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Harvard Today May 5, 2017

How is it already Friday? Time flies when you’re studying; time also flies when you’re not studying, but this is not the time for negativity. We wish everyone the best of luck for finals.

–Sophie Garrett, STAFF WRITER

In the News

CS50 Cheating Scandal Developments

“It’s all a big party.” Yes, this is quote from a CS50 TF. Apparently it wasn’t much of a party for those 60 students accused of academic dishonesty, and now some are blaming the course policy for being too vague regarding collaboration. Maybe the teaching staff should focus less on fun puppets and more on the rules of the course.

Hoopes Prize a Slam Dunk for 67 Undergrads

As graduation swiftly approaches, 67 undergrads were awarded the Hoopes Prize for excellence in research and scholarly work. Mostly awarded to senior theses and projects, this award is one of the most highly coveted at Harvard.


Crimson > Lampoon (Officially)

On Wednesday, the Crimson beat the Lampoon in a pizza-eating contest in an assertion of dominance over our rival. Did we say “beat”? We meant “destroy”—the final score was 23-2. Sorry ‘bout it, friends at the Lampoon.

Board Plus Barker Blowout

Tired of LamCaf? Looking for a way to spend all that extra Board Plus? Flyby reviewed all of the tasty options available at Barker Cafe, so get over there and check them out (yes, even you STEM concentrators).


The House Passes Republican Health Bill

In a narrow vote (217-213), the House passed a bill to repeal and replace Obama’s Affordable Care Act. This is good news for Republicans looking to make good on their promises to establish a healthcare that doesn’t mandate insurance. But the senate might not be as easy to get through.

We Hit a Mosque Complex in Syria

Back in March, a US air strike is now thought to have affected part of a mosque complex in northern Syria. The US Central Command had to do an investigation after the Pentagon denied the allegations, since there were some pretty incriminating photos out there of bodies being pulled from a mosque.

YouTube Causes Parents to Lose Custody

A couple in Maryland temporarily lost custody of their kids because videos that they uploaded as “pranks” looked pretty abusive. The couple was a YouTube sensation, with their “pranks” mainly revolving around their five children.