It’s Sunday brunch. You press your golden brown verritaffle, grab some coffee, and plop down next to your blockmates. The inevitable topic at hand, of course, is on the romantic successes and failures of the previous night.

Frustrated with the unsatisfying and overall disappointing nature of Harvard’s romance scene, a new blog titled Veritas Waffles was created to give the women of Harvard a new outlet for post-walk-of-shame frustrations: each other.

Founded early last week by Adams resident Jillian K. Kushner '12, an inactive Crimson editor, the blog allows women to lament, vent, and question the complicated nature of college relationships. As the days of courtship and chivalry have been replaced with hookups and head nods, women now have, according to Kushner, a place to share romantic "issues unique to Harvard, unique to our age as college-age women, and unique to our generation."

"Veritas Waffles is a way for Harvard women to anonymously share stories and engage in discussion about the Harvard dating scene," Kushner said. "It’s dating for intelligent women."

Kushner is currently co-authoring a book about the nature of romance for young women at high stress institutions like Harvard.

The posts on Veritas Waffles range from angry to confused to inspiring. The site assumes that the best sources of advice when it comes to dating at Harvard are other Harvard women. After anonymously posting romantic woes, the writer can receive feedback from women of all walks of romantic life at Harvard.

Whether women post personal stories, respond to others, or just read for comfort and entertainment, the new blog reminds girls that they aren’t alone. In short, the website affirms: "don’t worry … we’ve all been there, girl."

Photo courtesy of Veritas Waffles

This post has been revised to reflect the following clarification.


The Feb. 14 Flyby post "'We've All Been There, Girl'" failed to note that Jillian K. Kushner '12 is an inactive Crimson editor.