For Harvard students looking to treat themselves to an occasional meal in the Square without putting a strain on their wallets, the Undergraduate Council may have an answer. The UC just created an initiative called UC Restaurants which offers bimonthly deals at local restaurants exclusively to Harvard students.

Kicking off last Friday with a 20% off deal at Boloco, the program's leaders are in touch with a variety of restaurants in Harvard Square and say the response is positive.

Nicholas W. Galat '13, a Quincy House representative who is leading the project, said he was inspired to start UC Restaurants after talking to friends at other schools who get discounts at food joints just for showing their college IDs. "My hope is that this will provide a new avenue for students to branch out and explore Cambridge, while fostering positive relationships between Harvard students and the Cambridge community," Galat said.

Upcoming deals will be publicized in the UC's weekly email, so check your inbox when you're getting hungry.