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Harvard ‘Pausing’ Investments in Some Fossil Fuels

​Harvard Management Company’s head of natural resources Colin Butterfield said that Harvard is “pausing” investments in some fossil fuels.

Three More Top High Schools Subpoenaed in Admissions Lawsuit

An anti-affirmative action group wrote that the schools were subpoenaed because they rank among the top high schools in the country, send a sizeable portion of their students to top universities, and enroll a large number of Asian American students.

HUIDs Will Double as CharlieCards for Class of 2021

Harvard University IDs will double as MBTA CharlieCards for the incoming Class of 2021 in a pilot program, the Undergraduate Council announced at their general meeting on Sunday.

Report Shows Increase in Faculty Diversity Over Past Ten Years

​The proportion of Harvard’s tenured faculty who are women or people of color jumped from 30.8 percent to 39.2 percent over the past decade.

Student Union Organizers Gear Up for Potential Re-Vote

Even before the National Labor Relations Board has finalized its decision, student union organizers at Harvard are preparing to launch another unionization campaign.

Yale’s Annual Endowment Report Defends High Fees for External Managers

As Harvard cuts the size of its internal workforce and begins to outsource its funds to more expensive external managers, Harvard Management Company will begin to more closely resemble investment offices at Yale and other peer institutions.

Cambridge City Manager Unveils $600 Million Budget Proposal

​The Cambridge City Manager unveiled a roughly $600 million budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 that will expand funding for supporting undocumented Cambridge residents among other initiatives, at the City Council’s meeting Monday night.

Harvard Reduced Emissions, Water Use, Waste in 2016

The report, released Friday, detailed recent progress in Harvard’s schools efforts to reduce waste and emissions.



Further Action is Needed on Ethnic Studies

It is good to see the History & Literature department respecting student perspectives, and this partnership between faculty and students to modernize and broaden scholarship is laudable.


Harvard’s Not-So-Quiet Embarrassment

At its core, the purpose of language is communication and doubting a people’s language merely because one cannot “write it” is fundamentally discriminatory.


Do You Believe in Miracles?


Electrifying Yardfest


The Importance of Being a Citizen Too

Danielle Allen Rises Through Harvard’s Ranks

Danielle S. Allen’s meteoric rise at Harvard is the latest step in a distinguished career as a political theorist and classicist.

In Photos: Tiësto Headlines Yardfest

Photo Essay: Amidst a suspenseful lead-up to the headliner announcement, Harvard College students celebrated the annual Yardfest concert Friday.

Tiësto Draws Hundreds to Yardfest Amid Rain and Mud

Some students unfamiliar with Tiësto before the concert still screamed every time the bass dropped or a blast of smoke blew across the stage.

Diversity and Isolation

'Party of One': Diversity and Isolation in Harvard's Faculty

These stories provide a window into what it’s like to be an underrepresented minority professor at Harvard, an old and powerful institution that has openly struggled with faculty diversity in the past and present.



Softball Sweeps Brown in Weekend Set

In Providence, R.I., Harvard softball stayed in contention for an Ivy League Championship Series bid as it swept Brown in a three-game weekend series, putting the Crimson second in the Ivy North Division behind only Dartmouth. The three victories extended Harvard’s Ivy League winning streak to five consecutive games.



Elizabeth Warren Promotes Book in Boston

Elizabeth Warren portrayed the situation as a call to action on the part of everyday citizens. “This book is written as an act of optimism,” she said. “This book is about how we get in the fight, and how we’re effective in the fight.”