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Best and Worst of Head of the Charles

Flyby arrived at the Charles River donning our Crimson vests and Bean Boots under the pretense of cheering on internationally-renowned rowers. We stayed to inhale free samples, drool over cute dogs and European Olympians, and capture the perfect #Insta. Here are our takeaways from the 2016 Head of the Charles Regatta.

The Best

Free Food
Having braved nearly three weeks of subpar menu items in the HUDS-less dining halls, this was a definite draw. After multiple laps up and down the River, we scored quite a variety of snacks. Our inner kleptomaniac emerged at the sight of open containers of bagged Popcorner chips and kettle corn, which were among the aggressively promo-ed freebies. We shamelessly went back for thirds (okay... fourths) of Ghirardelli chocolates, sriracha chicken samplers, and BBQ ribs to fill us up for breakfast and lunch. All these morsels were washed down by free Bigelow tea and “Celsius” negative-calorie energy drinks, which claims to burn fat for you by raising your heart rate (read: have mini heart attacks to lose weight!). We ended the day by taking several 12-pack boxes of Chobani hummus dips and more free chips (to dip in our many dips, of course), which are now sitting in our dorm rooms untouched. At least we're prepared for another 3 weeks of only getting $50 in oh-so-flexible Crimson Cash.

Head of the Charles should be renamed Puppy Heaven. Never in our college careers have we seen so many dogs in one place, especially with elderly owners amiable enough to let us cuddle and photograph them. We’re talking dogs with sweaters, people. All the cute canine sightings definitely made the trek to the river worthwhile, despite reminding us of the dearth of unconditional affection in our daily lives.

Athlete Eye Candy
Imagine: tall, lanky studs scattered for miles. Forget the ones actually rowing in the water—because we’re not hardcore binocular-wearing fanatics, we could barely see their faces. Instead, we strolled along the banks to ogle the athletes up close and hang on their every enchanting word about erg machines. Bonus points for accents. Note, the aloof species of crew boy is much less attainable than that of canines, and is not to be approached.

The Worst
Our tummies full, our dog quota maxed out, our boy fantasies realized—HOCR seemed too good to be true. There were, however, a few drawbacks.

Darties (or Lack Thereof)
Maybe we’re not cool enough, but these were virtually non-existent. Granted, Saturday’s rainy weather was not ideal for outdoor gatherings, but we expected at least a smattering of kickbacks on Sunday. We were disappointed to find the Head of the Charles is more of a classy, family affair than cause for inebriated undergraduate festivities.

Overpriced Merchandise
If you wanted to commemorate your HOCR experience, good luck doing so without throwing down some cash. Sponsors like Brooks Brothers, which even came up with a posh geotag for the event, were definitely catering towards a clientele other than broke college students.

The journey down JFK street was near impossible, as everyone walks significantly slower than the average go-getter Harvard student. Just because we knew what we were getting into as spectators from around the world descended on Cambridge for the weekend doesn’t mean we don’t get to complain.

Where To Eat With The Crimson Cash Harvard Gave Us

Maybe you spent your new founded cash doing all of the laundry you procrastinated completing until now. Maybe you used it responsibly printing all your resumes and CVs for interviews. But there is the off chance you might have not touched your Crimson Cash at all since getting that $25 last Saturday and then, oh wait…$50 more today. Don’t know where to spend it? Still unsure what can you get for your money? Let us guide you in making smarter, more productive decisions in spending what you have.

Tanjore: There are a bunch of restaurants nearby the Dunkin Donuts on JFK. One of these hidden places that appears right next to the IHOP (yes, we also have an IHOP near the Square, get with it) is Tanjore, which serves regional Indian cuisine. Enjoy the 9.95 lunch buffet available 7 days a week. You might only be able to get food at the place declared “Best of Boston 2003” for a week at most, but it’s worth it to explore a whole new side of the Square.

Qdoba/Boloco: For when you remember that Chipotle or Felipe’s don’t currently take Crimson Cash, but you still want to stuff your face with Massachusetts's best attempts at Mexican food. At Boloco, a big bowl costs 8.99 while a mini burrito cost 4.49 and you have a chance to travel the world with your taste buds with flavors like “cajun,” tikka masala“ or “bangkok thai.” Qdoba always offer the game changer of free toppings. Either way, you may get more bang for your Crimson bucks.

