimes and Trial of Patty Hearst," his reporting process, and the profession of journalism.


Yuga J. Cohler '11

Artist Spotlight: Yuga J. Cohler

In support of Tanglewood’s upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations on Aug. 6, Yuga J. Cohler '11 sat down with The Crimson to talk about music, interdisciplinary thinking, and art in the age of the Internet.