On Campus

HMC Diorama 1

The Pitman Diorama depicting Harvard on its 300th anniversary in 1936. After Widener Library’s 2000 renovation, the 1936 diorama was refurbished and relocated to the Harvard Management Company lobby at the Federal Reserve Bank Building in Boston.

Responding to Student Concerns Over Lack of Right-of-Center Programming, IOP Forms Conservative Coalition

The Harvard Institute of Politics announced the formation of the “Conservative Coalition” — a hub for students at the College to develop their political identities and “advocate for IOP-wide conservative representation” — in an email to affiliates March 4.

Life on Campus

Layla Seaver '24 uses a laptop in Harvard Yard last month. On March 1, the University switched the campus status to Level 4: Lime, relaxing some of the public health restrictions faced by on-campus students.

FAS Dean Gay Says Harvard Planning for ‘Full Return’ in Fall 2021

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Claudine Gay said in a Friday interview that Harvard is currently planning for fall 2021 with the “overriding goal” of “charting a path to a full return for our students, our faculty, and staff.”

How to: Stay Active Without the MAC

With the endless hours of sitting in front of your laptop on Zoom, maintaining an active life can be challenging. Here are a few tips from Flyby to working out without the MAC as we spend a few more months indoors.

What I Wish I Knew Before Living on Campus During a Pandemic

It’s undeniable that last semester was a roller coaster ride for most of us, but what semester of college isn’t? Except this time, we’re all wearing masks, sitting a few seats away from each other, and generally having the weirdest year possible. Check out our reflections on the ~unprecedented~ college experience!

Conservatives on Campus Attempt to Find Their Footing As Trump Presidency Ends

As the sun sets on Donald Trump’s term, Republicans at Harvard hope to revive their party’s traditional emphasis on conservatism. At the same time, they believe the past four years have created a specter that will loom over them as they engage in campus discourse.

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