Liquiteria: If the Crimson Cash machine starts working again, why not enjoy this smoothie place and the bragging rights that you’re eating healthy. Indulge in the $8.50 “coffee-n-cacao” for a little pep in your step. Or maybe the 6.50 “hangover cure” tomorrow morning.

Henrietta’s Table: Located in the Charles Hotel, Henrietta’s Table might not be a first pick for you. But maybe you like the finer things in life and one to indulge in one good dish. Not a meal of course, but a dish. Entrees for ‘supper’ start at 17 dollars. Maybe it would be more fulfilling to just buy multiple starters starting at 7.00. If you want to go all out, why not use the full $50 you got today for all you can eat brunch on Sunday? It’s not a Veritas waffle, but it should do you over.

CVS: Oh yes, CVS. With two locations in the square, it wouldn’t be too hard to buy greek yogurt or multiple VOSS waters. You can get anything you put your mind to. Why not get Halloween started early and buy all the candy you will swear you will share with your friends? You may also delight yourself in multiple pints of ice cream after a midterm, an interview, or just life in general. Because of the 24/7 access, don’t be surprised if you use your extra Crimson Cash to find yourself at 3 am buying an item you most likely don’t need that much.

Sami’s Wrap n Roll: It’s great if you’re an undergrad who constantly goes to the medical school to work on some cure to a dangerous disease or research for your thesis. Otherwise, you don’t need to go there.

Smith Campus Center Furniture Superlatives

Just chillin
Scientifically sound methods for testing new Smith Campus Center chairs

Are you frustrated by Harvard’s administration and looking to make a difference? Are you tired of being ignored? Well, turns out there is a way to make your voice heard on the most pressing issue on campus today. Between October 11th and tomorrow, October 21st, the Smith Campus Center is showcasing their furniture options and asking for feedback. Bonus: they’re giving away pizza and salad! Come one, come all for some wacky pieces of contemporary design and the golden opportunity to see grad students — usually yelling at you for breathing in Widener — literally fall off their chairs. The furniture is organized into categories of outdoors, lounge, and workspace, but we at Flyby stopped by to better judge the chairs and sofas with our own superlatives. Now you know which sofa is the bounciest so you can beeline straight for it when you get there! You’re welcome.

Best to Spin Around On Until You’re Nauseous

Everyone knows office chairs are the real deal when it comes to the paramount issue of spin. We’re sorry to say that some of these swivel chairs were straight-up offensive — so low that it physically hurts you to keep pushing. But this superlative goes to a deserving competitor. Office chair 2C has leather padding and gleaming metal armrests, so you can feel like CEO of the world as you whirl yourself to dizziness.

Most Comfortable

Tied for this coveted title are lounge chairs 3C and 4C. Yes, 3C might look like strange, puffed-up lips in a way that makes you hesitate to rest your backside in it, but rest assured, it’s worth it. 4C looks like it was made for you to sink into — just let your whole body melt into those orange cushions. We’re probably going to petition to replace the standard dorm desk chairs with these. Imagine not having a permanent backache!

big comfy couch
Comfort is key

Most Bizarre

Lounge chair 4H is, well, weird. Its backrest extends all the way up and over your head when you sit in it, which feels a little like there’s someone standing over you all the time. Sure, it’s snazzy, but we can’t help but wonder, what’s the point? It’s not like there’s a light fixture built into the top, or anything… wait, that would be so cool. It’s okay to sit in, we guess. If you do sit in it, though, you’ll probably be contemplating the practicality of its design for a long while.

kick back and relax
And the strangest chair award goes to...

Best for the Stacks

“Sofa” 5A is immediately identifiable by the fact that it does not at all look like a sofa, and the fact that it has built-in walls. No lie! We at Flyby think this kind of privacy would be great for a comfortable spot to curl up in at the libraries in between study sessions. Not that we’re suggesting you do anything in it but nap and study, but… it has walls. Just keep that in mind.

Absolute Worst

Unsurprisingly, the beanbag selection reminded us of the expectations vs reality meme. As in, expectations: comfortable to flop onto, but reality: will probably make you break a bone if you try to jump onto it. Beanbag 6H should not have the honor of being called a chair at all, and is guaranteed to give you spine problems. In addition, trying to get up from this terrible excuse for seating space is close to impossible. When you finally manage to roll away from this red mass, you will feel nothing but relief and the painful loss of your own dignity.

