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Harvard Today Apr 27, 2017

Happy first day of Reading Period, Harvard! Go forth and make the most of your cleared schedule. Or, you could always just sleep...


In the News

BGLTQ Office Pamphlet Prompts Conservative Backlash

Conservative and Christian websites have taken issue with a transgender rights pamphlet Harvard’s Office for BGLTQ Student Life circulated in late March. This is not the first time Harvard administrators have drawn the ire of off campus conservative groups; several University professors were placed on a free speech watch list by an off campus conservative group.

Harvard Wears Denim

Students flocked to the Science Center on Wednesday donning a sea of denim in a demonstration against sexual assault. The event is the product of a partnership between the Consent Advocates and Relationship Educators and the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.

The Duplicate Group Dilemma

The Undergraduate Council and the Office of Student Life are teaming up to make sure that multiple student groups serving the same purpose do not exist. There are currently more than 400 student groups at Harvard, and this year the OSL announced it would temporarily suspend new application processes for student groups.


Screw Stanford, Pick Harvard

You already know Yuck Fale, but here’s some solid reasons to choose Crimson over whatever “Cardinal” is.


Weird Traditions at MIT

Our nerdier friends over at MIT have revived a tradition that might just be better off abolished: throwing a piano off of one of their buildings. This is from the school that also treats deconstructing a car, moving it to the top of a building, and reconstructing it there is a good end of the semester prank.

Trump Unveils Tax Plan

President Trump unveiled his tax plan on Wednesday, one which will slash tax rates for both individual and corporate entities.