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Advising Fortnight Features Delectable Food

Rule number one for avoiding the freshman 15—don't go to events just for the food. However, with Advising Fortnight taking place over the next two weeks, it's time for freshmen to forget about the rules and indulge in the cuisines each department is offering, hopefully learning more about potential concentrations along the way.

Tom Shadyac

Director of 'Bruce Almighty' To Speak About New Film

Ever wonder what the mastermind behind the "Nutty Professor" is up to these days? Come to Boylston Hall from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. on Thursday to see an advanced screening of "I AM," the newest work of Tom Shadyac, director of classic comedies such as "Bruce Almighty," "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," and the "Nutty Professor."

Student Groups

Eleganza Jewelry Sale Tomorrow

Buying designer jewelry usually means emptying your bank account, but tomorrow, Eleganza will be selling jewelry at drastically reduced prices. The annual Eleganza Jewelry Sale offers the opportunity to purchase designer jewelry from stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Anthropologie, as well as other vendors for over 90 percent off.

Housing Day Videos
House Life

And the Housie Goes to...

Many questions swirled in the minds of anxious freshmen on Housing Day eve. Will I get lost in the world of Quinception? Will the Quad be able to handle me right now? Will I get Lev, and will it feel so good?

Office of Career Services

The Apprentice, Harvard Style

As senior spring nears an end, many set to graduate at the end of the semester are accepting that the fun of college is coming to a close and choosing a path of consulting or banking. A new tumblr created by Jessica S. Lin '09, a former Crimson editor, W. Hugo Van Vuuren '07, and Mark D. Khanin '12, an inactive Crimson business editor, suggests that, on the contrary, jobs should be found elsewhere.


In Preparation for Prefrosh Weekend, Profs Want Your Questions

Picture Harvard in late April. Annenberg is overcrowded, red folders abound, and an unusually large number of dull lectures and presentations are advertised across campus.

harvard rooms
House Life

Peeping Toms

With housing day quickly approaching, the average freshman faces many unknowns.

Exploring the Lowell Bouldering Wall
On Campus

Exploring the Lowell Bouldering Wall

Want to exercise without freezing in the cold or get trampled by law school students at Hemenway? Take a climb on the wild side and try bouldering. Located underneath Lowell A entryway, the Lowell wall just added new routes for the season. First visit is free, so get climbing today!

Exploring the Lowell Bouldering Wall

Exploring the Lowell Bouldering Wall

Quincy Cube

Return of the Qube

Displaced studiers rejoice! After closing for repairs early in the semester due to frozen drains and a leaking ceiling, the Quincy House Qube is now back in business, according to an e-mail sent over the Quincy House list. A security guard confirmed today that, barring any more heavy snowfall, the beloved Qube will be operating at normal hours for the rest of the semester.

Vertitas Waffles
Student Life

'We've All Been There, Girl'

It’s Sunday brunch. You press your golden brown verritaffle, grab some coffee, and plop down next to your blockmates. The inevitable topic at hand, of course, is on the romantic successes and failures of the previous night.


Saving the World, One Cartoon at a Time

While an average café displays an array of pastel-and-seashore artwork on its walls, the Barker Center Rotunda instead boasts a smattering of witty and eco-friendly cartoons. These are not your Sunday funnies, but cartoons with a purpose—to spread the word about environmental issues across campus. These CERtoons (Campus Emission Reduction toons) are last year’s winners of an annual competition hosted by the Harvard University Office for Sustainability.