Most Impractical

Damn, Harvard, back at it again with the unrealistic booty standards! Ottoman 4G is so small that it’s impossible to sit on without losing balance. It’s cute, sure, but only to look at. It apparently has wheels too, but that really only adds to its bad design; just try to move anywhere on it without falling over. We dare you.

Best Overall

It’s hard to combine aesthetics and functionality sometimes, but this chair goes above and beyond. Lounge chair 6G is more of an experience than a piece of furniture. It looks like a cross between a drum and a top, and while you might think it can only rock from side to side, this chair can literally rotate a full circle with you in it. Hang upside down or gyrate like you’re at the gym, because this was made for going all-out. We think this chair would be excellent in any context, whether it’s a fun distraction for fidgety folk or a great way to stay alive through a boring conversation. Never pull out your phone again! If you aren’t sold on the free food, please go for a chance to try this out.

How To Bounce Back from Bad Midterms

slightly slumped
When the goin' gets tough

It’s 1 a.m. and you’re cramming for that midterm at 10 a.m. tomorrow, looking at Powerpoint slides you’ll never remember and memorizing terms you’ll soon forget. Even if you, like most other students, end up leaving that Monday morning midterm defeated, stressed out, and on the verge of tears, take solace in the fact that your college career is not over - you will have many more opportunities to procrastinate and put yourself in the same unfortunate situation again. Flyby has some advice for those who might not have done as well as they hoped on the midterm (and we’re serious):

Hope for the Best

The first step for getting over a potentially poor performance on a midterm is not to catastrophize. When you come out of the midterm, your first instinct will be to frantically check your notes, striving to figure out what you got right and what you got wrong. Don’t do that. It will only serve to create more stress and, moreover, may give you a skewed perception of your performance. You never know how much (or how little) partial credit will be given or how generous your TF or grader will be feeling. Even if you feel like the world is falling apart, wait until you actually get the midterm grade back to start stressing out.

Remember the Harvard Curve

The curve is a Harvard undergrad’s best friend. When everybody does badly, everybody does well. It turns a 62 on the first Ec10 midterm into a B+ and an 84 on the Stat 110 midterm into an A.

Seek Help (Beg the TF for a Better Grade)

If you are really disappointed with your midterm grade go talk to your TF. At minimum, he or she can help you understand what you got wrong and how you can improve on it in the future. Sometimes, a TF will even let you do corrections to make up some of the points you lost. Don’t be worried about asking for help and go in with an open mind because no matter what, it will be a helpful experience.

Focus on the Next One

Although this the hardest part of the process, but it’s also the one step that will ensure you don’t have to repeat this process. When your next midterm or assignment is coming up, remember that you had trouble last time and take steps to do some extra preparation. This may consist of starting to study a few days earlier, going to extra review sessions, or meeting with your TF to go over practice questions or difficult concepts. Although the life of a Harvard student is busy, even a small bit of extra preparation will go a long way to ensuring that you leave your next midterm with sanity intact.

And remember, since midterm season is basically endless, there's always the chance to do better next time. Good luck “studying”!

En Boca: Eat Average Food, and Go Broke While You’re at it

The interior of En Boca, which opened its doors in Harvard Square earlier this month.
After months of anticipation, the new Mediterranean small-plates restaurant En Boca recently opened on Holyoke Street. We at Flyby decided to empty out our pockets to give it a try, so you know what to expect should you ever want to try it out.

At first, we were impressed by the service. When making a reservation over the phone, the receptionist asked if my party had any dietary needs, to which I appreciatively responded, “Yes, my friend has a gluten allergy!”

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we found that the receptionist was a bit too friendly—despite telling him that we were underage, he gave us a three-minute spiel on all their fancy wine options. He continued to comment on the weather and began talking about how his ex-girlfriend never saw snow until she was 25, at which point we started wondering how it was that we had already learned so much about our receptionist’s personal life.

Our waiter—cordial and mildly snooty—recommended that everyone at our table order three to four plates of food. Given that each one-ounce plate cost an average of $17, the two of us weren’t particularly keen on spending $136 on one meal. We decided to split three dishes between the two of us: a Tuscan kale salad, lamb meatballs, and a wood grilled bavette.

