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Harvard Today Oct 20, 2017

At long last, it’s finally Friday. Get hyped for Head of the Charles and have a great weekend, Harvard!

– Allison P. Yan & Stuti R. Telidevara, STAFF WRITERS

In the News

Inequality in the Math Department

More than 20 affiliates of the Math Department say the department lacks female faculty and graduate students, discourages women from taking more difficult classes, and generally perpetuates a culture that is overall unwelcoming to women.

The Regatta is Coming

Unless you live under a rock (which isn’t an uncommon occurrence here at Harvard), you know that the Head of the Charles Regatta is taking place this weekend. Businesses in the Square are extra excited for this massive influx of visitors. On the other hand, University officials are on high alert and have been warning students to be wary of wandering visitors.

Harvard Students Launch First Ever Black Playwrights Festival

Students kicked off Harvard’s first-ever Black Playwrights Festival Thursday with a reading of an original student play and a talk-back about authenticity in black theater. Popular playwrights Kirsten Greenidge and Robert O’Hara spoke at the panel.


For Whom Those Pesky Bells Toll

Ever been snuggled under your covers, dreaming of Red Spice Chicken and cancelled class, only to be woken up by clanging bells at exactly 8:41 a.m.? Yup, we’ve all been there. Flyby finally has the answers (and some conspiracy theories) about Memorial Church’s pesky bells.

Why You Should Go to Head of the Charles

Brace yourselves, Harvard: The Head of the Charles Regatta is coming to campus. Get ready for your annual fix of Brooks Brothers gear, overpriced mac and cheese in bread bowls, and unnaturally tall people row, row, rowing their boats.


Harvey Weinstein Accusations Continue

Not only have many female celebrities stepped forward in accusing film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct, but other men in the field have begun to speak up as well. Acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino expressed regret that he did not say anything sooner, claiming that rumors about Weinstein’s behavior had been floating around before it broke the news.

Lulu the Dog Flunks C.I.A. Training

We could all use a New York Times story about dogs in our lives. Read on for the story of Lulu, the dog who flunked out of bomb sniffer training. Maybe that’ll make you feel better about your recruiting failures?