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Harvard Today Jan 19, 2017

Happy Thursday, Harvard! We were struck with horror this morning when we realized the semester is only days away. Rest while you can—things are about to get tragic really quickly.

In the News

Octavia Spencer Named Woman of the Year by Hasty Pudding: Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer was chosen as the Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year. She’ll be throwing down with us here at Harvard in seven days in celebration of the award. But be wary: never accept a chocolate pie from this woman and definitely never cross her. It may be full of some...unpleasant surprises.

Harvard Researchers Cashed In Heavy Funding from Federal Government: We could all take a note from Harvard’s researchers, who raked in a significant amount of funding from the federal government in 2016. And to think that we have to all but beg FAFSA to slide us a few pennies each year. But there’s trouble in paradise: researchers worry that when President-elect Trump takes office, that number will deflate.

Harvard Lecturer Will Work for Trump: Lecturer Carlos Diaz Rosillo is officially saying “deuces” to the Gov department and heading to work for Trump’s administration. We suppose the class he taught for the past two semesters, “The Road to the White House,” was very aptly named.


How to: Schmooze a Professor: Finance internship deadlines are far, far, far behind us, but for those of us not quite willing to grind out our summer days in the offices of the country’s powerhouse firms, a new wave of deadlines is just around the corner. Take out your notebooks ladies and gentlemen: Flyby’s about to teach you how to get a stellar letter of recommendation from your favorite professor.

Flyby’s Winter Binge List: So what? There’s only a few days left in the break, and you should probably spend it prepping for the semester. But when did you ever do something you were supposed to do while on break? Check out this rundown of some of the best shows out there to binge during the waning days of winter break.


Bostonians Flame Walsh on Twitter – Twitter is very quickly becoming the bane of all politicians. Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh came under fire this week after his “State of the City” address, where he waxed poetic about the city’s progress. Boston locals who are not too happy about Walsh’s performance as mayor fired back with the hashtag #MartyLostMeWhen and ticked off their grievances. We’re all just secretly waiting to see if Walsh will clapback.

Earth is Getting Hotter and Hotter On this week’s episode of “We’re All Going to Die,” we learn that Earth has been quietly smoldering for the past three years. Scientists announced Wednesday that the planet set a record for its hottest year yet...for the third year in a row. If you’re looking for good news from this, folks, there isn’t any.

Elite Colleges Have Hella Rich Kids, Report FindsIn a not-so-stunning reveal for any of us paying attention to the number of Canada Goose jackets on the Ivy League Snapchat story, reporters at the New York Times found that “students at elite colleges are even richer than expected.” There are more students hailing from the top one percent of the income scale than from the entire bottom 60 percent at 38 different colleges in America, including five in the Ivy League, according to the report. Surprisingly, Harvard is not among the five.