En Boca salad
Flyby was not impressed with the Kale salad. Or the splattering of sauces.

We were first served the Tuscan kale salad. We found it to be a little bitter, not too flavorful, with an unappealing arrangement of sauces.

En Boca meatballs
The meatballs were our favorite dish of the three, but still nothing to write home about.
The meatballs and falafel in tomato sauce was our favorite dish out of the three, yet it was by no means exquisite. Given that we were paying $14 for three balls of meat and three balls of falafel, our standards were high and our expectations unmet.

En Boca bavette
The bavette was...better than the sirloin tips we've been getting during the strike? We guess?
Finally, our waiter brought out the bavette, which is just a bougie term for steak cut from a cow’s abs or buttocks. The dish smelled putrid and was by no means visually appealing. Once again, it was tolerable, but we were not at all impressed by the flavor.

If you’re looking for a new place in the Square to eat out, we at Flyby wouldn’t recommend En Boca, especially given the average college student’s budget. The amount and quality of food we received were not worth the costliness, and neither the service nor the ambiance made up for it. You could get roughly the same amount of (much more delectable) food at Felipe’s, Tasty Burger, or Chipotle six times over for the same price, so we’d advise you to just stick to places you’ve already tried and tested.

Overheard at the Harvard Statue

You took a photo with it when you were five. You keep your head down as you pass it and push through a tour group. You drunkenly peed on it your first weekend of freshman year. Whoever you are, wherever you go, the John Harvard Statue will always hold a special place in your heart.

Here’s what we overheard at this iconic campus landmark on Wednesday afternoon. How does it compare to your John Harvard experience?

“Don’t touch the foot!” yelled by disgruntled students rushing past. They are sick of their front Yard serving as a tourist destination sunrise to sunset. One even more disgruntled student followed with: “Support the strike!” If a tourist doesn’t know the health threat posed by the foot, how would they know to support the loyal HUDS workers who don’t add meat to our banana bread pudding? But we appreciate the commentary.

“Does it really work if we’re not students here?” They heard the warnings from well-intentioned students. They heard their tour guide say: “This statue is left unguarded on a college campus 24 hours a day”. They even read the Trip Advisor review titled: “Do not rub the foot of the John Harvard statue”. And yet almost every tourist rubbed the foot. We at Flyby just don’t get the appeal. But we get a hint from the old man who proudly rubbed the foot and proclaimed: “Scholar.”

“And that is not John Harvard.” Every time, the tour group erupts into laughter. But seriously, haven’t you all seen The Social Network and memorized the PSK’s punching ritual? One guy shouted: “Is that for real?” A young boy approached the tour guide and called the statue a liar. The omnipotent Crimson Key tour guide responded, “It’s not a lie in itself, it’s more a lie in the words, or maybe it’s a lie in the way you interpret it.” This is a Harvard student at her finest.

“We need another picture, everybody’s in the way.” “Everybody” is the kid late to math lecture who didn’t have time to take a detour around the statue. “Everybody” is the Chinese tour group swarming around the foot. And it’s not just the statue that attracts photos – a student doing her Ancient Greek homework was the subject of a few candids. Little did the photographers know she was watching and reporting on their every move.

Treat Yo Self on Treat Yo Self Day

Five years ago yesterday, Parks and Rec introduced us to the greatest holiday of the year: Treat Yo Self Day. Having just consumed two cupcakes and four slices of pizza while wearing gym clothes despite not stepping foot in the gym, I'm here to tell you what you can do to make sure you #treatyoself to the fullest.

First, don't set an alarm clock. How many times have you gone to bed as the sun was rising and still gone to your nine o'clock? Today, don't do that to yourself. Sleep until you're ready to wake up, even if it means skipping a class or two.

Second, eat to your heart's content. We all know that you don't wanna eat that salad. So don't! Dining halls throughout campus have been offering the most delectable and diverse meal and dessert options in the past several days, so help yourself to some of those. If that, for whatever reason, doesn't satisfy you, splurge on a pastry from Tatte or a hot chocolate from Burdicks.

Third, do not, under any circumstances, go to the gym. Do you truly enjoy sweating and panting and exerting so much energy? Is working out a fun experience? If you answered yes to either question, you're incorrect. Give yourself a day off. You can make up for the lost gainz another day.

