Harvard Students for Bernie

Harvard Democrats Canvass in New Hampshire Ahead of Primary

More than 50 Harvard College Democrats braved the snow to join the fray— and occasional ornery residents— to canvass for their chosen candidate across the mom-and-pop shop lined streets of New Hampshire’s second-largest city.

Grad Student Lecture Series Asks Audience to Think Differently

​Student-nominated speakers from each of Harvard’s 12 graduate schools presented TED-talk style mini-lectures at the 6th annual “Lectures that Last,” in front of a packed 830-person Memorial Church audience Saturday evening.

Law Review Elects 130th President

Second-year Law student Michael L. Zuckerman ’10 will take the helm of the influential Harvard Law Review after being elected its 130th president last week, set to replace outgoing president Jonathan S. Gould.

After Gen Ed Proposal, Teaching Campaign Looks Ahead

After a committee reviewing General Education recommended a program-wide section target of 12 students, members of a graduate student campaign aimed at lowering section sizes are reevaluating their priorities.

Sexual Assault Task Force Has Yet to Release Report

A University-wide task force charged with investigating sexual assault prevention has yet to issue a finalized set of recommendations—missing an initial January deadline— although administrators hope to release the report this month.

Mather Bans Hard Alcohol in Junior Common Room

During a year in which the safety and accessibility of the College’s social scene has dominated campus conversation, a new policy in Mather House outlaws residents from consuming hard alcohol in the Junior Common Room, a space students often use to host parties.

Hasty Pudding Honors Man of the Year Joseph Gordon-Levitt

After Joseph Gordon-Levitt​ stripped to his boxers and ran into the audience wearing a superman costume, the famed actor accepted the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ Man of the Year Award Friday in Farkas Hall.

UC Votes to Reform 'Bridging and Belonging' Fund

​The Undergraduate Council voted Sunday to rebrand and repurpose its Bridging and Belonging Fund in the hopes of encouraging its use by allowing students and student groups to apply for funding.

Special Teams

In Photos: The Game

Crimson-UC Crossfire Debate

The Back of the UC Ballot

Helicopter over Harvard

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard


A.D. Club ‘Strongly’ Opposes Membership Changes



A Step Forward Against Sexual Assault

The University is creating a committee of professors and students to review its Title IX policies. This is an important step towards combatting sexual assault.


Pretty Dead Girls

I want to know what happens when pain is so pretty that without it you’d be normal. I want to know if there’s a place where pain stops hurting, or maybe, where it still hurts the same but you just don’t care because it feels so right.


On Divestment, Adopt the Toronto Principle


Making Mental Health Services More Accessible

Student Life

On the Fast Track to Better Socializing

Seniors Present Research at Weatherhead Center

After spending the summer researching around the world, 17 seniors presented their findings at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs’ undergraduate thesis conference last Thursday and Friday.

Latino Students Discuss Unity at Town Hall

​More than two months after Latino students voiced a series of demands to Harvard’s central administration, student groups hosted a town hall with a focus on bridging gaps between what students say to be somewhat fragmented student groups.

Committee and Activists Debate Law School Seal

The committee to review the controversial seal—which will release its recommendations to the Harvard Corporation in March—convened the meeting in the WCC center to solicit feedback on the seal.



Family Pilgrimages and Primitive Ways: An Interview with Landon Roussel

When Landon Roussel—Cambridge resident and primary care doctor at Mount Auburn hospital—undertook the Way of St. James for the third time, the pilgrimage became a complex spiritual journey of reconciliation with his estranged brother, Cary.