Mysterious Poster in Lamont

UPDATED: Nov. 16, 2010, 1:07 a.m.

This poster was spotted at Lamont Library around 9 p.m.

Using a smartphone camera, we scanned the code and got linked to this website, which includes a map of Harvard with numbered icons marking four locations: the cul-de-sac outside Eliot and Kirkland Houses, an area between the Corporal Burns Playground and Peabody Terrace, the Science Center, and the Lampoon building.

Below the map is the following line of text: "Have an edge on the night. We'll show you how." There is also a link to "like" the site on Facebook and to sign up for e-mail updates. The contact page lists four e-mail addresses and a New Jersey phone number.

According to a message that was sent over a few e-mail lists, it looks like Hollre is a social networking tool that allows the user to identify parties in his or her vicinity at any given moment.

"Hollre matches you geographically with what&#8217s [sic] going on. No more wandering about, no more awkward texting in the corner," reads the e-mail. Apparently, there will be "Food and Drink" at the launch on Friday. Time and place? No idea. Presumably you have to enter your e-mail address into the website to find out.

Photo by Luis Urbina/The Harvard Crimson.

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