Harvard Sex Week Returns to Stimulate Campus Conversations

. “It reaffirmed to me that we may be brilliant in the classroom, but we still need and deserve a comprehensive education in the bedroom, and so I'm proud of the work that Sex Week does," organizer Lita D. Peña ’19 wrote of Sex Week.

Harvard Rolls Out Mandatory Sexual Assault Prevention Training for Faculty, Staff

An estimated 18,000 faculty and staff across the University will take a sexual assault prevention training module starting Monday. The new program comes on the heels of a year that saw the #MeToo movement hit Harvard in a big way.

Bigger Than Ever: Sex Week Kicks Off

Let's talk about sex, baby. Literally though. Harvard students have an unfortunately pure reputation, but Sex Week is here to come to the rescue with expert knowledge about the birds and the bees.

Free condoms

There's no excuse for unsafe sex after this.

Good Vibrations

Tucked into a nook of Harvard Square, below the sidewalk, and down a set of quaint little stairs, there is a sex shop.

Sex Week 2016

Rachel Hills, author of “The Sex Myth,” speaks during a talk titled “Busting Sexual Stereotypes” on Friday in Sever Hall. The event was held as part of the annual Harvard Sex Week.

Sex Week 2016

Pins decorated with the message “Break #TheSexMyth” on display at “Busting Sexual Stereotypes” on Friday in Sever Hall. The event was held as part of the annual Harvard Sex Week. ​

Let's Talk About Sex (Week)

Between “Reclaiming Your Body,” “Busting Sexual Stereotypes,” and “Party in your Pants,” Sex Week strived to cover all the bases—pun intended.

Chains and Whips Excite Me

Props like rope, chains, and handcuffs are often associated with the kink community.The kinky sex club, founded last semester, provides a forum for its members to discuss kink and sexual practices at large.

SHARC Peer Counselors Hit D-Halls With Condoms and Pamphlets

Relocated out of the Smith Campus Center amidst ongoing construction, the College’s Sexual Health and Relationship Counselors are bringing their condoms and peer counseling resources to campus dining halls.

Stop Being Gross, Pfoho

​Good news! Pforzheimer students are using condoms! Bad news! Some disgusting pig thinks it’s funny to tie their used condoms to a tree and make Building Manager clean them up.

At iLab, Students Explore Ways to Combat Sexual Assault

Dozens gathered for a“hackathon” at the Harvard Innovation Lab on Sunday to propose and develop ideas to help combat campus sexual assault.

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