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Harvard Today Dec 11, 2017

And at long last, we face the dreaded exam period. Good luck, Harvard!

– Stuti R. Telidevara, STAFF WRITER

In the News

Sanctions to (Maybe) Go in Student Handbook

Sanctions: the one thing you definitely want to read about on a Monday morning. Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Michael D. Smith said that now that President Faust has approved the sanctions, the rules might require changes to the Student Handbook. Maybe we’ll finally fully understand the policy?

Faust Names GOP Tax Plan Top Priority

In an interview, President Faust said she would be making lobbying against the new GOP tax plan a priority in her remaining time at Harvard. ICYMI, the tax plan means higher taxes on tuition for grad students and could result in a $43 million tax on Harvard’s endowment—aka not good.


Alabama Senate Race Heats Up

A Senate seat that was thought to be a surefire Republican win is now more closely contested than expected. Ahead of Tuesday’s election, Democrats are gearing up for a fight.

GOP Rushes Ahead On Tax Plan

The GOP is rushing to cement its new tax plan. The sudden push for the plan aims to set it up before Democrats can sufficiently mobilize opposition to it.