Finally, avoid doing homework at all costs. If you have a pset or paper due tomorrow, ask for an extension. Your professors would without a doubt be understanding if you told them you couldn't get your work done as you're observing such an important holiday. In the time you'd spend grinding on work, go out with friends or be a hermit in your room watching Netflix– whatever makes you most content.

But really, how ridiculous is it that treating yo self is limited to one day a year? We at Flyby are certainly in favor of making this a monthly, weekly, or daily thing.

Guide to Columbus Day Weekend

This weekend is Columbus day weekend, and while your family is going on an annual apple picking day trip, we’ve reached the point in the semester where you instead are likely living the life of a Lamonster. Fortunately, Flyby is here to tell with tips about how to take advantage of this weekend.

Dress the Part

As you scroll through your Instagram newsfeed, you’ll spot ample fall sweaters, boots, and maybe corduroys, all of which you may or may not need to add to your wardrobe. Consider taking a trip to see the fall clothing sales on Newbury and Boylston. There you’ll not only find the best 2016 fall styles, but also at the best prices of the season.

Embrace the Fall Foliage

Your family doesn’t have to be the only ones connecting with nature this Columbus day weekend. Contrary to popular belief, city dwellers have ample access to farms and fall foliage. Rent a Zipcar with your roommates and choose from about five farms within a 20-mile radius of campus. This is surely to be a more “authentic” farm animal experience than the caged animals in front of the Science Center each Tuesday.

Engage with the Boston Community

Each year on Columbus Day nearly every city or town in some way or another hosts a Columbus Day Parade. Boston’s parade happens to be one of the best in the country, filled with various bands and forms of entertainment, military and political personal, vintage cars, and, most importantly, Duck Boat Floats. Come hungry, as the parade also celebrates Boston’s Italian heritage. It is important to note that the parade is on Sunday, not on Columbus Day itself because naturally the Columbus Day Parade should be the day before Columbus Day.

Consider ditching your books and enjoy all that the greater Boston area has to offer this weekend.

Which Harvard Square Late Night Food Spot Are You?

We all know that HUDS alone will not cause the Freshman (or Sophomore, or Junior, or Senior) 15. Despite having sat through countless lectures about how important sleep is and knowing that eating right before bed is pretty much the worst thing for our metabolisms, we somehow all manage to find ourselves wandering around the Square late at night itching for something to satisfy our cravings. Whether you’re up past midnight studying hard or partying hard, where your late night food excursions lead you says something about who you are.

Tasty Burger
This is probably the only restaurant in Harvard Square that sells more food between 12am-2am than in the rest of the day combined. Obviously this is because grease leads way to a great post party recovery. If you find yourself stumbling in here late at night you are probably either a jock, trying to beef up for the season, or just somebody craving a burger that is a step up from McDonalds.

It’s 11:50, and you’re the type that doesn’t want to regret your night too much and is aiming to get up early enough to secure a spot in Lamont. Right before Clover closing, you will find yourself trying to figure out if the $6 sweet potato and bean salad is worth the 6 min wait. Your friends may be pissed that you would not settle for anything else with a couple grams of fat or sugar but hey you gotta keep in mind your beach body goals and satisfy your Type A personality!

Ok so maybe you didn’t party hard and instead conquered your terrifying CS pset or managed to scrape together your Expos essay (props to y’all that are focused on getting your lives together). Naturally, you are probably looking for a reward and pizza is probably the best reward for anything. If you are really the coolest member of your p-set you will probably end up buying a whole pie to share for celebration.

Warm cookies are great…but what does it take to make you crave them until 3AM? A sweet tooth. If you find yourself here you are the kind of person who may say “Oh I am not that hungry, I don’t need a meal, instead lets just get a cookie, actually maybe a cookie sandwich, actually maybe a couple cookies sandwiches.”

If you are the type to prepare for the week during the weekend, you probably will end up in CVS late at night. You probably will buy three packages of Oreos, eat two by the time you get back to your dorm and then wake up in the morning thankful that you bought the third.

Dude, That’s Rude: Annenberg

Starting freshman year of college can be a big change. It's likely the first time that you're living away from home, with little to no supervision. Naturally, this means that freshmen can be known for occasionally doing stupid stuff, like getting too drunk, hoarding food, or just being plain rude. We all know that kid. We all have been that kid. So if you do these things…just stop right now, we beg you.

