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Harvard Today Mar 20, 2018

There are 27 days of class left this semester (including today). We can totally handle that! If only getting up for class today was easier than it was yesterday…on second thought, maybe a snow day will make getting through the semester a bit more manageable. It’s time for another break.

—Andy Fan & Kyle E. O’Hara, STAFF WRITERS

In the News

Bacow Inauguration Set for October

President-elect Larry Bacow will be inaugurated on October 5th, although he will assume the responsibilities of University President in July. The tradition of an October inauguration began in 1869, to allow students and faculty to attend the ceremony.

President-Elect Bacow Steps Down From Corporate Boards

Our main man is stepping down from the board of the Fortune 500 company Henry Schein Inc. Former Staples CEO Shira D. Goodman has already been approved to take his place. Bacow is forging his own path here; Drew Faust has served on the board of Staples during her tenure as president.


“Drew Faust” or “Joanne the Scammer”?

Yesterday, a Yale professor was sent a suspicious email from a “Drew Faust,” who asked him to wire money to a “Robinson Crusoe” in exchange for a speech at Harvard’s Commencement. Thanks to this “Drew Faust,” now we know how to pull off the most credible email heist of all time.


Serial Bomber in Austin

Sunday night’s incident marked the fourth explosion in Austin just this month. Officials are still uncertain about the motives or perpetrators behind these bombings, but fear increasing sophistication in techniques and strategies. This fourth incident represented a departure from previous explosions; it was tripwire-based and not targeted at specific homes.

Hit the Brakes on Self-Driving Cars

It might be time to head back to the drawing board for proponents of self-driving cars. One of Uber’s autonomous vehicles in Arizona hit and killed a pedestrian Sunday night. Experts are concerned that the rushed deployment of self-driving technologies may have contributed to the fatal accident, and are calling for increased regulations in testing these innovations.

Possible Native American Congresswomen?

There has never been a Native American Congresswoman before, and this election cycle, an historic number of Native American women are running for various state and national positions on a variety of platforms.