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"ARTPOP" Gaga's Crescendo

The record’s strongest moments are its catchiest. In each case, abrasive EDM breakdowns go hand-in-hand with soaring disco melodies. For those familiar with Gaga’s output, several tracks might uncannily bring to mind “The Fame” and “Born This Way.”


Does Harvard Place Enough Value on Academics?

Reality check: It is impossible for anyone to dictate exactly how anyone else should spend his time.


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Lang Lang Features In a Show of Pedagogy

“That’s kind of better.” Lang Lang—the 29-year-old pianist phenomenon who has released over a dozen commercial recordings and was listed ...

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‘Candide’ Charms

A humorous and versatile cast overcomes the technical and spatial limitations necessary to producing such a globe-trotting show in a dining hall to deliver the operetta’s bawdy mockery of ‘l’optimisme.’

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Atlas to the Text

Loyalty to authorial intent and desire for creativity are two of the many irreconcilable imperatives for translators.

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Mysterious Poster in Lamont

This poster was spotted at Lamont Library.


Harvard College Women’s Center Sponsors Lecture on Women in Politics

Susan Milligan, political journalist and resident fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, argued women in politics are largely judged by their physical appearances rather than the substance of their platforms yesterday at the Harvard College Women’s Center.

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'Ruddigore' Bewitches Audience

If “Ruddigore, or the Witch’s Curse” is concerned with, above all, what one ought to do in certain situations, let ...


Andsnes Elegantly Interprets Rachmaninov

With his newest recording, Andsnes returns to convention with two of the great twentieth-century piano concertos of the virtuoso Russian school (Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Shostakovich).

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BachSoc Wavers in Season Opener

In an ambitious and varied program, the Bach Society Orchestra (BachSoc) gave its first concert of the year this past ...

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Compelling and Controlled, HRO Succeeds

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, under the direction of Federico Cortese, Senior Lecturer in Music, opened its concert season last Friday at ...

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World Music Gives Cultural Studies a Voice

“In what way is a gamelan a vehicle for us to discover another culture? In what way is it a place for creating music?” Diamond reflects.

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Clark Foresees Noteworthy Year Ahead

Professor Andrew G. Clark had a busy weekend. The new Director of Choral Activities was tasked with leading more than ...