Swiping the last 20 cookies “for later” and stashing them in the large container you brought from your room. The sad person behind you is forced to come to terms with their cookie-less milk.

Filling up your 1L water bottle that has been your best friend ever since FOP and gives you something to do during math lecture. But seriously, no one has the two minutes that it takes for the slow trickle of the water fountain to keep you hydrated.

“Merging” at the front of the tray return line at 12:59 right before LS1a (and why haven’t you figured out that this just isn’t a good time to return your tray?). Or maybe you sneak in the “out” direction of tray return and knock into an angry wrestler. Or you don’t even bother with a tray anymore and you force other people to clear your plates on their trays so you can avoid the 12:59 rush.

Leaving your sandwich in the griddle to burn while you flirt with the guy from CS50 in front of the soda fountain (please get out of the way there, too, and let other people get their drinks). Even worse, you put your sandwich in the middle of the griddle so there is no space for anyone else’s.

Taking zoom-in Snapchats of your friends from the balcony as they awkwardly shovel salad into their mouths. Or worse, accidentally letting tourists sneak in the back entrance and are take photos for their vacation album.

If you laughed knowingly at any of these Annenberg faux pas, on behalf of the freshman class, all we can say to you is: dude, that’s rude.

Tatte: Why I Took Out Student Loans

Tatte, we’re so glad you’re here. Perfect timing with the opening, too. With an indefinitely long HUDS strike imminent and frozen food as our likely only offered option, you can bet on a flood of Harvard students coming your way.

With the sudden closing of Panera Bread this past February, we at Flyby realized that everything was going to hell. No more cozy bakery-cafes in the Square? Where on earth were we supposed to eat when Marshmallow Mateys from brain break just weren’t cutting it?

Tatte’s long awaited opening has answered our prayers. The beloved bakery-cafe concept has returned to Harvard Square, and it’s better than ever. We went to check it out for this review, but mostly to add some artsy vibes to our Snapchat stories and approximately 6 new food snaps for the Insta.


Tatte: yummmmm
Obviously, Tatte is a bakery-cafe, so their food offerings should be the most important part. Luckily, Tatte’s baked goods are the most Insta-presentable foods we’ve ever seen. They’re also pretty delicious.

The fluffy pastries stacked against the counter call out to those with a sweet tooth or a carb craving. On the menu, Tatte has typical cafe options spanning different types of sandwiches and salads. Their breakfast and brunch offerings are delicious as well, with plenty of options to satisfy both the indulgent sweet-loving customer and your health-conscious blockmate who will only eat salads and oatmeal.

The only downside are the prices on some of these items. Ten dollars for an egg and avocado tartine? Eating at this place could get pricey if you’re not careful.

The Coffee
As self-proclaimed coffee aficionados, we have been absolutely itching for a good coffee joint around these parts of town. There are a few places around the Square that have pretty good coffee—Crema and Darwin’s come to mind—but let’s be honest, those places aren’t all that instagrammable.

Luckily, Tatte coffee is probably the best coffee we’ve had in Cambridge so far. The milk in my macchiato was frothed to perfection, the coffee strong yet sensual. Coffees even come with some tastefully done milk art. Added bonus, there’s something incredibly satisfying about drinking good coffee from a real mug, not some paper-plastic white cup (looking at you, Starbz and Barker).

Drink prices are more than reasonable.

Forget the homey feeling of Panera, with its orange and yellow walls and suburban vibe. Tatte is chic and hip, with a crisp black-and-white aesthetic and tiled floors. The renovations scream “Insta me now to gain hipster credibility.”

While the place is likely to be quite busy on most days, there are two floors’ worth of seating options. Great place to study if you have some light reading to do.

Customer Service
The staff at Tatte Harvard Square were kind and accommodating, despite seeming a little frazzled figuring things out on their first day with customers. Kudos to the staff member who spent a good five minutes explaining their entire breakfast menu to a confused customer. Additional kudos to the staff member who actually got our names right on our drink orders.

