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Harvard Today Feb 17, 2017

Celebrate one of the few long weekends Harvard gives us a year by grabbing your Datamatch waffle, avoiding homework you could be getting a head start on, or daydreaming about your Kennedy of choice. Cause ya know, President’s Day.

In the News

Cabot Stinks - Cabot House Dining Hall was closed Wednesday afternoon and evening because of a leak in a sewage pipe in one of the bathrooms leading to the dining hall. Amanda Pepper, the Cabot House Administrator said the dining hall would shutter due to a “strange smell,” but a Cabot house resident, Matthew Li ’19 didn’t parse words: “It smelled absolutely terrible—definitely excrement.” The pipe has since been repaired and the dining hall reopened.

Faust Ditches New England for the Sunshine State - Faust fled our latest sprinkling of snow yesterday, flying down to Miami to speak at an inner-city school about the importance of pursuing higher education. The event, organized by a graduate of the Law School, gave Faust an opportunity to soak up some much needed sun after the back to back winter storms Cambridge has endured over the past two weeks.


The Most Ridiculous HUDS Menu Items - Time to get “freekeh” with HUDS’ Freekeh Salad. Seriously, HUDS gets extremely creative with its menu items. Here’s a rundown of some of the most colorful names HUDS has given its food.

7 Stages of Blocking - Aw, freshmen are starting to seriously ponder the blocking conundrum. We can save you some grief by telling you, ahead of time, that it’s not likely you’ll enjoy blocking with those folks you met during Opening Days.


Congress Hates Adorable Baby Animals? - Today the GOP-led House of Representatives overturned a rule protecting too-cute wolves and black bears from extreme hunting methods. An Alaskan representative spearheaded the repeal, citing the state’s right to manage its huntin’. A sad day for animal rights activists and baby animal calendar creators alike.

Trump Launches a Survey That Any Social Psych Student Would Disparage - Taking a shot at mainstream media outlets, President Trump released an online survey to gather data about the public’s opinion on major news outlets like CNN and MSNBC. The problem? The survey is obviously very skewed against the media. We’re pretty sure Fiery Cushman would give our dear president an F for his efforts.

Meatloaf Shoved Down Chris Christie’s Gullet - Well, at least metaphorically. The New Jersey governor alleges that President Trump ordered meatloaf for him when he dined at the White House this week. But one can’t blame Trump too much for the presumptuous choice, if Chris Christie were a food he’d definitely be meatloaf. Chris, you got a slap-up White House meal, no need to start beef.