The days of walking down Mass Ave. without a fresh pastry one hand and a warm coffee in the other are thankfully over. Tatte Bakery and Cafe has finally opened in Harvard Square, and it is essentially heaven on earth. Thank you for being our coffee-bearing, Instagram-saving, hipster-reaffirming hero.

A Light in Our Darkest Hour: Ten Percent off Purchases at C'est Bon

After dealing with a sudden blackout that left some stranded, we thought there wouldn’t be any more surprises. But here comes the news of the HUDS strike that could start on Wednesday. Since we don’t know Harvard’s plans for feeding us during the impending strike, other than rumors of frozen mac and cheese as far as the eye can see, it’s probably wise to starting buying as many expensive supplies from the Square as possible.

But like a ray of sunshine in our dark & rainy day, a hero comes in to make our day just a little brighter. And the hero of this tale is C’est Bon, which is valiantly offering 10 percent off purchases if you show your student ID. Yes, C’est Bon is the Batman to Harvard Square’s Gotham.

It is not the first time that C’est Bon came in clutch during the cold. And though this deal had existed weeks before news of the strike, it seemingly came at just the right time.

But now, for every wine bottle you buy for your next presidential drinking game, you save some money for important things like a slice of Noch’s or a late night Uber ride. In fact, just by showing your Harvard ID with your state ID you’re actually one step closer to being a responsible adult by saving money every time you buy PBR or Franzia.

Could this be an underhanded scheme to make sure that the birth date on our Harvard I.Ds. match those on our state IDS? Possibly. But if you can take advantage of it, why wouldn’t you?

Life Without HUDS: A Survival Guide

HUDS workers are set to strike this Wednesday should they not reach an agreement with the University, meaning the comfort of unlimited swipes and friendly faces in our dining halls (shoutout to John) may disappear indefinitely. Who knows how long it could take Harvard to find adequate funds for its workers from that thirty-seven billion dollar endowment?

First no light, now no food: we’re sensing a clear downward trend in the basic living needs department. The end could be nigh, so here’s Flyby’s survival guide for outlasting a HUDS apocalypse.

Take Precautions
You must forage for provisions in advance. To properly stock up, enter the dhall on Monday with a savage mindset, and proceed with your overt theft like nobody's watching. With Tupperware poised, confidently ladle oatmeal, chili, and chowder. Fill designated containers to the brim with cookies and your cereal of choice. You’ll also want to load up on condiments to spice up those Nutrigrain bars that have been under your bed since move-in. An entire bottle of chocolate syrup and can of whipped cream should do the trick. Finish off by stuffing your backpack with 30 apples. Just squirrel those babies away, you could be in this for the long haul!

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
The quest for free food begins. Employing activities-fair level determination, scrutinize club emails for beacons like “free Felipe’s” and follow the Harvard Today food watch with a keen eye. Speaking of guilt-free mooching, give your parents a call. Be sure to sound extra meager and whine for a care package of snacks. Or try groveling to admin. Seeing as they’re in loco parentis and the stubborn cause of the strike, fight the man and demand a refund of the daily cost of meals, $36 (who knew it was this much?!). Just imagine four Chipotle burrito bowls a day, and life without HUDS seems a little more sufferable.

Last Resorts
It’s been a few hours, days, weeks, and it’s time to put those FOP endurance skills in place. Forget drinking your own pee, lick John Harvard’s foot for sustenance. This could be a problematic strategy once it gets cold, but it would certainly make a statement to Faust. Stay hungry, kids.

How Your Liberal Arts Degree Prepares You to Consult

With all the bowties and bullsh!t that continue to flow around campus, it’s clear that recruiting season isn’t ending anytime soon. If you’re a junior or senior still considering consulting as a career (or a freshman who is already attending OCS career sessions and prepping with cases), this time of year is inherently stressful. To simplify your introspection and facilitate your career exploration, Flyby has outlined the various skill sets that many of you already possess based on your academic concentrations at Harvard. This evidence-based (don’t ask for citations) report describes those skills which are seamlessly translatable to a job at any top management consulting firm. See if your concentration is below!

English: you’re really good at making meaning out of nonsense.

Economics: you’re good at Excel.

Statistics: you’re better at Excel.

Applied Mathematics: you’ve been training for this job since Day 1.

Chemistry: you know how to avoid toxic meltdowns in the workplace.

Astrophysics: you’re already comfortable managing out-of-this-world working hours.

Folklore and Mythology: you’re a Jedi master who will be able to convince your clients that the service you’re providing is totally worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars your employer is charging. Alternatively, you read Harry Potter in class so you understand how to use a Time Turner to ensure that you have enough hours in your day to complete all the work that will pile up on your desk.

Government: you’re experienced at making good friends in even better places. Now, you’re ready to take advantage of them.

Philosophy: you’ve already contemplated your existence and greater purpose in life, so why waste any more of it in a low-paying field?

Sometime down the road, your secondary field might help you make that crucial pivot into private equity (you know, the one you've had in the back of your mind since this grueling recruiting season began). Until then, onward with case prep!

How to Get it Together

Perhaps you just dropped a pset-heavy nightmare of a class and added classical Chinese political theory or the intro level of the language you already took in high school, and you need to catch up. Or you should be spending less time hosting dorm room happy hours and more time attending office hours. With midterms nearing all too quickly on our calendars (October’s just a mere few days away?!) it may be time to *gasp* do a little work. However doomed you may be, have no fear, here are Flyby’s tips on how to get it together.

Mom yourself.
Keep track of your assignments, and then nag yourself until you do them. This means phone reminders, quadruple underlining deadlines in your planner, tabs color-coded by assignment urgency—the works. What mom would want you to do, or what you’ve been telling mom all this time.

Torment yourself (a little).
There’s not much use going to misery-ridden Lamont if you’re just going to sit in the café on your phone and exhaust your Boardplus dollars with another coffee and danish. You are there to be miserable, go on. You probably would rather disintegrate than read alone in the stacks for a few hours, but such a near-masochist approach can be conducive to getting ish done. To make the circumstances a little less grim, bring a friend and settle in your own nook (if you can snag such a hot commodity on a weeknight at Harvard). Then, confer some moral support: give each other your phones and make a pact to check Snapchat only once you’ve finished something. Whether that something is a chapter, a night’s reading, or a week’s worth of work we’ll leave up to you and your Type A/B tendencies.

Help yourself.
We’re not saying you always have to go about studying the austere way. If you’re having trouble: GET HELP. Form study groups, a pset squad (hint: your most competent peers might not be your closest friends), or get a roommate to quiz you. If you’re confused, go straight to the expert source’s office hours, or check out resources like the Writing and Math Question Centers. A plus to this strategy: extra one-on-one time with that cute TF.

Finally, treat yourself.
Adopting these productive habits could be the start of a beautiful new you—you who wakes up early for Balletone at Hemenway or forgoes curly fries for quinoa. Or, because you’ve been so good academically, cut corners elsewhere, say, regarding your diet or liver functioning. In other words, go you! A night at Border is in order. After all, queso and margs can drown any amount of internal suffering.

Overheard during the Harvard Square Blackout of 2016

What Harvard probably looked like last time it was this dark...
In case you’ve been living under a rock (or have been holed up in Starbucks for the evening), you’ll know that most of Harvard Yard and the River went dark sometime around midnight tonight. Students poured out into the pitch-black night, wandering listlessly now that their Thursday study plans were cut short, unsure of what to do.

Should we start drinking as if the world is ending? Wifi is down, so we can’t even Netflix and chill. Should we break out our clandestine scented candles to light our dorms?

We at Flyby, wondering what Harvard life was like pre-electricity, decided to venture out into the blackness. Here’s what we overheard during the Blackout of 2016:

“Is this how the purge starts out?”
Better toss your heaviest textbooks into your bag and grab a beer bottle or two…they’re the only weapons you’ll have to defend yourself with if this is the start of the purge.

“Don’t go to bed! We’re having too much fun!”
Oh, freshmen…

“Alright, I guess they’re going back in…”
Spoken by a resigned HUPD officer, about Matthews residents streaming back into a still-dark building. Kids these days.

**Soulja Boy playing**
Leave it to optimistic freshmen to try and turn a blackout into a rager. Unfortunately, fire trucks’ lights are not strobe lights, and some of us just want to find a place to write up our Stat 110 psets and to go to bed.

“Fuck this, should we go to this quad?”
Apparently the Quad is #lit tonight, in multiple senses of the word. Still doesn’t make it worth the trek.

“We’re going to the Kong.”
Fantastic call. We’ll meet you there.

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